QotD: If I Had a Million Dollars…

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What would you do with a million dollars?

I'd buy you a green dress, but not a real green dress, that's cruel.

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QotD: Party Perfect

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What's your idea of the perfect summer party? Is it enjoying a picnic with friends at the beach, having a BBQ your place or something else? What’s the key ingredient every party needs to be considered a success?
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I'm so happy that the question of the day has changed I thought that I would answer it.

Hm… perfect summer party… well, it would start with a golf outing, then maybe a barbecue and a pool party… hey – we have one of those perfect summer parties coming up on the 30th at Kiki's house!

Key ingredient… friends obviously…. everything else could be subbed in or out.

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QotD: Endings, not really, a bit of a rant then the week-end update

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Do you think it's true that "All good things must come to an end?"

I'm really tired of seeing this posted everyday. Is it some irony or other literary joke that I don't understand? Is this the end for Vox?

I don't know – but seeing that question everyday is grating on my nerves.

There is also a fly very interested in my coffee which is annoying me as well, but anyways…

We participated in a super fun event at Sutton Creek on Friday – it was the Couple's League Fun Night, and the theme was to celebrate Canada, as Canada Day, (July 1st you sillies) is coming up next week.

We all (well, most of us) wore red and white and decorated our carts. We played a two person format which was fun, (this pic reminds me to not have such a huge backswing, I have to keep that elbow straight!) 

and William and I scored fairly well, but everyone had to putt with hockey sticks on the par 3's – not fun. For 2 holes I had 7 putts. ARG! That screwed my good score… Here's Kiki doing her best…

et moi…

The lounge was decorated: but let's review how to decorate for a celebration of all things Canadian… Flags (of course, don't be so obvious!), hockey sticks and pictures of Team Canada, (again, rather obvious), a curling broom (okay that one was a bit out of the box), little round signs every few feet that simply read, 'eh'. (made me laugh actually)… check out the background of this pic…

Oh yes, that's our Director of Golf resolving a tie with a RPS match… of course… how else would a golfing tie be resloved?

Anyway, there were clusters of signs that read among other things Canadian… 'Canadian Geese', and 'Lacrosse'… but this was my favorite…

I don't think the 'Beavers' needed the apostrophe… but now you know Canadians are not always grammatically correct. I walked around for serveral hours thinking, 'beavers and moose… beavers and moose'… kinda like the 'kibbles and bits' commercial.  

For dinner our options were a buffalo burger (yes, real buffalo… there's a flock of them, or whatever a group of buffalo are called… raised about 5 minutes from the Creek.) with Canadian bacon served on Ciabatta bread, (not sure how that is Canadian, but whatever, it was good) or the choice of maple glazed salmon – very good and very Canadian.

They gave away prizes not for golf so much, but for best decorated cart, and best dressed male and female. Kiki's husband Jim won best dressed for the men, and I'm certain it was in part because of the headband I gave him! I was so proud to be a part of his win… Ooohhh… gun show!

William looked pretty good, as did our cart, but we didn't win…

Friday night was a good time, as per usual. I must say Friday was simply a wonderful day, as it started with William calling me from work asking me to buy a mini season ticket package for the CLEVELAND BROWNS!!!

Yes folks, spoiled me, I shall be at 4 games this year! Lucky me – wow! Woo hoo! And yes, I can wait… there are so many good things going on I hope football season takes a deliciously long time to arrive.

Did I mention life is good?

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QotD: Email Etiquette

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What is good email/text manners? How long can you wait before you start to get impatient about getting a reply? How often do you check your mail box and how often do you expect others to do so?
Submitted by Alexandra.

What are good email manners?

When emailing someone, I always try to reply promptly – if I'm being asking something I'm not sure of, (ex. are you and your husband able to over for dinner? or, How much is this event going to cost?) I tell the person via email that a) I don't know the answer, b) I will find out the answer, and c) I should be able to get back to them with the answer and give them a time frame that I will reply.

How long can you wait before you start to get impatient about getting a reply?

If someone tells me that they will respond at a certain time and they don't, then I start to get impatient. It especially can piss me off when I know they check their email several times a day. Last week I replied to an email from a friend who mentioned that maybe we could do lunch soon – I replied, to let me know what day is good next week…. and I never heard back… that was more than a week ago… so I guess good manners would include being sincere in general.

How often do you check your mail box and how often do you expect others to do so?

I check my email anywhere from one to three times a day – more if I'm expecting something via email. I think expectations of other people's email habits vary… I wouldn't expect the 86 year old lady from our golf course to check her email everyday (although she does), but I would expect the person with an office job to check it several times daily. When I know that someone gets all their email instantly, (via the death grip on their handheld device, and yes I realize that sometimes, some people need the immediacy…) and I know that they have poor etiquette and will check their email and texts anywhere, with anyone, then I expect an immediate reply if indeed my email requires an answer… it's a vicious circle of bad behavior… If I knew they only occasionally checked for new messages, I wouldn't expect an immediate response… and so the circle goes… 

What are good text manners?

This is one thing that really pisses me off, as much as I can get pissed off, as I'm a pretty mellow (though slightly anal retentive) person. Texting in a social situation is not acceptable to me at all. It's so incredibly rude.

Recently we had someone over and we were in a conversation, then he began texting in the middle of our conversation! He glanced up to me a few times and asked, 'what? what?'. After a long pause (which he never noticed) I told him to look at me and concentrate on what I was saying. He still didn't get it.

I think proper etiquette with regard to texting in a social situation is to either a) inform all potential texters that you are unavailable for the duration of your event or b) inform your friends that you are not able to meet with them because you are too busy texting.

When you text in a social situation, you are telling the people you're with that they are not as important, (live, in person) as the person on the other end of their hand held mobile device. It's completely insulting. I have no idea how the person texting doesn't realize that in a social situation, it is not appropriate.

It's funny though - again, if I know they have poor etiquette, I expect a response… promoting their bad behavior… I would rather get a delayed response from someone than have them text or reply to emails in front of me, anyday.

Curmudgeon LG  

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QotD: If at first you don’t succeed…

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What was the last thing you tried hard at, but failed anyway?

Getting the coin on the World 2-5 on Mario World for Nintendo DS.  Fail Fail Fail! I can't figure how to get to it!

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QotD: The Worst Book Ever

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What's the worst book you've ever read?

Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie.

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QotD: NFL Check-in

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It's Week 12 of the NFL season. How's your team faring? 

Not so great, but thanks for asking, Vox.  

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