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About last night

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Last night our little group of women got together for a little holiday cheer – we were supposed to get together a couple of weeks ago, but two of the possible hosts that night were super sick. It worked out that all of us could get together last night.

I’m so lucky to have such amazing friends. I don’t know if a lot of women have a tight circle like we do. In our early 20’s we used to get together at least once a week – well, add 8 kids, 4 husbands, careers, homes, and never ending hockey practices, karate lessons, etc. – we’re lucky to get together once a month.

Sometimes I’m worried we’re not as close as we used to be or should be. It bothers me when I realize I have not talked to them in a week or two – only seeing occasional updates on Facebook. But, when we’re together… it’s awesome.

Last night was great – our other friend and her boyfriend were there for a bit, our friends’ mom and another’s sister were in attendance for a while and a new boy even joined the party. T’was great. After I see those ladies, I always feel so connected, whole and just good.

Although none of them read this blog, I just wanted to express my gratitude to them. Their friendship and support mean so much to me.

Cheers to us and all our other girlfriends!

Port Stanley with the girls 2013

The traditional post

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Because ’tis the season, and I’m logged in.

First – lately.

It was a great Christmas. One of the first that I wasn’t freaking out about how much I was spending or the size of our credit card balance. That’s when my little income really comes in handy. Whew!

We’re having a few peeps over for New Year’s Eve. Most of our regulars have other parties to attend, so there’ll just be a few of us – it should be nice.

GD – Yesterday I somehow managed to simultaneously drop our dining room table on my toe, while stubbing it. One in a million chance doc. Yikes. My toenail is not long for this world. Thank goodness it’s not during golf season, or I’d be in a serious pout.

2013 – It was a great year. One for the books. Lots of adventure and travelling. A lot of great times with friends and plenty of god health. Yip. I didn’t read 50 book (more like 35ish), I didn’t get into awesome physical shape (but I was looking pretty good for a while anyway) – but I did more than double by small income – so it was a good balance.

2014 – Here’s some hopes and goals.

– Adventure, fun, travelling, outings, innings and all around good times. Billy and I are looking into a little golf getaway in March – that’s a great start. I think I have a car to drive back from Florida in April or May. I want to attend more local events with friends and spend less time on the couch (although I read quite a bit) – I want to get out more.

– Golf – I want to get to a 10 handicap – last season I floated from a 13 to a 16.  I hope to play more and practice before every round. I hope to take at least 3 lessons at the beginning of the season. I hope to improve my game to increase the amount of fun I have while playing and able to be competitive with my husband.

– Football – Is it weird that I feel like the Browns are so bad because of me? If I was a better person, would they win more? I need to get less caught up in the Browns, it’s bad for my overall morale.

– Finances and ‘stuff’ – I want to steamline our spending and have less stuff. When stuff comes in, stuff goes out. I’d rather spend money on adventure and fun times than stuff. I’m generally pretty good at that, but I could be better.

– Work – I hope to work smarter and learn more to better serve my clients. I’ve become a lot better working with images this last year, and this year I hope to bring my clients more connections and money. I have a roadmap, I just have to follow it.

– Husband – I hope to have lots of great times with him. He is my favourite person in the world. Last year was pretty awesome and I hope to continue this in 2014.

– Health – Good God this holiday season has been bad for me. No self control or will power, my injured toe is sure not to help me get off to a good start. I simply need to eat a bit better (planning!) and move more.

I wish everyone all the best in 2014!


Last post was Sept 19th?

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Oh well!

I was logged into WordPress, as I just commented on GOM’s recent post, so I thought I’d write something myself.

1. Hawaii was great. It was a nice long vacation – lots of adventure and memories. I have some great pics, but no patience to publish them now.

2. Cleveland. We were home from Hawaii for 4 days and ventured to Cleveland to watch them lose. Great time, but ugh!

2.1 Florida. I again drove a car down to Florida for a couple who lives there in the winter. I rented a car an ventured solo to Key West. Good times, my kind of town. It was then I realized that I need to be at least 1,000 miles away from Cleveland in order for Cleveland to win. I’m a huge jinx, as proven by their loss this last Sunday.

3. Life. After doing so much prep work to be gone for so long (I have never been so busy and stressed!) life has returned to somewhat normal. There’s always odd jobs that pop up and require a lot of focused attention, but that’s often the nature of what I do. Plus I have a new client and am still helping someone out for funsies.

4. Upcoming. We’re going to Cleveland this week-end. The game kinda doesn’t mean much other than bragging rights after last week’s loss to Cinci, but William’s cousin and his cousin’s girlfriend are coming with us, so it should be fun nonetheless. Next week is our annual American Thanksgiving party – should be a good time.

5. Now. I’m up waaay to early thinking I had a lot to do online (and there’s always 1,239 things I could be doing, however) but I really don’t have anything urgent, and it’s too dark to start cleaning the house in preparation for the party – I ‘fall clean’ the house this time of the year, so I can cruise through the holidays without worrying about the house.

6. Smart girl. I’m working now to avoid missing out on Spring/Summer of Liz 2014 by doing prep work and submitting proposals to my existing clients (ugh… more money!), I seriously hope my efforts are not in vain!

In summation. Since my last post, life has involved a ton of travel, memories and work. It’s all good, awesome in fact, but normal is also good.

A few spare minutes

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There are so many things I should be doing online right now… but honestly I can’t think of a single one. No clue! I mean yeah, I have a big long list of projects to work on,  but usually this time of morning I’m doing a bunch of little things – sending out emails, checking on stuff, etc… so I’m either done, or forgetting somethings! Oh well.

‘Tis the long week-end. The unofficial end of summer – boo!

Last night I golfed with Kiks (we don’t normally golf on Thursdays, but we missed golfing on Tuesday, and on Monday we played a little par 3 course). We both played pretty well, but it was HOT and HUMID. We walked for the first 9 holes, then Kiks declared ‘shenanigans’ and was carted on the back. Good call. I was melting.

The funny things is, I kept thinking (whilst melting), ‘I’m not used to this heat yet!’ Meanwhile it’s the end of August! We’ve had such a weird summer. Super rainy and cool July, (except for a few scorchers) and a mild August, until this week!

This week-end we’ll be golfing in the ‘Club Championship’ at our course. There’s not a lot of participation this year – I literally think there’s only 12 women golfing total, but it should be pretty fun.

I hope to clear my plate a little bit today and tomorrow morning (we tee of after 1:30) and enjoy this week-end.

Life’s good.

Summer of fail?

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Not too long ago, I officially declared the remainder of summer, up until like American Thanksgiving to be ‘The Summer of Liz’.

I feel like it’s been a fail.

It’s been a good summer, but not an amazing epic super duper fun good times summer.

We’ve (and I’ve) had lots of great adventures… let’s go a quick review

  • Port Stanley girl’s week-end – awesome. Got a new tat along with my 4 besties…

Port Stanley girls week-end June 2013

Port Stanley with the girls 2013


  • Port Stanley to visit and stay with Billy’s cousin – a great time. Love hanging with them in that great little town…

Liz and Diane Port Stanley

Port Stanley July long week-end

  • Lots of golf – some good rounds, some not so great, but usually a very fun time.
  • Drive-in – that was a while back, but fun!
  • Random peeps over for some backyard fun

August 2013

  • Two great summer parties – one was a neighbour’s, the other was Kiki’s annual golf and pool party. Good times!
  • A trip to Indiana golfing for my 40th birthday. It could not have been better!

Indy Golf July 2013

  • Spring trip to the house in TN and Nashville – that’s when I officially ‘had enough’ and decided to list the house for sale. Fun time down there with two awesome chicks.


  • Pre-season Lions at Browns game last week with Kikipants. Seriously a great time.

Lions at Browns August 2013

There’s been more stuff too, but I think you get the point…

So what’s the problem? I think it’s the stress that’s blocking me from looking back on the summer so far as a fail. I don’t have that ‘free and easy feeling’. My responsibilities have increased in my main job (and the pay has increased to reflect that change… but still). Another client has crawled out of the woodwork and I’m starting to work with them again this week. I worked a TON in June and feel like my efforts are not appreciated (because the stuff I set up is not really being used…) All the stuff with the house in TN has been a weight on me.

I’m not complaining… and there is still SO much awesomeness to come… it’s just that I’m feeling like I haven’t fully enjoyed myself due to the responsibilities and stress. Sometimes I just shake my head, like, ‘I do social media… I’m not curing cancer, it’s not life of death, it’s social media!’ But I really give it my all, and there are still areas I’m slacking in, and a billion things left undone… and it weighs.

I’ve also been in a bit of a funk lately. I try to focus on all the good stuff, but the stress gets in the way.


Of course it’s cold, it’s Canada

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It’s been cold. Like below average cold, but seriously, it’s Canada. Based on Facebook you’d think the sky is falling. Yes it’s cold. I’m sure it was cold when you went to school/work/gym this morning. Guess what? I was cold too, but seriously folks, it’s Canada (albeit Southern Ontario… still…).

Yeah, it’s been so cold one does not venture outdoors unless one has to. I told the dogs this, and they collectively decided, ‘We don’t care. Walk us.’ They don’t care about wind chill. They don’t care about snow (well, Halia does sometimes).

So this (a part of my ‘not impressed look’ meme for Stevil) is me yesterday…


I was 5*F more unimpressed yesterday than today, as yesterday it was a balmy 4*F when I walked the dogs (with a wind chill of a brisk -20*F), and today, although I looked pretty much the same, it was 9*F, with almost no wind.

William and I were in the hot tub last night and realized the the air temperature was 101*F colder than the hot tub water temperature. Now that’s something, I guess.

It’s winter. In Canada.

Still here, a new year and etc.

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Wow, I’ve really missed posting about a lot of going ons!

I’ll try to be brief…

Hawaii – For Kiki’s 50th birthday, her husband is taking her to Hawaii! And guess who is also going? That’s right – us! Woo hoo! The adventure begins in mid September with a night in San Diego, then hopping on a cruise ship for 11 nights, then staying 4 nights in Waikiki Beach. Hence the….

Gym – Been putting in the effort for more than a month now – went to the gym 21 times in December, and twice this month (hey, it’s only the 4th!). I’m feeling better, stronger, but am slightly disappointed in my weight loss – only not becoming completely discouraged as it was just the holiday season, and in December I still managed to lose 3% of my body weight.  Which leads me into…

Resolutions – Obviously loss weight and become a supermodel (okay, not really) – but the ultimate goal is to feel comfortable in a bikini. It can be done! It will be done! I’ve vacationed fat and I’ve vacationed thin, and thin is waaaay better. So there. My goal is to lose 16% of my starting weight while getting toned.

I also want to make a bit more money this year, like 5% more than last year. It will involve me picking up a new little social media contract – have to get working on that! We also need to pay down some debt (and now with Hawaii thrown in the mix…), but our savings is still a good amount monthly.

Recent things:

For Kiki’s 50th birthday we went to Cleveland – it turned out great – had a fab time!

Christmas was great – super busy but great. More than a week straight of get togethers. A LOT of cleaning the house. The way the holidays fell this year, I felt like I was doing major housework 3 times a week! Anywho… I received a bunch of ‘prettying up’ kind of things – good shampoos, hair cut gift certificate, body sprays, perfumes and the like – perfect!

New Year’s Eve was a hoot. We had 11 people over for dinner, and a few other friends popped by around midnight. It was a great time.

Since American Thanksgiving, we’ve had close to 50 people over for dinner! Always a great time, but I’m really glad that is over with! A lot of time spent cleaning the house. A lot of time spent thinking about food and worrying about ‘if everyone is okay’. Not much going on (except our date nights!) until Superbowl. Whew!

Work is good, not a whole lot of extras happening right now, though somedays I can’t bear to look at the computer for another second (hence lack of blogging and WAY behind reading and commenting on other blogs). Life is fast, fun, busy at times, but generally very very good.

Cheers to you all!


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So it’s Monday morning, let’s review the things I should be doing…

– putting lights on and decorating the Christmas tree. I must say, I’m not a fan of decorating. Ugh. I have to take down a bunch of football stuff and put up Christmas stuff.

– Christmas cards.

– Christmas shopping…. bahaha. First I have to determine what I’m buying for who. Should probably get started on that… soon!

– water plants.

– get the pics of my phone from the week-end’s festivities (Kiki’s party was great!).

– figure out something to do with the dogs. They need a walk, but it’s kinda rainy.

– make some capture videos (how to use hootsuite, a little social media plan for a friend of mine, and how to directly message a bunch of people on LinkedIn).

– find out why my mouse pad is not working on my laptop. I’m using my portable mouse, but it’s really annoying and I can’t seem to figure out why the pad isn’t working.

Things I have done…

– went to the gym. It’s so great being done at the gym and home by 7:15.

– had coffee with my mom

– fed the dogs, cleaned up the kitchen, organized the recycle area, folded 2 loads of laundry, checked in for social media for 2 accounts, did a little online recon, sent a few emails, and read all items in my Google Reader.

I guess it’s time to get started. Bah. I just want to hit fast forward on today.

1,200th post

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Well, well, well.

Good day so far (it’s 3:30 pm), let’s review.

– Awake at 2:30 (okay that was not good)

– To the gym and back by 7:15 am (and yes that included a work out!)

– Dogs fed and out, house straightened, coffee with my mom, and the only real work thing I had to do today done (and it only took my 1/2 an hour – I thought it was going to take over an hour) before 9am.

– Read all items on my Google reader and even did a movie quiz by 10am

– Walked the dogs for an hour, grabbed a couple of things for my girls get together tonight, and had lunch by 12:30

– Read a bit of the epic ginormous ‘Winter of the World’, had a nap and dreamed that our house was robbed and the guy was still in our house. I talked to him and he felt entitled to steal from us as he considered us one of the bad guys. Woke up because my mom was calling for advice on de-clawing her new cat – by 3 pm.

– Just checked in on a few social media sites for work – I’m now satisfied that I’m done ‘work’ for the day.

Pretty good day.

Tonight some of us girls are getting together at TOL’s – it’s been a while and I think that one of my friends is bursting with absurd stories, so I’m really looking forward to that. Until then, I think I’m going to read a bit more, scrounge up something else to eat, and hang out with the pooches.

Yep, life is good.

Just a little update

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December already – sheesh!

American Thanksgiving was great and due to a last minute push on my end, the house was actually cleaned and ready to be seen. The party was kind of a bit of a drunk fest compared to other years – our friends really let loose and I think most had a great time.

Whew!Thanksgiving 2012

Some girl peeps and me – my hair really looks brassy, and my thumb looks weird… hmmm.

William’s cousin and girlfriend were here last week-end for an overnight visit – fun! We played cornhole (it was like 55* outside), shuffleboard, darts, and went in the hot tub. Nice, but much mellower than our Thanksgiving party!

Lots of socializing fun coming up – 4 nights out this week, including Kiki’s 50th birthday party. Woot woot! The week after we only have 1 thing going on, then Kiks and I are for a week-end shopping in the states and hanging out with our Browns Backers in Troy MI on Sunday. Should be funs! Busy, busy.

Work is pretty good right now. Not a lot of extras going on – just the usual. Kind of nice! I actually have a work Christmas party – that hasn’t happened for me since like 2007 – it’ll only be 5 of us, but still!

Hm… so what else…

– Last week was chocked full of work related ups and downs. I did an awesome thing, surrounded by 2 very bad things (I hate dealing with domains!) Luckily, no one really knows exactly what I do, and it ended up only costing $5 to fix my fudge. Whew.

– I just picked up the behemoth ‘Winter of the World’ by Ken Follett. I’ve got 2 weeks to read that monster, so I’m starting in a few minutes.

– There must be a rogue onion in the house (I suspect it’s a remnant from last night’s delicious Szechuan chicken) and it’s completely stinking the place up! I can’t find it (no, it’s not in the garbage, because I compost it, and it’s already outside). Annoying!

– I’m back at the gym, after a short 6 year break. I’ve got to do something, I’m feeling gooey. Luckily I can put the membership on hold during the summer when I’m certain to be spending time golfing if I’m not using it, or finding the time to use it. The dogs don’t like me going to the gym, as it means fewer walks for them.

– I have GOT to get started on Christmas! Shopping, cards, decorating – you name it – it still has yet to be started! Ack!

So in summation – life is good, the house stinks, ACK = Christmas, fun fun fun, a little work, and some reading.