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This week in review

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I have been quite the busy LG this week…

The weather was fairly decent this week, so I jumped into the yard work at the house in Windsor. This, by far, has been my favorite part of the project. I really like being outside, doing the physical work, and seeing great progress. The backyard is going to look fabulous when it's done (except the shed) and it will be a selling feature of the home. I have another full day to spend in the back yard, some in the front, then just making it pretty and planting some hostas, spreading mulch, etc.

I spent about 11 hours this week working outside at the house, and this really tires me out! I've been coming home, making dinner, doing laundry, then pooping out on the couch for the rest of the night.

This week I've also been really busy getting things organized for the 18 hole tournament, and a little bit for the 18 hole league and the 9 hole league. I've had 2 meetings this week alone and by 7:30 am this morning I had sent no less than 5 emails regarding golf. It's really important to me to have all this golf stuff ready to go before we leave (yeah!). I don't want any loose ends out there bothering me when we're away.

I'm so excited about our trip. It seems like years ago that we booked it, but the last few weeks have flown by, and I can't believe we're nearing the end of March! I'm seeing KT next week who is going to give me advice on some of my clothes, and I will probably borrow some things of hers… I'm still tanning (haven't burned yet, not even my ass). Next week I'd like to get my hair cut, nails done, and William to dye my hair (I have to cut his too). I'd like to get the wood moved from the house in Windsor, but Billy has been working so much, I can't borrow his truck… I'll be going there on Monday to put out some garbage, the recycling, and work a little in the front porch (if the wood is out) and maybe the yard, (weather permitting). MomG is going to London this week, so poochy may be alone a little more than she is used to, but oh well!

It will be a busy, fun week next week! William needs this vacation so bad!

So today? William is heading to work soon. Arg. I have a couple of things to do in town and around here. Tonight we're watching DVR'd shows, having great big steaks, some drinks and hot tub action. Life is busy, but GOOD!

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The plan

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Today's plans include:

– Cleaning out the car. It's such a hot mess! I can't stand it being so dirty! It's mild out, so I'll be able to hold the vacuum without my fingers seizing up. Then I'm going to park the car outside, as God has agreed to wash it for me, which is quite generous of Him.

- Whilst purging the automobile I shall 'think' of things to ask our new golf pro, and the chick that runs the Essex-Kent ladies golf association. One question will be to discover her actual title… Meeting with them this afternoon will really put my mind at ease regarding my responsibilities this season. I know I'll have a lot of people to help me, it's just that I have to get started on a few things, and many of the volunteers are in Florida for the winter…

– Water the plants. They are looking parched and desperate. I should probably fertilize too…

– Wash hair, and embrace its poofy-ness…

– Go grocery shopping. Usually I do this on Thursdays, but I'm hoping to spend a good part of the day tomorrow painting the house in Windsor, and cleaning a bit… William is working late tonight, so I won't have much to do…

– Play a little of SSX3 for PS2. William and I played a little on the week-end, and it's frustrating that I suck so much, so I've been playing for 1/2 hour for the last few nights, trying to improve my virtual snowboarding skills.

– Finish the book I'm reading. It seems like I've been reading it forever… it's not that it's bad, it's just not the type I can devour.

– Eat MomG's homemade turkey soup. Yum.

– Enjoy the day despite the gray.

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Today is quite a busy day. I'm grocery shopping, making cupcakes, roasting vegetables, making stuffing, cleaning the house, and getting ready for tomorrow's fun.

I love life…

Here's a motivational poster I received from KT… it's not too deep on the motivation aspect, but heavy on the funny…

On another note, I've learned to spell Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan. Good for me, but I still can't spell receive…

Oh, and the Lions managed to sell the last 1,000 tickets to be considered a 'sell out' so the game will not be blacked out locally… so no country cable… things are going my way! 

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It's cold, like 31*F, and I broke down and turned the furnace on today.

Week-end football went well for LG, and I'm hoping for another win tonight. Billy won $50 on a $5 proline bet. Sweet. At least one of us is a winner… HOU screwed me…

Did I mention that it's cold outside?

I cancelled my gym membership today. Rats. Looks like I have to look into aqua aerobics. Great, I love wearing a bathing suit in front of strangers. Super.

I hope to have lunch with a friend this week, visit another friend in the evening, darn socks, yes I said darn socks, and fix the giant rip in William's Roots joggies, and upload some more old pics to facebook. Damn, that's fun.

The pooch is right ornery despite a trip to the Conservation area. What gives?

Life, however, is very very good…


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That’s better

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Well I'm done doing everything I had to do today, which mostly involved a few things around the house and a lot of time on Excel getting things ready for our 9 hole Field Day in a couple of weeks.


Billy is golfing, and I just had a fantastic dinner of chicken with peanut sauce. I plan on (doing something with the dog, as she's staring me down… she refused to go for a walk today) relaxing for the rest of the evening on the couch, reading this awesome book by John Grisham, 'Playing For Pizza' (which incorparates two of my favorite things… football and Italy) maybe a little Mario on the DS, and for sure watching pretty much my only sinful TV pleasure, 'America's Next Top Model'…. I know, I know… but a girl can only read so much, then it's time for terrible TV.

Good day, good night.

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