Happy Easter and etc.

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Ah, Easter Sunday morning. Good coffee, and CBS News Sunday Morning. A completely normal Sunday in April except for the fact that William is not here: he’s golfing in Tennessee, where it was 78* yesterday and supposed to be 80* today. Lucky guy.

Here yesterday was only the 2nd decent day, weather wise, that we’ve had all spring. What a rip off!

It could be worse – this pic is from April 2007…

I did see this little guy out the other day…

I spent a bit of time yesterday outside. We have 10 feet of stones in our front yard thrown from the snow plows. I would so rather rake leaves than rake stones! I was also picking stones up by hand around the driveway, and did a bit of work in the garden, (although nothing can be planted until late May).

I was lightly raking some leaves out of the raised garden beds, when – ARG! My back! Owie! What did I do this time? I was just killing myself raking stones, bending over like a hunchback picking up stones, then I lightly rake a few leaves and WHAM!

So last night was a nice mellow evening, watching Antiques Roadshow (never could do that when William is home…), and the Suze Orman Show (once again, William would roll his eyes). Poochy has been at MomG’s since Thursday, but I’m bringing her home tonight after Easter Sunday dinner (at MomG’s) featuring ham and scalloped potatoes (William hates ham and is anti potato).

So of course I miss William. The days always seem longer without him around, but I know he needs this little vacation (plus he’ll be cleaning up the yard in TN) and it gives me the chance to spend the day working, reading, or watching TV shows not on his favorite list.

Hey, life is good!

It’s not the worst I have ever hurt my back, I can stand and walk okay. I had to get some groceries (normally I would skip it, but TP is a necessity), and successfully lurched about the store. Arg.


2010 in review

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In general, 2010 was a fairly awesome year, let’s review…

We rang in the New Year at our house with friends where we watched the Canadian juniors lose to the US. Other than that, it was a great party.

A few days into the New Year I received a call from William which started, ‘I just wanted to call you, in case you try to reach me later and can’t get a hold of me…’ AKA as the Frankenfinger incident when the end of Billy’s middle finger was nearly severed as a few hundred pounds of steel fell on it and the other broke in half. (also noteworthy is that it was my brother’s fault). This is what it looked like a week or so later…


Certainly not a highlight of 2010.

A definite highlight of 2010 was the Olympic games. It was a time we were all so proud to be Canadian. The best of the best was the men’s team winning gold in Olympic hockey. It was a great night that I will never forget!

I ventured to Tennessee twice last year, once on my own to rake leaves and clean up the yard, and again in the summer with Kiki to golf and have fun. It was a great trip and we had fan-damn-tastic time.

I golfed from late March until mid November this year. I promised myself to enjoy the course this year and not get too involved, but rather be a participant in the fun as opposed to the organizer. This worked fairly well, but I did end up serving on the board (until it was disbanded in August), being the volunteer co-ordinator for the RCGA Canadian Juniors Ontario Golf Championship, (which I did not volunteer to do, but I saw my name with that title in a newsletter… hmm),

helped with 9 hole stats, helped William hold a charity tournament, and our Essex County Masters Event (which doubled in size from last year – sounds impressive, doesn’t it?) and raised over $5,000 being present and selling tickets at every event! Next year (if there is a next year, our course went bankrupt and is for sale… the new owners might not honour memberships… ugh…)  I dropped my handicap significantly in 2010 without a single lesson. I tried to practise at least twice a week for a half hour at a time, (that and seeing repeatedly what a good swing looks like on Tiger Woods Golf 2010… no seriously, it helped) I finished the season being one of the lowest female handicappers at our course (it is a small membership, hence bankruptcy…) with a 12 index. Fancy that!

There were several fantastic events and tournaments I played in – so much fun with friends. I’m so lucky.

We went camping only once this summer, and had one solid day of good weather, but left 2 days early due to extreme rain. Fun though.

We went to the drive in twice, but only made it in once, as we were turned away as the place was packed! It was funny to meet our friends at the drive in (which is 2 hours away) by chance!

It was a great year for me to be a Cleveland Browns fan, but not in proud to be a fan, look how awesome our team is, winning season kind of way… Kiki, William, Jim and I ventured to Cleveland 2 times in 2010 (once already in 2011!), Kim and I saw the Browns play Detroit in pre-season, and Billy and I saw the Browns in Miami. Of course my life as a football fan would be exponentially better if the team had a winning season, or, God forbid made the playoffs, but such as it is… woo is LG… Still, we had a tremendous amount of fun in Cleveland and every week in football season following the Brownies.

Our cruise in late November was of course a major highlight. It was probably one of the most relaxing vacations I’ve ever had!

On a more somber note, Halia, our Rhodesian Ridgeback turned 5 in February. Ridgies don’t have long live spans and she is currently suffering from arthritis in her spine. Although she regularly sees the vet and is well medicated, it is difficult to see her aging, and not really being able to help her (she weighs 100+ lbs). Also my cat, who has always lived with my mom, had to be put down in the late fall. He had a bowel obstruction and nothing could have been done to save him. He had an amazing life though – a good 13+ years. That’s probably the hardest thing about the years starting fly past; although you can pack as much fun and adventure into as one can handle (or afford!), everyone ages. So I guess it is about enjoying every moment and even making a simple night out with friends or an afternoon at home by myself memorable and enjoyable.

All the best to everyone in 2011… life is good.

Recent, to do, upcoming and random

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Essentially everything under the sun.

William is heading tonight to TN with Kiki’s husband and Nick the Bartender. They are going down for a week and lucky boys – the weather is supposed to be awesome. Sunny and in the 70’s everyday. I know they will have a great time. William was going to bring a TV from his mom’s house down there, as the TV at the house in TN is really small – lost in a huge room. But, the TV at his mom’s doesn’t work, rats! We were going to get wireless, and have William take the laptop down, but he wisely thought to wait until spring – why pay the extra for wireless every month when the house is basically empty all winter. Smart man.  He might buy a new TV for down there and I think he’s bringing the Wii and maybe the Game Cube as well.  Golf during the day, video games and poker at night. They will have a blast!

I’m really going to miss him. It’s so quiet and boring with him away. I always look forward to him coming home from work, and it’s weird not to have that.

So this week-end is Thanksgiving. I am (and my mom) invited to MomG’s for dinner on Sunday. Woot woot! Turkey dinner.

Kiks, TOL and maybe RMTNic are going out to the Keg for dinner on Saturday night. Kiki really needs a night out and I’m sure we’ll have a nice time.

Yesterday the poochy and I watched (more me, not so much Halia) my nephew play in his 3rd highschool football game. It was weird as they were playing my old highschool. They actually had the scoreboard working and an announcer calling all the plays and interpreting the calls. How nice! I had to keep reminding myself and that a penalty against Essex was a good thing. Weird. I was a little concerned when Essex scored easily on their first possession, but it was the only time they scored. Cardinal Carter won like 37-7… so they are undefeated. Apparently my nephew also received his progress report and it was all good. I’m so proud!

There are so many things I need to do around here, mostly outside. The weather is supposed to be great here this week-end as well (up to 80* on Sunday!), so I hope to

– clean the car, it’s disgusting from the pooch and general neglect.

– clean out the pond. Also disgusting and neglected. I will have to disturb the hibernating frogs, which I hate to do. I put them into a bucket and drive to a nearby pond, so they don’t freeze solid in our little pond.

– take apart the garden. It’s finished, the herbs are out, and it’s time to get it ready for winter.

– pull some weeds. Hopefully the ground is not rock hard.

Inside I need to dust the plants – the big ones are nasty! A part of me thinks I should wait until the corn comes down, because if it’s dry the tractors kick up a ton of dust. Hm.

I wish the booze fairy would visit our house. We used to have a ton of booze and odd liqueurs which were perfect to make fun shots with, but our bar has been seriously lacking this entire summer. Currently there is nary a pint in our fridge; no beer, no wine, no coolers – nothing!

I’m so happy that Cleveland won last week-end! It was a crazy week for football and I ended up going 7/12! Awful! Terrible! Frustrating! At least I remembered to hit, ‘save picks’! Thanks GOM! I’m totally not into college football, but this Saturday the undefeated Michigan plays the undefeated Michigan State. Huge rivalry. Huge game… might have to find a party on Saturday afternoon – maybe I’ll just re-arrange my schedule and park my butt at Kiki’s bar before we go to the Keg…

Today I’m doing laundry, getting groceries (and some booze!), taking poochy for a walk and hanging out with William. There is a get together tonight at KT’s, but I’m not going – I know it might be silly, but I think I should be here when William leaves.

Life is good.