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Pop thought

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The snow  flakes are just like my ass; big, fat, white, slow-moving and quickly accumulating.

Pop thoughts #5

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“Goat – Busters! I ain’t afraid of no goats!”

Pop thought #4

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“Ahh, cold side of the pillow – is it pronounced pill-low, or pell-low? Ah! Too cold! Too cold! Ahh, warm side of the pillow…”

Pop thoughts 1, 2 & 3

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#1: “Well, you’re about as much f’ing fun as a bucket of dead sparrows!”

#2: “Who put a f’ing pumpkin on my porch? Oh, that’s not a pumpkin, it’s a leaf, f’ing leaf.”

#3: “Is that my f’ing nipple? What the f is it doing way over there? That’s not a nipple – thank God, it’s a chunk of breadstick. I’m the f’ing Princess and the Pea, nipple style.”


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Every day I have weird thoughts that pop into my head. I’m certain that everyone does… the weird thing is that my completely spontaneous thoughts often include swearing.

I don’t really swear a lot. It’s not how I was raised and it’s fairly unladylike… not that I really care about that.. it’s just not my style. BUT, my thoughts – that’s another matter!

Sometimes I catch these fleeting thoughts and think, ‘sheesh! That’s harsh!’ or ‘where did that come from?’

I think because I’m in a bloggy funk I’ll try to remember these little gems and blog them under the title: Pop thoughts.

I’ll warn you, the language is usually bad!