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About this week-end

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Sometimes I wonder if I’m doubling up on titles – surprised this one wasn’t taken…

We saw Draft Day on Friday – we both really liked it. We learned it was originally supposed to be about the Bills, but apparently it’s cheaper to film in Ohio than New York… hence. So there’s no warm fuzzy between Hollywood and the Browns. It’s all about the dollars. Thas cool.

William and I some apps at the Kilt and Fiddle and Lonestar. At the Kilt we were among a few dozen Windsor Express fans. Of course I knew that Windsor has a professional basketball team, I even knew that the Express are in the play-offs (the level of which I do not know) – but I did not realize that the Express has die hard fans and they gather on away games at the Kilt and Fiddle. Even at a Detroit Pistons game I have never been surrounded by so many people actually interested in basketball as I was on Friday night.


Although I’m not a basketball fan in the least (did like playing it in highschool – I was terrible), I can relate to sports fans – mostly their pain, not so much their joys.

Yesterday William did some power washing with our super duper new and amazing power washer, and emptied the hot tub. We might fill it before our Masters golf tourney, depending on weather. I worked online for about 6 hours – all in preparation for our upcoming vacation. It will be worth it. It will be worth it.

We had a nice date night in last night. We played Monster Bash pinball on PS4 – greatest game ever! I couldn’t make it through Thor – yes, great movie, totally in my wheelhouse of enjoyment, but I was tired.

And today?

Prolly watch some Masters golf and have dinner at MomG’s, William is getting the lawn mower going. I’m going to hit GolfTown for spikes for my golf sandals and Best Buy as my mom needs a new computer or laptop and I’m her tech support. I’ve already worked for 3.5 hours today online – nearly done.

Oh and a nap, did I mention I hope to take a nap today?

Life’s good.

A few spare minutes

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There are so many things I should be doing online right now… but honestly I can’t think of a single one. No clue! I mean yeah, I have a big long list of projects to work on,  but usually this time of morning I’m doing a bunch of little things – sending out emails, checking on stuff, etc… so I’m either done, or forgetting somethings! Oh well.

‘Tis the long week-end. The unofficial end of summer – boo!

Last night I golfed with Kiks (we don’t normally golf on Thursdays, but we missed golfing on Tuesday, and on Monday we played a little par 3 course). We both played pretty well, but it was HOT and HUMID. We walked for the first 9 holes, then Kiks declared ‘shenanigans’ and was carted on the back. Good call. I was melting.

The funny things is, I kept thinking (whilst melting), ‘I’m not used to this heat yet!’ Meanwhile it’s the end of August! We’ve had such a weird summer. Super rainy and cool July, (except for a few scorchers) and a mild August, until this week!

This week-end we’ll be golfing in the ‘Club Championship’ at our course. There’s not a lot of participation this year – I literally think there’s only 12 women golfing total, but it should be pretty fun.

I hope to clear my plate a little bit today and tomorrow morning (we tee of after 1:30) and enjoy this week-end.

Life’s good.

Just another day in paradise

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Oh, it’s just lovely outside. Blowing snow and a wind chill of 26*F. It’s significantly below average. Boo. Brr.

Dear March,

You Suck!



This time last year, it was significantly above average – I think I had golfed twice already by now (outside, on a real course) and had several days of yard work done. Boo. No walk for the dogs today. Boo.

April 2012 006


Pic from golfing last March. The sign on the far side of the pond says ‘no swimming’ then there’s a life preserver on this side of the pond in case you felt like a dip, but can’t swim and didn’t see the sign I guess….

I do have a mountain of laundry to do, and some computer work. I find myself again preparing to head south for a few days. Some work to do as there are always extra things I do only at the end/beginning of each month. I’m flying into Fort Myers Florida on Sunday, and making my home by car beginning Monday. I’m going to take a detour to our house in TN for a few days to do some yard work, maybe meet up with a friend, and possibly golf a round (with not my clubs, but that’s okay).

I’m not super busy at work as I mentioned recently, but I might be in a week or two. We’ll see.

We had a great week-end. Prime rib on Friday night, had a friend over and watched a movie. Saturday night we had a date night – out! Woo hoo! We went and saw a movie, (Olympus Has Fallen – so bad it was funny), a few drinks at Moxie’s (we know some of the wait staff there from our golf course), had a great dinner at The Keg, and back home for some hot tub time. Yesterday we just lounged about, I read a bit, and watched another movie. Nice!

That’s about it!

Life’s good.


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Last week’s to-do list was a complete fail. I was given a project to do at work that took me about 6 hours, then I accepted a small thing for the organization I do volunteer work for, which took me another 6 hours – plus all the normal stuff I have to do in a week…. needless to say that are things that did not get done. Oh well.

Now I’ve taken on another thing that I can kind of poke at now and then, so some things might not get done any time soon. Oh well.

Week-end wrap up:

William went out on Friday after work which was perfect for me, as I worked about 5 hours on that volunteer project.

Saturday William and I ventured to a little dive bar to meet his boss and some other friends for a ‘meat draw’ (and cocktails). I’m pretty sure our group (save William’s boss) were the youngest in the place. Like who has ‘meat draws’? It was actually pretty fun. We then went home and had a nice date night (yes, prime rib and more cocktails were involved) – we watched a couple of shows, went in the hot tub and a played a board game. Fun.

Sunday we lounged quite a bit (William went to the gym and worked a bit though…) and watched football all afternoon and evening. T’was a good week-end!


Work, (nothing crazy, actually right now everyone is Arizona but me!) walking the dogs, hitting the gym, getting the house ready for SuperBowl, and clearing up the things I didn’t get done last week.

Life’s good.

Stayin’ awake, stayin’ awake

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I’m about half way through reading my 173 unread items in my Google Reader, and I’m getting sleepy – and it’s 2:25pm on Saturday, January 5th. Nap time!


Well, I’m pretty much up and at um around 5:30 every morning. If I’m not on my way to the gym (a rather recent phenomenon), then I’m in bed feeling guilty about not being at the gym. Regardless… This morning I was at the gym by 7am, worked for about 3 hours, (unusual for a Saturday, but whatever), then walked the pooch for an hour (plus drive time – not many places to walk the Shank around here), in the snow. In the cold. I’m beat.

William worked a bit today (he went to the gym this morning as well) oh – he just came home! Our scheduled nap time today (we do that once in a while) was between 1:30 and 2:30, waking to watch football and start our date night dinner (prime rib of course) around 4pm.

So, even though now he’s home, greeting the dog very enthusiastically, it will still be more than 1/2 an hour before I can successfully rest my sleepy head. Why? He has to marinate (not sure if you’d call it a marinate or not, it’s just melted butter, crushed peppercorns, and coarse – I like to call it angry – salt) the prime rib, shower and make something for lunch. Of course (as a good wife would do), I offered to do the prime rib for him (although I’m terrible with a mortal, pestle and peppercorns) and make him lunch, but he, like a good, duty bound husband, refused my offer.


The butter is melting, the peppercorns are being pummeled.

So sleepy.

What a good Saturday. As long as his cell doesn’t go off…

UsCheers to us!

(His head isn’t really that much bigger than mine. Bigger, yes, but not that much. Ugh, this pic was taken at the beginning of the dreaded ‘Movember’)



(Just before Movember, pink hair, funny hat)


Still here, a new year and etc.

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Wow, I’ve really missed posting about a lot of going ons!

I’ll try to be brief…

Hawaii – For Kiki’s 50th birthday, her husband is taking her to Hawaii! And guess who is also going? That’s right – us! Woo hoo! The adventure begins in mid September with a night in San Diego, then hopping on a cruise ship for 11 nights, then staying 4 nights in Waikiki Beach. Hence the….

Gym – Been putting in the effort for more than a month now – went to the gym 21 times in December, and twice this month (hey, it’s only the 4th!). I’m feeling better, stronger, but am slightly disappointed in my weight loss – only not becoming completely discouraged as it was just the holiday season, and in December I still managed to lose 3% of my body weight.  Which leads me into…

Resolutions – Obviously loss weight and become a supermodel (okay, not really) – but the ultimate goal is to feel comfortable in a bikini. It can be done! It will be done! I’ve vacationed fat and I’ve vacationed thin, and thin is waaaay better. So there. My goal is to lose 16% of my starting weight while getting toned.

I also want to make a bit more money this year, like 5% more than last year. It will involve me picking up a new little social media contract – have to get working on that! We also need to pay down some debt (and now with Hawaii thrown in the mix…), but our savings is still a good amount monthly.

Recent things:

For Kiki’s 50th birthday we went to Cleveland – it turned out great – had a fab time!

Christmas was great – super busy but great. More than a week straight of get togethers. A LOT of cleaning the house. The way the holidays fell this year, I felt like I was doing major housework 3 times a week! Anywho… I received a bunch of ‘prettying up’ kind of things – good shampoos, hair cut gift certificate, body sprays, perfumes and the like – perfect!

New Year’s Eve was a hoot. We had 11 people over for dinner, and a few other friends popped by around midnight. It was a great time.

Since American Thanksgiving, we’ve had close to 50 people over for dinner! Always a great time, but I’m really glad that is over with! A lot of time spent cleaning the house. A lot of time spent thinking about food and worrying about ‘if everyone is okay’. Not much going on (except our date nights!) until Superbowl. Whew!

Work is good, not a whole lot of extras happening right now, though somedays I can’t bear to look at the computer for another second (hence lack of blogging and WAY behind reading and commenting on other blogs). Life is fast, fun, busy at times, but generally very very good.

Cheers to you all!

Just a little update

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December already – sheesh!

American Thanksgiving was great and due to a last minute push on my end, the house was actually cleaned and ready to be seen. The party was kind of a bit of a drunk fest compared to other years – our friends really let loose and I think most had a great time.

Whew!Thanksgiving 2012

Some girl peeps and me – my hair really looks brassy, and my thumb looks weird… hmmm.

William’s cousin and girlfriend were here last week-end for an overnight visit – fun! We played cornhole (it was like 55* outside), shuffleboard, darts, and went in the hot tub. Nice, but much mellower than our Thanksgiving party!

Lots of socializing fun coming up – 4 nights out this week, including Kiki’s 50th birthday party. Woot woot! The week after we only have 1 thing going on, then Kiks and I are for a week-end shopping in the states and hanging out with our Browns Backers in Troy MI on Sunday. Should be funs! Busy, busy.

Work is pretty good right now. Not a lot of extras going on – just the usual. Kind of nice! I actually have a work Christmas party – that hasn’t happened for me since like 2007 – it’ll only be 5 of us, but still!

Hm… so what else…

– Last week was chocked full of work related ups and downs. I did an awesome thing, surrounded by 2 very bad things (I hate dealing with domains!) Luckily, no one really knows exactly what I do, and it ended up only costing $5 to fix my fudge. Whew.

– I just picked up the behemoth ‘Winter of the World’ by Ken Follett. I’ve got 2 weeks to read that monster, so I’m starting in a few minutes.

– There must be a rogue onion in the house (I suspect it’s a remnant from last night’s delicious Szechuan chicken) and it’s completely stinking the place up! I can’t find it (no, it’s not in the garbage, because I compost it, and it’s already outside). Annoying!

– I’m back at the gym, after a short 6 year break. I’ve got to do something, I’m feeling gooey. Luckily I can put the membership on hold during the summer when I’m certain to be spending time golfing if I’m not using it, or finding the time to use it. The dogs don’t like me going to the gym, as it means fewer walks for them.

– I have GOT to get started on Christmas! Shopping, cards, decorating – you name it – it still has yet to be started! Ack!

So in summation – life is good, the house stinks, ACK = Christmas, fun fun fun, a little work, and some reading.