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It's Saturday morning and William was up and at them bright and early, summoned by (what I assume) to be an elderly person stuck in an elevator. That was his second call this morning, 20 minutes after the first which was at 7am. Super.

I hate that he is on call this week-end. It drives me nuts that he is currently the only person at his company that can (and will) do the big job at the University, has to crank out crazy hours in ridiculous heat, then gets to spent the week-end not just working, but also on call. Grrr!

Hopefully we'll be able to have a nice evening tonight… maybe a good dinner, some DVR'd shows, and a few drinks. One can hope!


I've started watching the newest 'Real Housewives' show – which takes place in DC. The cast appears typical of these shows, all fairly high society; a really pretty one, a slightly evil one, a high and mighty one, etc. One thing really bothered me though… there is one woman who recently moved to DC from England to be with her husband who is the official White House photographer. She speaks her mind, which can come off as stereotypical English snobbery… she was invited to a new aquaintances' house for dinner which was awkward to say the least. This new friend is an African American, and although the dinner didn't go very well, the lady invited the English woman to dinner next week at a relative's house. The African American lady laughed at the idea with her husband, stating that she will see, 'a down home black style Sunday supper' and she better not show her English attitude because, 'they will call her out.'

Hm… how would it be if the white English woman invited the black woman to a family dinner, and publicly stated she better not bring her 'black attitude'?

A seriously disturbing double standard… do people see this? It made me feel uncomfortable to watch… wonder how that dinner will go… it sounds like a set – up to 'put someone in their place'.


I've determined that birds are not smart, and that 'bird brained' is a very accurate name to call a stupid person. I know – not an original thought, but still, a realization.  

ex 1) I feed the birds and they all hustle away at the sight of me. Duh! I'm the one that likes you! I'm the one that feeds you! You use the pond I built! You hang out at the feeder I put up for you!

ex 2) They poop in the pond. Why do they poop in the same water that they bathe in and drink? Dumb! The pond gets so poopy I have to clean it with gloves on. Gross.

ex 3) They poop where they eat. There is always big globs of poo in their feeder. Duh! It kinda reminds me of this kid in highschool who feared the other kids would steal his French fries so as soon as he got his order he would spit on it. Claim it. No one wanted to steal spit on fries.

Not smart.


We really could use some serious rain. It's supposed to rain today, but it's blue skies and sunshine out there. It's a bit odd that in the middle of August our yard is not yellow crispy burnt scrub,  but we could still use some rain.


I love the Geico commercial with the little pig. Wee wee wee all the way home.


We have poochy this week-end. MomG's brother made a surprise appearance and they are going to London for the day. So that means Halia is staring at me as I type.


When cleaning the house yesterday I swiped the keyboard and must have hit the caps lock key. I tried to log onto online banking, making three quick failed attempts I was denied before I even realized my mistake. DUH! So then they ask my secret questions… yes two questions (serious security obviously) Where was your first vacation outside of Canada? and What was your first job? There are several ways to say/spell USA, trying to combine that what I actually considered to be my first job equates into serious frustration. I'll have to call the bank on Monday for help. They'll probably assume I'm 76 and computer illiterate.

Oh well.


Played in a golf tourney on Thursday with Kiki and two other girls and it was great fun. My chipping/pitching is atrocious, plain ugly… I'm hitting the range on Monday for sure.


I just finished 'A Wife's Tale by Lori Lansens, the same author of Rush Home Road…. good book.


Life, my fellow Voxers, it good. Live it up, cheers and enjoy.    

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If I ran the world

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The new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County is underway and sadly I'm an admitted fan. Oh what a train wreck!

On the first episode 'Vicki' states that she was shocked at how poorly she treated her husband 'Donn' last year, and he felt this behavior could not continue. He was tired of being put down, (that is an understatement btw)…

It amazes me that people have to see themselves on TV before they realize a change is necessary in their lives. Is it because they see themselves with hindsight and regret how they acted or felt – because they don't actually *think* about their words/actions while they are saying/doing them? Or because they are mortified to realize that the entire viewing audience judges their behavior as disgusting and for that reason decide a change is imminent?

I'd like to see a few people I know on a show like that. Oh, if only! Not at all to prove I'm right about their bad behavior, (but I really am), but to facilitate a change in them to make the world a better place (and no I'm not being dramatic!).

As for me? I think I'd be okay with my words/action, but I'd probably be mortified at the size of my ass… 

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‘Real’ Housewives

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Admittedly, one of the crappiest, most indulgent, least redeeming shows I watch religiously is The Real Housewives of (fill in the blank) Atlanta.

I'm attracted to this show as it portrays women who are everything I'm not: filthy rich, 'beautiful', with demanding social lives, driven by fashion and the latest and greatest fads. Right…

I watch this show not with envy or anger, but with *something*… I somehow feel better about myself watching the drama that these women create; 'dram-ertainment'. If you have ever seen the show here are some interesting facts.

– Ne Ne was evicted from her house between season one and season two for not paying rent.

– Ne Ne's 'alter ego' was a stripper, however she met her current husband she was a stripper… not too much of a stretch…

– Her husband has been involved in many lawsuits and it has been reported that he is 'broke'.

- In August, Lisa's home went into foreclosure. It has been reported that she has claimed bankruptcy. So much for 'if it doesn't make me money I don't do it.'

– Lisa has two kids from a previous marriage that she does not have custody of… just sayin'

– Sheree lost her house to foreclosure, although her (ex) husband was ordered to pay the mortgage and failed to do so.

– Sheree had her first child when she was 15… classy.

– Sheree had an 'independence' party after her divorce was final… Really? How independant are you when you received a SEVEN figure settlement?

These women are constantly shown to be 'lunching', shopping and talking being important in the Altanta social scene… driving $$$ cars, and being seen are quite important to these ladies.

Can't wait for the live reunion.  

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