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Friday was the 'Hawaiian Night' for the couples' league. We don't play in the couple's league as it's often too hard (especially this summer with William's crazy work schedule) to make it to the course on a Friday afternoon. The league has 3 or 4 themed events in a season and all are welcome to play (actually anyone can play in the league as well – just have to make a tee time…).

The Hawaiian theme was also featured last year, and was a total blast – so of course I wanted to play. Everyone decorates their carts, and most adorn themselves in rather tacky fashions.

I had an idea for our cart since last year… I'm not usually one to go halfway with these things – and I didn't this year either.

Our cart was a mobile Tiki Bar. How fun!

We flipped up at a right angle the wind guard and taped it to make the 'bar'. We had tiki torches, grass roof (although it kept blowing everywhere) drinks with little umbrellas, tiki napkins, a tray, several bar signs, and a stool. It was tricked out!

The funny, or odd, or something, I'm not sure what the right word is… is some people were coming over to the cart to ooh and ahh, having a good laugh, sitting on the stool and ordering a drink, and others (who also decorated their cart by the way) were looking at the cart and me like I'm such a loser. Someone even told me that I need to get a job (translated into 'get a life'?). Were they jealous of our super awesome award winning cart? No, it's a freaking decorated cart – who could be jealous of that? I think that some people judge so easily… it's okay for them to spend 10 minutes of their cart, but not acceptable for me to spend 25 minutes on mine… hmm… I only spent $12 on the cart stuff – we had the torches, flowers and most of the grass from last year – I had to buy the napkins and the bamboo – which I'll use as stakes in the garden.  

While I was doing up the cart, I was just wearing regular clothes and a hat – I didn't want to get my 'Hawaiian' outfit dirty and as soon as I was finished I ran up to the locker room to change – then the comments really started… why? Because I was showing (gasp!) cleavage. 

Part of the fun of these themed events is that you don't have to wear 'golf clothes'. I had this dress that I bought specifically to wear in Hawaii (it was $10…) and never did – now it's just too short, so I wore it as a shirt… I'm not exactly a 'small girl' – so yes I have boobs, which are usually packed into a sports bar for golf… there were some funny comments, 'are those new?' and that kind of thing… a couple of the guys want my to 'lei' them… how lame, but still all in fun… but there were some biting comments, 'that doesn't have a collar', 'I was just telling my friend here that I didn't recognize you, because you actually look pretty…' Nice.

 (Also note: fellow golfers never see me with my hair down, in fact, rarely without a hat – so yes, between the boobs and hair I got some double takes, which was nice, but really…) Kiki was looking pretty cute too!

Billy and I were waiting for Kiks and Jim to find a lost ball, so on the 4th fairway we got out the stool (it was bungee-corded to the back) and had a little drink! – We later picked up a stray plastic chair – so we had a bar and a patio – brilliant!

Good thing these mean people don't matter in my life! William, Kiks, Jim and I had a great time on the course – a ton of laughs and a challenging 'wife swap' format. There was a fund raiser for the pull cart and free jello shots. We all golfed pretty good, but more importantly, we had a ripping great time and ended the night around a fire at the patio.

Awesome – even with the mcmorons.   

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#22, whew and random

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Last night after golf our little book club met to discuss the latest selection. It was my choice, 'Rush Home Road' by Lori Lansens. It was a re-read for me, but I'm going to count it in the 50 books in 365 days challenge, as I've noticed some people include books on tape! So there.

I was quite relieved that everyone liked it. In fact, it seemed that everyone loved it. Whew! It would suck mightily to have chosen a book that no one liked. Pass


Golf last night was quite fun, and it seems that I got my groove back… I lost it for just over a week… I shot 6 over on the front, and it easily could have been better, but my putting was offensively offensive. What did I do to get my groove back? I say things to myself like, 'hey mcmoron, keep your head down!' and 'easy on the backswing shooter'. It helped, although I could probably do without the name calling.

There are some great events coming up: Mixed couples invitational, ladies 9 hole invitational, and the Crime Stoppers tournament. I seriously need to start practising again – it makes a difference for me.


I had some really weird and random dreams last night.

– I was married to Tiger Woods, I recall debating if I should tell him I loved him. I didn't because I found out at the airport that he was cheating on me. Surprise surprise.  

– I was hanging out with Harry Potter who actually was evil, and had the dark ability to be in two places at once with a special camera.

– I used a very public bathroom. I was trying to get used to seeing people walk by, and accustomed to having conversations (with mostly golfers I know) while using the bathroom. Gross! I hate bathroom dreams!


I love hummingbirds. Those little guys are so fast. Totally the ninjas of the wing'ed world. I snapped some pics in sport mode, and still the camera was not fast enough to capture the wings still…




I just came across this pic of poochy in the back seat of our car. I took her to the lake between rain storms on Saturday and the adventure was pretty much an epic fail. It was hot and she wouldn't go near the water, she was covered in flies, and the car ended up a disaster…

What a classy pose! What grace! How photogenic is she… Poochy needs to get back on the diet!

I took a few pics of the beach on Lake Erie at Hillman Marsh… there was so much rain it was raging out of the marsh! Crazy weather.



I think I'm going to take some pictures out in the yard today… also on the agenda? Water indoor plants, some cleaning (I've been quite neglectful this summer), a little yard work, post a bit of my Grandfather's story, kill some spiders (I can see two from where I'm currently sitting), pick up poochy, hit the hardware store, buy Pepsi for William, and perhaps attend a very stressful and obnoxious meeting this evening.


Life is good

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Random pics

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I want to post some pics and even a couple of videos… we'll see how agreeable Vox is today…

Two gorgeous boys… New Year's Eve (but during the day, really) They one day will probably be mortified that their mom made them wearing matching outfits, but they are darned cute!

Parents of said gorgeous boys… I'm not sure what look KT was going for… 

I love this pic of William… and I love his Canadian Olympic shirt…

Play off Saturday at Kiks and Jim's… William and Jim make great companions… Jim just had another surgery… oh the dangeous lives of elevator mechanics!

One of the cutest dogs ever – Simba

Franken-fingers… please note the stitches holding the blacken fingernail in place… it was used to 'give the finger shape' and is not long for this world… EW!

WORST! STORY! EVER! TOLD! Sorry Kiks, but it was bad…

Jim made me and Kiks a chunky shot… gross!

Life is good!

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