Basement painted: Check!

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I'm done the basement and I must say that it looks absolutely awesome! It was a lot of hard work, but totally worth it.

The last area to be done is the main room upstairs, which is a big issue. If you are familiar with our house you'd know that we have a giant hole into the basement (on purpose…haha) making our back wall and ceilings rise to a height of about 25 feet or so. Not conducive to a novice painter such as myself… However, we have someone coming by this week to give us a quote on a price. Yay!

So tonight is an early celebration of our anniversary and a late celebration of Valentine's Day, as we planned to stay in and have a fantastic steak dinner… so of course Davey is coming over… Haha. Actually I don't mind one bit.

Life's good!

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Painting fool

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I'm still painting. The trim, entire basement ceiling and 1/2 the walls are done.

I must say that I hate painting white on white, and seeing as the paint store where Billy gets the big discount doesn't offer the blue or pink tint, I was SOL.

My fingers and hands are destroyed, (not that they ever where in good condition…) so dry, cracked and bleeding, and a hunk of drywall about 1/4 of inch in length is jammed under my fingernail and into my nail bed. BUT, it's all worth it, it's looking really good… (I'm earning my keep…) just don't look up, the ceiling really could use a second coat, but I refuse!

The only satisfying part of painting in my opinion is actually applying the new colour on the wall, and liking the new colour… the rest is just annoying.

I'll be done tomorrow afternoon, and ready to enjoy a week-end at home! A nice steak dinner and drinks on Saturday and our anniversary (6 years!) on Sunday (the moms are coming over for Chinese take-out).

Why is it that the best parts of the week-end seem to revolve around food? Perhaps it's the social aspect of it… perhaps it's the reason I need to drop 20lbs…

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Believe it or not, I’m not home

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Okay I really am, but I have Seinfeld on the brain…

I'm painting the big room downstairs. It's really big, maybe 1000 sq ft? Big. It takes a lot of paint. I'll be done by Saturday afternoon, hopefully.

If you call, and I don't answer please consider the following:

– Can't hear the phone due to a really loud TV. It's the only thing that keeps my head from popping off while painting.

– I might have brought the dog next door

– I may be up a ladder

– I might not be able to find the phone

– I may have to run into town for more painting supplies, (okay you caught me, I may have run into town for Burger King… I still can't get my head around the idea that we have a McDonald's…)

– I'm lazy and not answering the phone 'cause I'm beat!

So those are my excuses, please excuse me…

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Where, oh where has LG been?

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I'm right here.

I've been a little busy, meaning that my days of late have held some small purpose for me. This week, I painted our bedroom. Unless you've undertaken such a feat, you may not fully understand and appreciate the enormity of the project, especially when you are a tad OCD… so I'll elaborate….


– Removed everything except 2 dressers, the bed and the bedside table, including eveything from the closet, and light fixtures

– Vacuumed and swiffer dusted the ceiling

– Painted the ceiling


– Vacuumed and swiffer dusted the walls and baseboards, putty-ed cracks and marks in the wall

– Taped the carpet, and all the shelving in the closet, the window, and doors. I tried to tape the French Doors, and gave up after one of 60 window panels

– Painted the trim, and French Doors

– Removed the tape 

Day 3

– Sanded the putty-ed areas, then had to re-vacuum and swiffer dust said areas. Opps, will remember that one…

– Taped the ceiling and the baseboards, (not easy in case you don't know….)

– Painted the walls including the entire closet 2 coats.

– Removed tape, (with Billy's help)

Later Day 3

– Scraped the paint off the window panels from the French Doors. It takes 1 hour to do one door…

– Moved back furniture, (with Billy's help)

– Hung pictures, and moved most items back into the bedroom

Day 4

– Moved the clothes back into the closet

– Organized mine and Billy's clothes according to most frequently worn.

– Went to Hardware store to purchase more painter's tape and supplies for the next painting adventure, and additional shelving for the closet

– Put together a shelving unit for out shoes, (okay 8 are mine, 1 pair is Billy's…)

– Put together a 7 foot high tower for hats

Day 5

– Billy cuts out the bottam bit of the tower so it can be flush against the wall

- I a) attach the thing to the wall in 4 places, b) attach a rod c) admire my handiwork, d) consider a possible future in closet organization (this by the way used, 2 screw drivers, a drill, a hammer, a little saw thing, the name escapes me right now, and a measuring tape.

– I declare to myself that I have skills.

– Use ceiling paint and trim paint to correct the few mistakes I made, (I'm good, Billy says that I'm too hard on myself, I bite my tongue re: OCD)


I have done more this week as well, and I'll elaborate, for your reading pleasure, later… (that was sarcasm btw) 



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