I Can Almost Taste It

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Only 3 short days until (partial) work freedom! So close, I can almost taste it!

I’ll be down to only 3 contracts for 1 month. Yay!

Although two of the three are my busiest contracts… and the last one is a new, challenging contract… still! It’ll be great. Summer of LG 2015.

During this time, I’m going to:

  • Redo MomG’s front garden bed
  • Go to Port Stanley with the girls for a week-end
  • Go to TN with William for more than a week (yay!)
  • Work around the yard, lounge in the sun, READ BOOKS (haven’t read a book in 2 months – a sad record for me!)
  • Golf and work on my golf game (took a lesson last week… first time since I was 12!)


Last night William and I saw the new Jurassic Park movie and had a nice dinner out… today golf and steak night date night in… tomorrow, my mom’s b-day pool party… Tuesday my nephew graduates from college (he’s valedictorian of his small class)… busy, fun times. Life’s good.


Random pic time… the back of our house from 2006… I’ll post an updated pic soon…



Back from PEI – mostly pics

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Wow – what a great trip!

Here’s the scoop… we drove about 10 hours (horrendous Toronto morning traffic) and arrived at our hotel just outside old Quebec City. I have always wanted to go there and I wasn’t disappointed! It really did feel like a European city. I could believe how busy it was on a Wednesday night.

Who couldn’t resist this alley beckoning a thirsty tourist? Certainly not us!



William protecting the city. IMG_2012

Chateau Frontenac.IMG_2068

Gorgeous night.IMG_2072

Beers and cheers.


Friends met us in Charlottetown PEI on Thursday night and I had one of the best dinners ever! Awesome night…


This was our resort – the Links of Crowbush – on the central north shore of PEI. We had a fabulous suite that overlooked the grounds, the course and the ocean… ours was on the second floor, the last room on the far right… awesome!


The view from our room.


Of course the golf and scenery was fabulous!




Drive in! (terrible pic of me)


I may have been slightly intoxicated…

I’m going to post more about our vacation later… life is good!




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It’s nearly the week-end… which generally doesn’t mean much to me as I always squeeze in some work, but… less work.

I recently (which does have something to do with this week-end) sent out 1 long slightly awkward email. It went… okay. I think everything will be fine.

I sent one short email, followed by a brief conversation, which went super well.

I had a meeting yesterday afternoon which (related to the 2 emails, but not the same person) which went exceedingly well.

I’m feeling better.

Here’s the thing… I need a break. I’ve been really busy with my one contract since about January and ‘doing the usual’ for my 4 others. I am social media-ed out. I’m becoming resentful of having to work 7 days a week (although Sundays is usually only a couple of hours… but occasionally 4 – 7 hours, and only 2 other days a week would be considered a ‘full day’). I’m ‘taking a break’ with 3 of my contracts for a month – one being my ‘big’ main contract.

The timing is good all around for all parties involved, and I’m looking forward to…

The Summer of Liz (well a month anyways). I have plans! Goals! And I hope to reach decisions on a few things that I’ve been ‘thinking’ about.

July 15th is the first day of the Summer of Liz, until then, there’s a lot to be done!


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Last night Billy and I ventured over to the D to see the Tigers game. Of course we went over early to experience some bars (and homeless beggars). Fun, well, not the homeless beggars, but the D has some exceptional dive bars, which I am a fan of (the Detroiter, The Detroit Pub and The Old Shillelagh just to name a few…)

Friends met us at Cheli’s and when we arrived in the stadium the score was already 5 – nothing for the Dodgers – but the Tigers made a huge comeback and won.

I’m not a baseball fan – I do like the atmosphere and when something exciting happens, but in general I find baseball about as exciting  watching paint dry. There were a bunch of foul balls that hit off the upper deck and came near us (we were the section closest to the first base, 16 rows up – very good seats). One ball in particular hit off the upper deck and came right at us, nearly hitting the man in front of us who happened to be the father of the Dodger’s pitcher who was pulled after allowing 5 runs in the second inning.

So that was exciting.

It was a good night.

Yeah for summer funs!

A few spare minutes

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There are so many things I should be doing online right now… but honestly I can’t think of a single one. No clue! I mean yeah, I have a big long list of projects to work on,  but usually this time of morning I’m doing a bunch of little things – sending out emails, checking on stuff, etc… so I’m either done, or forgetting somethings! Oh well.

‘Tis the long week-end. The unofficial end of summer – boo!

Last night I golfed with Kiks (we don’t normally golf on Thursdays, but we missed golfing on Tuesday, and on Monday we played a little par 3 course). We both played pretty well, but it was HOT and HUMID. We walked for the first 9 holes, then Kiks declared ‘shenanigans’ and was carted on the back. Good call. I was melting.

The funny things is, I kept thinking (whilst melting), ‘I’m not used to this heat yet!’ Meanwhile it’s the end of August! We’ve had such a weird summer. Super rainy and cool July, (except for a few scorchers) and a mild August, until this week!

This week-end we’ll be golfing in the ‘Club Championship’ at our course. There’s not a lot of participation this year – I literally think there’s only 12 women golfing total, but it should be pretty fun.

I hope to clear my plate a little bit today and tomorrow morning (we tee of after 1:30) and enjoy this week-end.

Life’s good.

More annoyances

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It’s been a frustrating last few days.

– Hot, hot and humid. Too hot to walk the dogs, so they’re rangy and bored.

– A million small things to do. I think I’ve done them all.

– Didn’t golf last night – Kiki had some issues at home to deal with, and although I could have met up with some other ladies, I didn’t feel like going to the effort for only 9 holes. So I spent a few extra hours working. Boo. Hopefully will golf Thursday, then of course in Club C (as we’re not going to TN) on Saturday and Sunday.

– Power was out for 3 hours yesterday – that actually worked out pretty well, as I had just finished working online and was reading a book. It was just starting to get really hot and humid in here when it came back on around 8:30pm.

– I haven’t been sleeping great. I haven’t been eating well, and I haven’t been exercising enough. Ugh.

Doom and gloom – wow, I’m coming off as miserable lately, eh? I’m hoping for a change soon – but really I don’t see it happening. We have to deal with some of the issues in the house in TN, I’m starting a new project this week (ACK! But should be manageable), something else kicks off maybe tomorrow, which should increase my workload a little (and permanently) then try to get things done online so the social media wheels don’t fall off the proverbial bus while we’re away in September.

But really, life is good. Financially we’re good. We’re all healthy. Everything is fine. I would really just like to get rid of some stress.

Summer of fail?

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Not too long ago, I officially declared the remainder of summer, up until like American Thanksgiving to be ‘The Summer of Liz’.

I feel like it’s been a fail.

It’s been a good summer, but not an amazing epic super duper fun good times summer.

We’ve (and I’ve) had lots of great adventures… let’s go a quick review

  • Port Stanley girl’s week-end – awesome. Got a new tat along with my 4 besties…

Port Stanley girls week-end June 2013

Port Stanley with the girls 2013


  • Port Stanley to visit and stay with Billy’s cousin – a great time. Love hanging with them in that great little town…

Liz and Diane Port Stanley

Port Stanley July long week-end

  • Lots of golf – some good rounds, some not so great, but usually a very fun time.
  • Drive-in – that was a while back, but fun!
  • Random peeps over for some backyard fun

August 2013

  • Two great summer parties – one was a neighbour’s, the other was Kiki’s annual golf and pool party. Good times!
  • A trip to Indiana golfing for my 40th birthday. It could not have been better!

Indy Golf July 2013

  • Spring trip to the house in TN and Nashville – that’s when I officially ‘had enough’ and decided to list the house for sale. Fun time down there with two awesome chicks.


  • Pre-season Lions at Browns game last week with Kikipants. Seriously a great time.

Lions at Browns August 2013

There’s been more stuff too, but I think you get the point…

So what’s the problem? I think it’s the stress that’s blocking me from looking back on the summer so far as a fail. I don’t have that ‘free and easy feeling’. My responsibilities have increased in my main job (and the pay has increased to reflect that change… but still). Another client has crawled out of the woodwork and I’m starting to work with them again this week. I worked a TON in June and feel like my efforts are not appreciated (because the stuff I set up is not really being used…) All the stuff with the house in TN has been a weight on me.

I’m not complaining… and there is still SO much awesomeness to come… it’s just that I’m feeling like I haven’t fully enjoyed myself due to the responsibilities and stress. Sometimes I just shake my head, like, ‘I do social media… I’m not curing cancer, it’s not life of death, it’s social media!’ But I really give it my all, and there are still areas I’m slacking in, and a billion things left undone… and it weighs.

I’ve also been in a bit of a funk lately. I try to focus on all the good stuff, but the stress gets in the way.