It’s Cold

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Really the only thing on my mind this morning is the weather. How Canadian of me… and how sad that it’s really the only thing I can think about to write…

It’s cold… like record-breaking, bone-chilling, air-hurts kind of cold.

I believe it’s -2* F with an expected high of a balmy 9*F.

Kinda makes a person want to stay in. Kinda makes a person not want to venture out for any reason.

But… The greedy birds outside my office window are demanding seed. I need to go into the bank (certain things with our US account I can’t do online). I need to pick up Mr. Shank this afternoon as he’s at MomG’s.

Boo. Brr.

Life is good.

Weird week

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Well, I guess it’s only Tuesday, but last week was weird too. 

I’ve been really busy with my main contract. Like really busy. It’s not my normal stuff, it’s a lot of ‘what if’s’ and online learning. I have been outside of my comfort zone many times in the last few weeks and this is going to continue indefinitely. Perhaps always. 

William’s been on a weird work schedule – it’s government contract so they call the shots. All kinds of split shifts, working thru the night and overtime. Aside from the extra money and him banking a lot of his hours for overtime, another ‘benefit’ is that I’ve been able to spend a few extra hours online in the evenings. Although my eyes are killing me right now. 

The weather is wacky. It should be about 45*F this time of year, but it’s been much colder – except the last two days have been warmer. The next two days are going to be highs in the teens again with about 6 or so inches of snow expected tonight and tomorrrow. Ugh. 

The landscape is icy with dirty snow, flooded frozen fields and tiny patches of brown grass. It’s seriously depressing. It’s been the worst winter ever – without exaggeration. This winter has broken local records for low temps, snowfall totals and percentage of the Great Lakes frozen over. This was prettier than the muddy mess out there now: 


Here’s a pic of Halia from a month ago walking on the Greenway. It’s kind of hard to tell in the pic, but the drifts are about 5 feet high and at times the rest of the snow pack we’re walking on is about 3 feet deep. Insane amounts of snow (yes, it’s Canada, I know). I’ve had enough. It’s been so bad, we’ve had to push back our annual golf tournament by a month! I can’t imagine the courses being ready in 4 weeks. 

It seemed like when we booked our vacation it was rather ‘last minute’ – ho no! It’s taking forever to get to mid April. Ugh, I’m really looking forward to it to say the least. 

I’m going to try to spend another hour online before calling it a day. 

Life’s good. 

Enough already

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This winter has been bad! Really bad! Record snowfalls, record cold, and I’ve been record cranky about it! There’s been days when I could have gotten out to walk the dogs, but there is no where to go that isn’t covered in a foot of snow or more. Shank doesn’t care, but Halia and I certainly do!

I think we’ve received close to 70 inches of snow this season. Our norm is around 35. Super.

Here’s a picture taken during the latest snowfall – about 7 inches.

photo (3)We’re supposed to get a few more inches tomorrow. Boo.

I snapped this pic last week. Funny thing… I live in ‘The Municipality of the Town of Kingsville’, my phone number is ‘Cottam’, my mailing address is ‘Essex’ but the (barely) a village I’m closest to (like 1/4 of a KM) is North Ridge (North Ridge, hence the hill in our yard). Here’s a pic of the village’s sign:

photo (1)That’s a lot of snow.

I did take Mr. Shank out for a walk on the week-end to Sutton Creek Golf Club – I just can’t stay away! Even in the winter! I thought the walking would be easier in the ditch (frozen solid obviously). It wasn’t easier, but it was definitely pretty!

photo (2)During the last snowfall I was stuck inside and a little cranky, as I really wanted to go into town and run a few errands… I’ll preface this by saying a) they are very nice neighbours, b) they might have been going to deliver food to shut ins, or donate blood, or serve at the soup kitchen… I’ve only been inside our local Mickey D’s 3 times and I’ve seen him there twice… that’s the disclaimer…

Best neighbour ever! A little while later guess who snowblowed our driveway so I could get out! Yay!

photoWell, that’s about it for today. It’s true, I really don’t have much else to talk about beside the weather.

Life’s (brr) good.


Adventure! Travel! Intrigue and a rant

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I wasn’t going to post anything today, but I’m logged in, so I thought what the hay…

We’ve booked a trip – yay! In mid April we’re flying into Vegas and heading to northern Nevada, ‘Mesquite’ to be exact for a week long golfing adventure! We have tee times already booked at 4 courses in the Mesquite area and 2 in the St. George, Utah area. St. George was originally our destination, but it appears the courses are a little nice in the Mesquite area, the hotel newer (and less expensive), plus there are a few (cough, low rent) casinos and a country music bar with live performances. Right up my alley (oh, there’s a bowling alley too, but that’s not on the list of things to do). Woo hoo!

One day we’re going to check out Zion National Park – yay! Utah is one of my mom’s favourite places in the world, so she’s excited for us (and has been dropping hints for years that we should go there…)

The golf looks amazing and I really think William will like it better than Arizona..

(I found these images on Google, please don’t sue me for using them, thanks!)





Um yeah…. pretty nice! It’s going to be great!

So the rant part…. it’s still freaking cold. Yesterday I went to the gym and it was -2F with a wind chill of -23*F. It’s been like this for weeks now, however, it’s supposed to reach the freezing mark this week-end and it’ll be a welcomed relief! Today’s gym adventure was a balmy 11*F and my car was actually warm by the time I reached the gym.

The thing is… average high for this time of year should be right around the freezing mark. It hasn’t even been close in weeks! That’s like us having weeks of 50* weather in July – when it should be 80*ish. Boo!

Also annoying is everyone complaining about the weather and the snow – oh and the snow! More to come tonight! We have 4 foot drifts in the space I walk to my mom’s every morning with the dogs. I’m annoying myself just by writing about it. I hate myself! Haha!

SuperBowl party this week-end and it’s going to be super! I think we’ll have around 15 peeps over – crazy!

Life is good – cheers!

Thoughts on a Friday night

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Why? Because I’ve had a couple of drinks, I can’t stand to work anymore today and the husband is out on call.

– It’s cold. Like really cold. Not Polar Vortex cold, but Alberta Clipper cold. And windy. Like 25 mph windy with gusts up to 50mph. White-out windy.

– I have not seen the actual ground in more than 2 weeks. In fact, I think in the last 6 weeks, I’ve only seen partial bare ground for about 3 days. I will probably not see the actual ground (un-snow covered) for at least 2 more weeks. It’s cold. Did I mention it’s cold, oh, and snowy. And we live in the ‘banana belt’ of Canada. True fact. Places only 1 hour from here have already had double our snow totals and significantly colder weather (dang, looked for a clever picture or link online and found none – might have to make one up).

– Today’s high is brr with a chance of arg, I hate you!

– People! When someone (me) is going into a store from outside where it’s cold, and you (stupid) are exiting the store where it’s warm, please, please, please give the outside cold person the right of way. It’s only common sense.

– Justin Bieber and Rob Ford are both a massive embarrassment to Canada. If I had to choose between the two to have over for dinner – for sure it would be Rob Ford. Yes, he’s embarrassing as the public figure type head of the largest Canadian city, but damn, I bet he’s fun. The Bebs would just be an annoying teenager. Rob Ford would be the life of the party and I could probably sell any videos of drunken escapades for millions. Thas cool.

– Funny tweet from the city of Toronto the morning after the latest video leaked, (normally they have a pretty mainstream feed…)

Toronto ‏@Toronto Jan 21
Hey. We’re sorry about our Mayor. We have a great city. Come visit and you will see. (Bring a toque, very cold…) Thanks!

Yep, true.

This made me laugh today.

Life is good. Thanks for checking in.

Oh snow you didn’t!

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Well snowmagedon it wasn’t. We received about 7 inches of snow, but 12-15 inches was predicted. But it’s cold, and it’s going to get colder. 

Here’s the thing… although I’m totally a summer girl, I really don’t mind the snow, it looks a lot better than brown fields and muddy yards. It’s easier to deal with than rain. Because my commute involves walking downstairs, the roads don’t really affect me at all (although I do have a meeting today… William shovelled the driveway last night, so I think I can get out). 

For the same reasons as above, I really don’t mind the cold. I’m mostly inside, so I simply dress appropriately – but – I don’t like the snow + cold + wind combination and today we have all three. 

The wind makes deep snowy drifts. When letting the dogs outside, the wind blows through the house and the inside temperature drops. The dogs don’t like hanging out outside when the snow drifts are higher than they stand – so they’re inside more. Drifted snow is always denser and harder to shovel (for William, I only do the deck and back patio area). Although our house is only about 10 years old and full brick, when it’s windy the furnace runs almost constantly (which I don’t like because I’m cheap).  

So there. That’s all I got. 

Oh, and the wind chill here tomorrow is supposed to be -40*F, which is also -40*C. Weird. Brr. 


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Stuck for a title.

I figure my ‘thinking about posting’ and actual posting ratio is approximately 20:1. Oh well.

I’m over the hump work wise and have met and exceeded my goal of increasing my monthly income. Woo hoo to both! I picked up another social media contract, so now I have 4. I could probably handle one more while maintaining my leisurely lifestyle.

I was super busy a couple of weeks ago, getting ready to drive to Florida, and I’m glad that’s over. I wasn’t sure about having internet access, but it all worked out. I was able to spend an entire day and one night St. Augustine Florida – a place I’ve wanted to visit for years (I went there when I was like 12). I will say that it was… okay. I guess I had super high expectations of awesomeness after visiting Savannah Georgia last year. Well, Savannah was better by leaps and bounds. I found St. Augustine to be too touristy (a lot of inappropriately dressed slow moving senior citizens eating frozen yogurt). Yes there was good history, yes some interesting architecture, but the Spanish style doesn’t do it for me. The history was not as intriguing as Savannah’s (just a personal thing), and I felt slightly unsafe walking in certain areas. Still, glad I saw it.





This was part of an old foundation – cool!



IMG_0801My favourite pic that I took. Slightly off the beaten path in ‘old town’.

I was in a bit of a funk in the last couple of weeks. Feeling slightly overwhelmed by work stuff, discouraged by my health goals, and in general sick of the routine of my life. I was waking up everyday thinking, ‘I don’t want to go to the gym, make coffee, do work, fold laundry, walk the dogs, make dinner, etc. etc. etc.’ Usually I do these everyday things without thinking about it too much, but maybe this was a little wink of depression. I’m feeling much better now. Whew.  I think it might be because I got so much done. The stuff for our little golf tournament is done (now just the smaller planning stuff, no biggie), having my new contract all set up and now just on ‘maintenance’ is  a good thing, not thinking about driving to Florida, slightly warmer weather etc. etc. etc. has me back in the swing.

I feel like cleaning and organizing. I think it’s a like an instinctual thing for me. Golf season is coming, our golf tournament is coming, and I clean the crazy out the house (and for American Thanksgiving) so I can cruise through the summer and golf season without guilt. It’s not warm enough to start working outside, so it’s a great time to get stuff done in here.

Today? Taxes – boo! A little cleaning and organizing, and a little work. This week – 3 meetings, a little work, more cleaning/organizing, plus normal stuff.

Life’s good.


Stayin’ awake, stayin’ awake

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I’m about half way through reading my 173 unread items in my Google Reader, and I’m getting sleepy – and it’s 2:25pm on Saturday, January 5th. Nap time!


Well, I’m pretty much up and at um around 5:30 every morning. If I’m not on my way to the gym (a rather recent phenomenon), then I’m in bed feeling guilty about not being at the gym. Regardless… This morning I was at the gym by 7am, worked for about 3 hours, (unusual for a Saturday, but whatever), then walked the pooch for an hour (plus drive time – not many places to walk the Shank around here), in the snow. In the cold. I’m beat.

William worked a bit today (he went to the gym this morning as well) oh – he just came home! Our scheduled nap time today (we do that once in a while) was between 1:30 and 2:30, waking to watch football and start our date night dinner (prime rib of course) around 4pm.

So, even though now he’s home, greeting the dog very enthusiastically, it will still be more than 1/2 an hour before I can successfully rest my sleepy head. Why? He has to marinate (not sure if you’d call it a marinate or not, it’s just melted butter, crushed peppercorns, and coarse – I like to call it angry – salt) the prime rib, shower and make something for lunch. Of course (as a good wife would do), I offered to do the prime rib for him (although I’m terrible with a mortal, pestle and peppercorns) and make him lunch, but he, like a good, duty bound husband, refused my offer.


The butter is melting, the peppercorns are being pummeled.

So sleepy.

What a good Saturday. As long as his cell doesn’t go off…

UsCheers to us!

(His head isn’t really that much bigger than mine. Bigger, yes, but not that much. Ugh, this pic was taken at the beginning of the dreaded ‘Movember’)



(Just before Movember, pink hair, funny hat)


So much to talk about

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So the last few weeks have been exciting, odd and busy.

2 weeks ago I was able to ‘cross’ a couple of things of my ‘life to do list’.

Even though I’m 38, and ‘fairly’ well travelled – I have never stayed in a hotel by myself, nor flown by myself. Well now I have. 2 weeks ago I went on a little solo adventure: I drove William’s boss’s car to Hilton Head SC, and left a day early so I could explore Savannah, GA.

Savannah was better than I imagined. My hotel was just inside the historic district, and in total I think I logged in about 9 hours walking around and 5 hours talking tours. What a great city! Totally up my alley – old buildings, tons of history, cool cemetery,beautiful parks, creepy alleys, river walkway, fabulous restaurants, great bars and offers of ‘go cups’! I can’t wait to go back.

So after nearly 2 full days in Savannah, (plus one uneventful night spent in Charlotte NC) I hooked up with William’s boss and his wife in Hilton Head – along with a few of their friends. The next day we all left together and drove 9 hours to Fort Myers FL, where they will stay for a month. I was with them in Fort Myers for 3 nights… which was… weird? I don’t know them really well, and am not used to spending a lot of time with ‘older’ people. I had an uneventful, although solo, flight home, where William picked me up. I fly back there in less than 2 weeks and bring their car home.

Since my return, I’ve made a great effort to start spring cleaning. Every year I ‘try’ to clean the house from top to bottom. I’m about halfway done, but have been distracted by the fabulous weather we’ve been experiencing here! I’ve already been golfing 3 times! It’s March! In Canada! It’s usually cold, wet and miserable, but it’s been sunny, dry and in the 80’s! Crazy ass weather!

So, all this along with work, recent (however online) volunteer work, free stuff I’ve been doing for ‘friends’, and the start of my seasonal contract – I’ve been pretty darned busy. The dogs want to be walked. There are never ending small jobs around here. There is fun times to be had.

Just trying to get it all in.

Life is exceptional!

Wild week-end weather

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In the last few days we've had a few inches of rain and a major storm (which I, the lightest sleeper in the world, slept through as I had the fan on high in our bedroom…) which resulted in a tornado touching down about 20 kms from here.


It hit in Leamington, an area on the shore of Lake Erie – lots of beach, a park, homes and some cottages were destroyed – but nobody was hurt (same storm killed 7 near Toledo).

Sutton Creek was closed yesterday as much of it was under water:

At times in the summer, we can pull our carts across this ditch without getting our feet wet…

 Kiki is often known to play from this area… sometimes there is no water there at all!

William had the unfortunate responsibility of being on call this week-end. Electrical storms + Red Bull Air Races in town + a 'shit ton' of rain = one unhappy elevator mechanic. I don't even know how many hours he logged this week-end… I'm guessing around 35? Add that to a 60 hour work week = a husband in serious need of a vacation!

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