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A few spare minutes

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There are so many things I should be doing online right now… but honestly I can’t think of a single one. No clue! I mean yeah, I have a big long list of projects to work on,  but usually this time of morning I’m doing a bunch of little things – sending out emails, checking on stuff, etc… so I’m either done, or forgetting somethings! Oh well.

‘Tis the long week-end. The unofficial end of summer – boo!

Last night I golfed with Kiks (we don’t normally golf on Thursdays, but we missed golfing on Tuesday, and on Monday we played a little par 3 course). We both played pretty well, but it was HOT and HUMID. We walked for the first 9 holes, then Kiks declared ‘shenanigans’ and was carted on the back. Good call. I was melting.

The funny things is, I kept thinking (whilst melting), ‘I’m not used to this heat yet!’ Meanwhile it’s the end of August! We’ve had such a weird summer. Super rainy and cool July, (except for a few scorchers) and a mild August, until this week!

This week-end we’ll be golfing in the ‘Club Championship’ at our course. There’s not a lot of participation this year – I literally think there’s only 12 women golfing total, but it should be pretty fun.

I hope to clear my plate a little bit today and tomorrow morning (we tee of after 1:30) and enjoy this week-end.

Life’s good.

Rather cranky

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This last week was a little annoying and frustrating work-wise. I usually don’t let things like that bother me. Believe it or not, I am a very happy person and not a lot bothers me.

I just couldn’t seem to shake this dark cloud following me around. I reviewed all the awesomeness in my life – no help. I tried to pinpoint exactly what was bugging me – no good.  I was just cranky on the inside and couldn’t shake it.

Despite having a ‘life highlight’ this week, a super awesome week-end planned, and a very successful fun summer thus far – Am I fully recovered? No, but nearly. I still have moments of gloom of undetermined origins. Weird.

Let’s discuss…

Life highlight – I won’t get too ‘golf speak’ on y’all, but I played in an Ontario qualifying event on Tuesday and won. That’s right. I won for all of Ontario, out of hundreds of golfers.  How? Good luck, good game, good times and my best round at Sutton Creek since August 2010.  (Oh and I realized I was holding my hands too far from my body in the last few months…) In the scope of things, it really doesn’t mean much, but is still cool nonetheless.

Summer goodness – I’ve spent a lot of time at the pool. I’ve read, went to TN, had cocktails and worked on the patio. I’ve taken the dogs on great walks (not lately though, as Shank has a really bad limp, poor little guy), I’ve gone to the beach, had friends over, went camping, had great date nights with William, went to Grand Bend, the drive-in, Port Stanley, pool parties, and got together with the girls a couple of times. I’ve kept up on gardening and yard work. I’ve worked hard, received a bonus, and am nearly ‘caught up’ on things. Summer hasn’t passed me by in the least. I make an effort everyday to enjoy it.

Upcoming stuff – Golf and dinner tonight with William. Port Stanley, beautiful beach, cool bars, cocktails, people watching, and corn-hole tomorrow at/with William’s cousin and girlfriend. More golf this week, and the first pre-season BROWNS vs. Lions game and tailgate party next Friday afternoon.

All this is all so good, but still, I’m not feeling quite myself.

Life’s good, just a wee bit off.

Yeah, I’m here…

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I’m really good at keeping up on reading blogs, just not so great on writing blogs… oh well.

So, William is gone to Indiana golfing this week-end (it’s Victoria Day Week-end!) and I just got back on the 9th, and during that week, we spent exactly one night hanging out together! Weird for us! Between my golf, his golf, a birthday outing and a meeting – we haven’t seen much of each other this month, as he came home from Tennessee the day before I left for Pennsylvannia! AND – He comes home on Monday night and I leave for Tennessee about a week later.

My time in PA was very good – hard to explain, but very good in several ways. Good for me. Good for job. Good for everyone. Good to see the place that my ‘boss’ disappears to at least once a month!

What else… my golf game is doing pretty good – until 2 days ago when my nephew and I were hitting balls into the field, he crushed my driver and the head flew off. Rats. I don’t know if it’s repairable. It’s at least 6 years old – absolutely ancient according to some (I think William’s had 2 new drivers since I got that one…), so I could use a new one, but I like my old one… hm..

Golfing tomorrow with Kikipants and Jim. Should be fun.

Trying to get a million things done around here before I leave for TN on the 30th… Veggie garden, paint the wood frames of 3 doors (why are they wood?), stain the trellis that never got done last year, as I begged William to spare the plant growing on it for the hummingbirds’ sake (got that done), completely rebuild the pond (it’s only like a foot square, but still a TON of work) – ugh, and clean out and refill the spaces in between the flagstone on the patio… Once all these things are done I’ll be on easy maintenance street! Can’t wait!

Well, I’m positively beat. Been a really busy last few days. Time to watch a few DVR’d shows and turn off my brain.

Life’s good. Thanks for reading. 

Week-end part one of two

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Yesterday was Sutton Creek Golf Club’s opening day. Other area courses opened as early as a few weeks ago, but Sutton underwent some major changes over the winter, and they wanted to wait to open so they could do it right.

And they certainly did!

MomG had Halia this week-end (as she does every week-end!), and she also took Shank for the afternoon. Our tee time was at 1pm, and despite a rainy awful morning (and even a few drops on the drive there) it turned out to be a pretty nice day. A bit cool, and a bit windy, but hey, it’s April in Ontario, what more do you want!

It was so nice to walk into the club house and see familiar faces. A few people I hadn’t seen since last fall, so it was great to see them – kinda like a family reunion!

The course was in great shape. Two of the greens weren’t ‘ready’ for play yet, but they worked around it, and wow. The changes are awesome. Three of the 18 holes have had major layout changes, and a few others have had minor changes (no ditch on 7! Well, there still is 2 ditches, but the 3rd is gone!).

I golfed okay – my score was actually much better than I played – I was really lucky on some of my chips, but my putting was completely offensive (I three putted twice and FOUR putted once – terrible!). William really struggled, and I beat him by double digits! Let me tell you that doesn’t normally happen!

JimmyP joined us for the back 9, and after we had drinks and eventually dinner inside.

The clubhouse is gorgeous! A new bar, four big TV’s, an extensive booze selection (last year there was not  – last year it was leased to an a-hole), and a fabulous menu. We saw lots of friends, but as things were winding down, it was mostly family of the owner of the course. The owner’s son was acting bartender last night, and that was pretty fun. I also talked to a couple who made me dinner in Hilton Head! Their daughter is married to the golf course owner’s son (our bartender), and they hang in the same circle was William’s boss (William’s boss grew up across the road from the course owner, and they are still great friends) – so that was cool.

We planned on leaving around 7ish, but didn’t leave until 11! It was a long, awesome, perfect perfect day. It was so nice to be out there with William, realizing that we were finally doing what we thought of during the long winter months.

We’re so very lucky. I so look forward to many many more awesome times at Sutton this year with William and friends. Life is good (better now that the course is open).

Part two coming soon.

What a cliffhanger.

Just a short post

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I’ve been staring at this computer all day.

I get so much done on Wednesdays. I don’t work at my jobbie on Wednesdays and William golfs, so it’s my day to catch up on things around the house, post Thursday’s blog for TBT, and random other virtual things.

Tonight, however, William is not golfing. He’s working. Late. He started early. ARG. It bugs me that he is working on a night when he should be having fun. Ah well.

This past week-end was fun fun fun fun. I golfed Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Saw some club members that I haven’t seen in a long while. Won the Club Championship (no, I won’t tell you my score, nor how many women competed, but still I won!), had drinks and fun with friends.

On Friday it was 98*F. Yesterday it never got above 65*. Brr. I feel so ripped off! Where did summer go? What about my long leisurely days by the pool? Rats. It is supposed to warm up, but these last few days prove it is the beginning of the end. Boo.

Good things coming up: the start of football season, more golf, a golf vacation to Arizona, 2 Browns games (1 home on in Arizona), Black Sunday on the DVR, short walks with the pooch – sometimes it’s the little things that make life awesome.

Life is good.

I’m a loser baby…

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Oh, what a big fat loser I am… let me count the ways…

So this past week-end was the Ryder Cup/Solheim Cup at Sutton Creek. It’s an event where members team up and play for either North America or Europe. The men play for the 3 days, and can potentially win 3 points for their team, and the women play for 2 days for 3 points. I played for Team Europe for no reason other than that’s where I was needed. The first nine was ‘better ball’ format which sounds like a scramble, but rather it’s a two person team event, with each player playing their own ball and the best net score is taken as the team score. My playing partner was The Stank (nickname, she doesn’t smell in the least) and we won one point for our team. The next 9 holes is an alternate shot format which when played with a spouse can result in imminent divorce, but The Stank and I played poorly and lost that point. The second day was a straight up match play format for 18 holes. Although the Stank was in my foursome, I was playing against the course’s reigning club champion… great. She takes golf quite seriously, and I held my own on the front but blew a fairly easy putt, then missed a long shot and the match was over on the 17th hole. The Stank played and won her match on the 18th hole. Despite our efforts Team Europe lost for the Solheim cup.

William played poorly for Team North America, not winning a point all week-end, and Team Europe won for the men.

It’s a great event – lots of people out and some are quite passionate about their team – many being born in Europe – it makes the event quite festive. The men played for the honour of having their team on the trophy for 2010…

The women also had a presentation for the winning North America Team…

Yes, that’s a coffee mug with ‘Solheim Cup’ writing on it with a magic marker! Oh how we laughed! Did we feel put out that our coveted cup was so cheesy? Hells no, it was hilarious! That’s The Jude by the way, and she’s short but not that short… the DOG was standing on a step…

So, one time a loser.

Football did not exactly go my way this past week-end. I chose only 8 games correctly out of 16. A few picks I knew were risky (Washington beating Houston, Seattle beating Denver) and wasn’t surprised by those losses, but there were some games that were shocking (The Jets beating the Pats, TB beating Carolina, Miami defeating The Vikings, Chicago beating Dallas, The Steelers’ ass whoopin the Titans). So obviously I didn’t fare too well on my pools this week – but it appears that I wasn’t alone in the loser boat. My ‘loser’ pick was good in the survivor pool with the Giants losing to Indy, so I’m still alive.

Speaking of losers, I was in great pain watching the second half of the Cleveland game. Oh the agony! As you may know, I decided to forgo the bus trip to the Browns home opener in favour of playing in the Solheim Cup – My team didn’t win the Cup, and the Browns lost to Kansas Shitty! ARG! I was really quite depressed and considered punishing Gnomey with a night spent outside, but them realized it wasn’t his fault the Browns lost – I blame Wallace for a dumb ass pass that resulted in a defensive TD for Kansas, and Dawson for slicing (dontcha love how I use golf slang for football?) a field goal. ARG! Loser!

My third loser experience this week-end was when someone asked me if I thought it was time that ‘I get a life of my own’. Hm! Well, how does one respond to that? Now before you either agree with this person, (who I know didn’t mean it to be hurtful) or get all defensive for me – one has to realize that my lifestyle is as it is for several reasons. There have been things that have happened between William and I (no, not divorce type things – how could you even think that?) that I don’t casually discuss with golfing mates, and have never even blogged about. So – in her defense, I think she had good intentions, but I am left without a defense of myself, and am saddened that some people (or even one single person) believe (s) that I don’t have a life. Nice. Great. Loser.

My final loser experience this past week-end occurred when I attempted to make a tee time with my quota points team for last night. When I ventured into the pro shop and checked the tee sheet I noticed that everyone was already in foursomes. I was the odd one out, all by my lonesome! I was briefly hurt that not one of the six players on my team had bothered to contact me to play with them, but then I acknowledged that I didn’t make an effort to contact them until two days before our field day/banquet event. Smack! Loser! Luckily Kiki is a great friend and graciously offered to play with me. My Eeroye feelings were subsiding as I won second place for total quota points last night, and my team came in first. I actually won most points scored in one night overall, but because I already won second, it was given to the next person. Ha! Take that! I’m not a loser!

Well, not entirely…

Tonight is the field day/banquet night for the 9 hole league, which I know will be fun. It’s so sad that the leagues are coming to an end though. Many ladies will still come out on league night, weather permitting, well into October.

Well, time to get on with my day and say some positive affirmations to myself… ‘I’m a winner! I’m a good person! People like me!”


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So this week-end is going to be simply awesome. I know it, I can feel it. I have high expectations of fun that I know will be easily met. Yeah!

Tonight is couple's event at Sutton Creek, Hawaiian Night actually… so we decorate the carts and ourselves and play 9 holes… funny though, even at a couple's event (Canada Day was the last one we were able to attend) – I don't really spend too much time with William.

Tomorrow Kiks and are going to the D to hit some bars, look at tailgaters and watch the Brownies play the Lions. So awesome! I'm lucky to have a friend that not only lets me drag her to football games, but she actually enjoys it… I hope next year to get a whole crop of chicks to go – but I know Kiks and I will have a fan damn tastic time.

Gotta clean the house, get ready for Hawaiian night - our cart is going to be awesome – and hopefully have an hour or so poolside.

Life is grand.

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