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A Reminder of ‘G-Us’

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Whoa… a blog from LG? Was she hacked? Oh no, it’s me. Wiser, older, slighter fatter…

I just read a Facebook post from one of the first bloggers I ever started reading – it was a link to an post of hers from 2008 (2008? Indeed! I remember I found her by searching something like ‘punk golf clothes Canada’ – I found her blog and the rest is history) … an amazing chick from BC, who in so many ways I totally relate to. Anywho…

So it was either shut down the computer for the night, or pour (another) glass of wine, try to remember my log in and say something. Anything!

I probably ‘think’ about blogging every day. The fact is I spend way too much time online working, a lot of which is writing blogs (is that irony?).

I loved documenting my life and thoughts online. It was a good release. It was a creative outlet. I enjoyed the community. (Yes! I still miss Vox!)

So… maybe I’m back to blogging. Maybe I’m inspired once again to re-connect with my community (only 2 guys really, you know who you are…). Maybe I’m ready to become a good ‘neighbour’ (damn I miss Vox) again.

IM000362I’ll let you know how it goes.

Let’s have a pic…

There ya go… random pic from my wedding (me and my mom) – 13 odd years ago.

See ya soon. (Maybe).

Thanks for reading.


Just another Monday

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Which isn’t a bad thing.

I don’t really dread Mondays like the rest of the world seems to. I look at it is a fresh start – I don’t want to sound like a giant cheeseball, but it’s true.

I usually have a meeting on Monday – at 10am – which generally is 5 hours into my day… and today’s is an online meeting because…

– One guy is in Pennsylvannia.

– One guy is near me in Windsor, Ontario

– There’s me… I’m at home.

– One guy is in Sau Paulo, Brazil.

– And the last guy is on vacation in Thailand and won’t be in on the meeting.

I don’t think this meeting will result in a lot of work for me – the Brazilian boys don’t yet know I’m ‘taking a month off’ from that contract (well, except the the work retreat and any prep involved beforehand – creating my agenda for the meetings), So that’s a big fat YAY!

Also today (or tomorrow) – hit the bank, (nice not having to buy US dollars for a vacation for once!), get new stickers for my license plate renewal, golf, random errands (neither of us have toothpaste!), etc… ah.

Life’s good – and this next month is going to be great!

Thoughts on a Friday night

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Why? Because I’ve had a couple of drinks, I can’t stand to work anymore today and the husband is out on call.

– It’s cold. Like really cold. Not Polar Vortex cold, but Alberta Clipper cold. And windy. Like 25 mph windy with gusts up to 50mph. White-out windy.

– I have not seen the actual ground in more than 2 weeks. In fact, I think in the last 6 weeks, I’ve only seen partial bare ground for about 3 days. I will probably not see the actual ground (un-snow covered) for at least 2 more weeks. It’s cold. Did I mention it’s cold, oh, and snowy. And we live in the ‘banana belt’ of Canada. True fact. Places only 1 hour from here have already had double our snow totals and significantly colder weather (dang, looked for a clever picture or link online and found none – might have to make one up).

– Today’s high is brr with a chance of arg, I hate you!

– People! When someone (me) is going into a store from outside where it’s cold, and you (stupid) are exiting the store where it’s warm, please, please, please give the outside cold person the right of way. It’s only common sense.

– Justin Bieber and Rob Ford are both a massive embarrassment to Canada. If I had to choose between the two to have over for dinner – for sure it would be Rob Ford. Yes, he’s embarrassing as the public figure type head of the largest Canadian city, but damn, I bet he’s fun. The Bebs would just be an annoying teenager. Rob Ford would be the life of the party and I could probably sell any videos of drunken escapades for millions. Thas cool.

– Funny tweet from the city of Toronto the morning after the latest video leaked, (normally they have a pretty mainstream feed…)

Toronto ‏@Toronto Jan 21
Hey. We’re sorry about our Mayor. We have a great city. Come visit and you will see. (Bring a toque, very cold…) Thanks!

Yep, true.

This made me laugh today.

Life is good. Thanks for checking in.

What makes me happy

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I just posted a comment on GOM’s blog post and I thought I’d write a little about what makes me happy.

– Striped socks. Honestly I can’t tell you how much I love socks. It’s weird I know.

– Fonts. I love me fonts! I am always looking for fun fonts to download (but most have a require a license for non-personal use, and I use funky fonts for business). I can waste an hour without realizing it, lost in font world. Again, maybe a little weird.

– Serious home organization. Last week-end I tore apart our closet under the stairs, which mostly contains video game systems and holiday decorations. I spend $60 on storage containers – I was shocked by the price, as I was hoping to only spend about $30, but I know it was worth every penny. I’ve found myself opening the door just to gaze at the well organized contents. Hmm… Am I really that weird?

– A truly clean house. Our house is only truly top to bottom clean for about 4 days a year and those 4 days are the best!

– Keyboard short cuts. I don’t think I could live without ctrl + a, ctrl + c, ctrl + v. I think I’ve quite literally saved days of my life by using these shortcuts. Obviously I copy and paste a lot.

I could go on, but I think that’s enough about me for now.

Life’s good.

Last post was Sept 19th?

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Oh well!

I was logged into WordPress, as I just commented on GOM’s recent post, so I thought I’d write something myself.

1. Hawaii was great. It was a nice long vacation – lots of adventure and memories. I have some great pics, but no patience to publish them now.

2. Cleveland. We were home from Hawaii for 4 days and ventured to Cleveland to watch them lose. Great time, but ugh!

2.1 Florida. I again drove a car down to Florida for a couple who lives there in the winter. I rented a car an ventured solo to Key West. Good times, my kind of town. It was then I realized that I need to be at least 1,000 miles away from Cleveland in order for Cleveland to win. I’m a huge jinx, as proven by their loss this last Sunday.

3. Life. After doing so much prep work to be gone for so long (I have never been so busy and stressed!) life has returned to somewhat normal. There’s always odd jobs that pop up and require a lot of focused attention, but that’s often the nature of what I do. Plus I have a new client and am still helping someone out for funsies.

4. Upcoming. We’re going to Cleveland this week-end. The game kinda doesn’t mean much other than bragging rights after last week’s loss to Cinci, but William’s cousin and his cousin’s girlfriend are coming with us, so it should be fun nonetheless. Next week is our annual American Thanksgiving party – should be a good time.

5. Now. I’m up waaay to early thinking I had a lot to do online (and there’s always 1,239 things I could be doing, however) but I really don’t have anything urgent, and it’s too dark to start cleaning the house in preparation for the party – I ‘fall clean’ the house this time of the year, so I can cruise through the holidays without worrying about the house.

6. Smart girl. I’m working now to avoid missing out on Spring/Summer of Liz 2014 by doing prep work and submitting proposals to my existing clients (ugh… more money!), I seriously hope my efforts are not in vain!

In summation. Since my last post, life has involved a ton of travel, memories and work. It’s all good, awesome in fact, but normal is also good.

Summer of fail?

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Not too long ago, I officially declared the remainder of summer, up until like American Thanksgiving to be ‘The Summer of Liz’.

I feel like it’s been a fail.

It’s been a good summer, but not an amazing epic super duper fun good times summer.

We’ve (and I’ve) had lots of great adventures… let’s go a quick review

  • Port Stanley girl’s week-end – awesome. Got a new tat along with my 4 besties…

Port Stanley girls week-end June 2013

Port Stanley with the girls 2013


  • Port Stanley to visit and stay with Billy’s cousin – a great time. Love hanging with them in that great little town…

Liz and Diane Port Stanley

Port Stanley July long week-end

  • Lots of golf – some good rounds, some not so great, but usually a very fun time.
  • Drive-in – that was a while back, but fun!
  • Random peeps over for some backyard fun

August 2013

  • Two great summer parties – one was a neighbour’s, the other was Kiki’s annual golf and pool party. Good times!
  • A trip to Indiana golfing for my 40th birthday. It could not have been better!

Indy Golf July 2013

  • Spring trip to the house in TN and Nashville – that’s when I officially ‘had enough’ and decided to list the house for sale. Fun time down there with two awesome chicks.


  • Pre-season Lions at Browns game last week with Kikipants. Seriously a great time.

Lions at Browns August 2013

There’s been more stuff too, but I think you get the point…

So what’s the problem? I think it’s the stress that’s blocking me from looking back on the summer so far as a fail. I don’t have that ‘free and easy feeling’. My responsibilities have increased in my main job (and the pay has increased to reflect that change… but still). Another client has crawled out of the woodwork and I’m starting to work with them again this week. I worked a TON in June and feel like my efforts are not appreciated (because the stuff I set up is not really being used…) All the stuff with the house in TN has been a weight on me.

I’m not complaining… and there is still SO much awesomeness to come… it’s just that I’m feeling like I haven’t fully enjoyed myself due to the responsibilities and stress. Sometimes I just shake my head, like, ‘I do social media… I’m not curing cancer, it’s not life of death, it’s social media!’ But I really give it my all, and there are still areas I’m slacking in, and a billion things left undone… and it weighs.

I’ve also been in a bit of a funk lately. I try to focus on all the good stuff, but the stress gets in the way.



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Wow, I’m finally done reading all the items in my Google Reader. I hope not to have it get that out of control again!

So… today…. Sunday… we’re not going to MomG’s for dinner (as we most often do on Sundays), but are instead lounging about the house, hopefully ordering dinner in, watching football, and relaxing. I went to the gym this morning (cardio only, as my wrist is messed up), did a little work while watching CBS News Sunday Morning.

Here’s some facts about me, LG, that you may or may not know – prepare to be amazed! (Sarcasm)

– I love me some Pepsi.

– I love me some history. My favourite histories include, but are not limited to: English Monarchy, Russian history (like after Catherine the Great), WWII and American history. I know absolutely zero about many histories including but not limited to: Japanese, The French Revolution, the Boer Wars… I could go on and on and on. Canadian history is pretty boring for the most part, and was one of the two classes I dropped in University.

– When I was little I used to think that if you flushed the toilet, then immediately ran water in the sink, it was toilet water coming out of the tap. I still pause at times, it must be embedded in my brain.

– I HATE the words: chub, fart, and Freshie (it’s a Canadian version of Kool-Aid, not sure if it’s sold anymore). Billy hates the word genre. He thinks only snobby people use that word.

– Billy’s real name is Michael, a lot of people call him Mike. His family calls him Billy. Mostly I call him William. He calls me Liz, but he pronounces it ‘Luz’.

– My grandfather told me (and I readily believed) that the water tower in Amherstburg was filled with ice cream. My parents used to wonder why I’d beg for ice cream every time we drove by it. I’m not sure why he told me this, although he had Alzheimer’s – that might be part of it.

– I have never been to Indiana, and it’s only like 150 kms away.

– I’ve had serious issues with depression in my life, but have been Very Good for the last several years. Whew!

– The first book I ever read was Green Eggs and Ham.

– I know every word to ‘Ode to Billy Joe’, ‘The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia’, ‘Harper Valley PTA’, ‘Son of a Preacher Man’ and several others that were popular way before my time. I listened to that genre at the same time I was into heavy Alternative rock. Weird me thinks.

– I can speak and read pretty good Cereal Box French. ‘Bien Agiter!’ Meme Gout Delicieux!’

– I’ve had food poisoning from: Chicken Parmesan, a pogo dog, crab legs, and pizza. I will never again eat a pogo dog, and it took me about 10 years to eat pizza.

– As a child I took raquetball lessons, tennis lessons and golf lessons. I’ve never played in an organized soccer, softball, or hockey league.

Oh, I could go on and on with these fascinating factoids, but I wouldn’t want to put y’all to sleep.