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This Week

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Busy week here… lots of time spent staring at the computer screen, although I did “ditch” work on Monday afternoon to read a book. I couldn’t help myself and it set me back for the entire week.

Self-control LG!

Did you know that the mind/body has limits on self-control? It’s not an infinite resource within us.

I can’t remember where I read that (and I don’t have the ambition to cite it, but feel free to go ahead and look it up yourself), but the idea that we only possess so much willpower and self-control makes me feel a whole lot better! It helps explain why I’m so “done” at the end of a busy day. I work with so much focus, with self-imposed deadlines and, let’s be honest… I try to avoid working Friday – Sundays – so I pack a whole lot in. It works for me, but the balance isn’t ideal… hmmm…

Few other random thoughts:

  • The song in my head today is “Cherry Cherry” by Neil Diamond… WHY?? Help!
  • It’s Super Bowl weekend – should be fun!
  • I’m cleaning the house today.
  • I need to make a clear decision on my work future or decide at least one direction – it’s nice to have options.

Random pic:






Life is good. Peace out!


About Being Sick

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Yesterday I was out of the house for a few “old man cans” and was chatting with a guy at the bar, about the weather – a conversation requisite for all Canadians. He also mentioned that he is just getting over a bad cold and that in fact, he missed an entire week of work.

I’m certainly not doubting that he was sick, but a whole week? For a cold? 

It got me thinking (as I sometimes do…), that being sick is a lot like travelling on a plane.

Just about everyone accepts snacks and soft drinks when they’re free, but when they come at an extra cost, almost no one buys them.

If you are employed and have paid sick days, why not take advantage of them? You’d be silly not to. Even if a sick day is not paid, if you’re truly sick and can stay home, then it’s at least an option.

When you’re self-employed or have no one to do your job for you, then you really have no choice but to push through, or at least re-arrange your schedule around being sick.

Okay, probably not the most accurate or brilliant analogy… just a random thought.

Things on Thursday

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Things that annoy me (including yesterday):

  • Holes in my socks. So annoying.
  • Shank has a cut on his paw from last Sunday’s walk. He licks it… to the point where it seems to be his duty and obligation to constantly lick, like the fate of the world depends on it. There are wet spots everywhere in the house where he’s enjoyed a licking bender. I’ve bandaged it up ad nauseam. I make him stay next to me in the office so I can watch him. It’s wearing on me.
  • So many things about Facebook. It’s so annoying that Facebook for Business now messages me via messenger everytime anything happens on a boosted post or ad. I don’t have the notifications on (my phone would literally blow up), and finally yesterday I had time to delve into the settings to turn set the annoyance to a minimum (once a week as opposed to about 40 times a day). Also annoying is that businesses can lose their good message response rating by not replying after a conversation. So literally if after a conversation with a customer, and I reply, “thank you”, and they say “you’re welcome”… end of the conversation, right? But because I don’t reply after that, the rating drops. So stupid and annoying!
  • While we enjoy “the fastest Internet in Canada”, yesterday I had many connection issues in the afternoon. William has been complaining about the connection in the evenings, but I don’t notice, as I try not to be online, but yesterday it REALLY affected my productivity and anger level.
  • Being sick on Monday and doing very little has really screwed me up for the week. I have more work to do today than I normally do. Annoying.
  • I’ve been wanting to meet or speak with a client of mine for nearly two months… STILL waiting for their response or phone call. This is kind of a big thing for me! Arg.

Things I’m grateful for (including yesterday):

  • I’m grateful to have socks, but it seems that all my favourites are either without a partner or have a hole in the toe.
  • William and Shank slept on the couch last night so I could sleep without hearing and feeling Shank lick himself. William also did a bang-up job wrapping his foot.
  • I still have a bad cough, but I’m feeling less foggy and much better.
  • Discussed the Super Bowl party plans with William, it should be a good time – and the last party of the party season (which generally runs from American Thanksgiving until Super Bowl).
  • I’m grateful for the clients who either pay me early or pay me on time. Thanks.

That’s it for now, life is good.

It’s Cold

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Really the only thing on my mind this morning is the weather. How Canadian of me… and how sad that it’s really the only thing I can think about to write…

It’s cold… like record-breaking, bone-chilling, air-hurts kind of cold.

I believe it’s -2* F with an expected high of a balmy 9*F.

Kinda makes a person want to stay in. Kinda makes a person not want to venture out for any reason.

But… The greedy birds outside my office window are demanding seed. I need to go into the bank (certain things with our US account I can’t do online). I need to pick up Mr. Shank this afternoon as he’s at MomG’s.

Boo. Brr.

Life is good.

A Reminder of ‘G-Us’

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Whoa… a blog from LG? Was she hacked? Oh no, it’s me. Wiser, older, slighter fatter…

I just read a Facebook post from one of the first bloggers I ever started reading – it was a link to an post of hers from 2008 (2008? Indeed! I remember I found her by searching something like ‘punk golf clothes Canada’ – I found her blog and the rest is history) … an amazing chick from BC, who in so many ways I totally relate to. Anywho…

So it was either shut down the computer for the night, or pour (another) glass of wine, try to remember my log in and say something. Anything!

I probably ‘think’ about blogging every day. The fact is I spend way too much time online working, a lot of which is writing blogs (is that irony?).

I loved documenting my life and thoughts online. It was a good release. It was a creative outlet. I enjoyed the community. (Yes! I still miss Vox!)

So… maybe I’m back to blogging. Maybe I’m inspired once again to re-connect with my community (only 2 guys really, you know who you are…). Maybe I’m ready to become a good ‘neighbour’ (damn I miss Vox) again.

IM000362I’ll let you know how it goes.

Let’s have a pic…

There ya go… random pic from my wedding (me and my mom) – 13 odd years ago.

See ya soon. (Maybe).

Thanks for reading.

Just another Monday

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Which isn’t a bad thing.

I don’t really dread Mondays like the rest of the world seems to. I look at it is a fresh start – I don’t want to sound like a giant cheeseball, but it’s true.

I usually have a meeting on Monday – at 10am – which generally is 5 hours into my day… and today’s is an online meeting because…

– One guy is in Pennsylvannia.

– One guy is near me in Windsor, Ontario

– There’s me… I’m at home.

– One guy is in Sau Paulo, Brazil.

– And the last guy is on vacation in Thailand and won’t be in on the meeting.

I don’t think this meeting will result in a lot of work for me – the Brazilian boys don’t yet know I’m ‘taking a month off’ from that contract (well, except the the work retreat and any prep involved beforehand – creating my agenda for the meetings), So that’s a big fat YAY!

Also today (or tomorrow) – hit the bank, (nice not having to buy US dollars for a vacation for once!), get new stickers for my license plate renewal, golf, random errands (neither of us have toothpaste!), etc… ah.

Life’s good – and this next month is going to be great!

Thoughts on a Friday night

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Why? Because I’ve had a couple of drinks, I can’t stand to work anymore today and the husband is out on call.

– It’s cold. Like really cold. Not Polar Vortex cold, but Alberta Clipper cold. And windy. Like 25 mph windy with gusts up to 50mph. White-out windy.

– I have not seen the actual ground in more than 2 weeks. In fact, I think in the last 6 weeks, I’ve only seen partial bare ground for about 3 days. I will probably not see the actual ground (un-snow covered) for at least 2 more weeks. It’s cold. Did I mention it’s cold, oh, and snowy. And we live in the ‘banana belt’ of Canada. True fact. Places only 1 hour from here have already had double our snow totals and significantly colder weather (dang, looked for a clever picture or link online and found none – might have to make one up).

– Today’s high is brr with a chance of arg, I hate you!

– People! When someone (me) is going into a store from outside where it’s cold, and you (stupid) are exiting the store where it’s warm, please, please, please give the outside cold person the right of way. It’s only common sense.

– Justin Bieber and Rob Ford are both a massive embarrassment to Canada. If I had to choose between the two to have over for dinner – for sure it would be Rob Ford. Yes, he’s embarrassing as the public figure type head of the largest Canadian city, but damn, I bet he’s fun. The Bebs would just be an annoying teenager. Rob Ford would be the life of the party and I could probably sell any videos of drunken escapades for millions. Thas cool.

– Funny tweet from the city of Toronto the morning after the latest video leaked, (normally they have a pretty mainstream feed…)

Toronto ‏@Toronto Jan 21
Hey. We’re sorry about our Mayor. We have a great city. Come visit and you will see. (Bring a toque, very cold…) Thanks!

Yep, true.

This made me laugh today.

Life is good. Thanks for checking in.