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Yesterday I busted out the weed whacker, and today I can barely straighten my right arm. This happens every year. Hopefully I get used to it before I head to Tennessee, as there is a ton of whacking to be done there, and sore arms conflict with good golfing.

The yard is looking really good – even without the traditional 'weed & feed'. It's great to ban pesticides and herbicides, but it's bad if you hate dandelions.

Yesterday's deep thought (which I had when pulling weeds)….

Weeds are simply under – appreciated plants which grow in inconvenient areas.


I'm pretty happy with the Browns draft choices – I've never watched the draft before and it was really exciting. I seriously thought there was a chance the Browns could have picked up Aaron Curry as the Chiefs picked Jackson 3rd overall, but of course he was scooped up by Seattle. Rats. I think he is going to be the player to watch this year.

I think the trade with the Jets was brilliant. Mangini had a relationship with them, and must know that they have something to offer. Very exciting stuff. I like Alex Mack, the new center (see - I conform and spell it the US way, although it pains me…) He was a 3 year starter with a good academic and football record. Smarts count.

William says that we can go to the Lions v Browns game in the D and also a Browns game in Cleveland. Yeah! I've never been to Ford Field - Billy says it's a bit sterile compared to other stadiums he's been.

What game to see, what game to see…

Matt Stafford, hmm, hopefully not a Harrington repeat…

Mark Sanchez is HOT.  GggggRrrrrr


Typing is seriously difficult due to weed whack arm.


I'm finishing Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. I read it a few years ago and liked it. I hope to see the movie and that's the reason for the re-read. This is probably the least overly dramatic of the Dan Brown novels, in my opinion… he often ends or begins a chapter with something like, '…. and never before in the history of mankind has anyone ever laid eyes on anything like this ever!' … How can you put that book down when possibly around the corner is an Earth Shattering KaBoom like never seen nor heard?

This book is much less 'alarmist'… anyway, you get my point.

I do hope to read something a little more significant soon. I've read some pretty fluffy novels lately and I am ready for something 'heavier'.


 It's going to be another relaxing day around here (as was last night – the steak was awesome! – oh and on sale for $9.99/lbs at Schinkels - we watched some shows and relaxed in the hot tub). I may venture into the city to look into framing some maps we purchased on our cruise. I may return dozens of booze bottles to the Beer Store (it's starting to appear that we have a problem…) I may purchase Windex, Scrub Free, and rinse aid – or enviromentally friendly versions of them… I may just lay on the couch, read and watch the draft. I don't think I'll be golfing today – darned weed whack syndrome!  

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Now I’ve gone and done it! and etc.

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Ugh, I was moving a plant today and I totally wrenched my lower back. I've never had back pain this bad ever, and there seems to be no position to be pain-free. Great.

Anyway, it was a great week-end. Davey came over for dinner on Saturday and Billy made prime rib. The guys' portion size was large enough to make an appointment with a cardiologist. Seriously…


Halia ate her fill too, and this is her favorite position to sleep in. Such a comfort monger…

I read a lot this week-end, as the weather is still super shit-tacular, and I can't do too much around here when the house is completely in disarray due to the ongoing painting saga.

I didn't have many plans for today, as the painter is here, so that means the upstairs is off-limits. I haven't even made the bed due to immense back pain… So I guess it's the perfect day (and excuse) to be on the couch and read… if I can get out this chair…

BTW… the golf course is supposed to open tomorrow… it's supposed to be 55*F today, but there is still snow about… we'll see… I don't think I could putt right now, let alone walk one hole… ugh!


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What’s with that?

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Yesterday was a pretty mellow day. I felt fairly lousy and although I accomplished the regular chores around the house, I wasn't feeling 100%. About half-way through the day I was freezing cold and was preparing to take a scalding shower when I noticed a funky rash on my stomach and chest. Super.

So what's this all about?

I decided I better head to the library after dinner in case the rash decided to migrate north to my face.

I picked up a few books and spent the evening on the couch reading about the history of Gosfield North Township. Very exciting I know. Please don't be jealous of my fascinating life.

It's a good life, except for the spots, and yes, they're still there.

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