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It's Friday, and the week flew by.

Yesterday I painted the ceiling, doors and trim of our office. So far, so good. We're trying a colour in here first to see if we like it enough to continue it throughout our house. There is one, possibly 2 more colours we'd like to try, we'll see how this colour works out. It goes on tomorrow while Billy is taking his mom out to test drive some Fords… I hope she buys the Edge and gives it to me, (just kidding, really I have a practically brand new Fusion… but those Edges are pretty sweet….)

Today I cleaned the house, which worked out great because:

1) I would have wanted to paint otherwise, and it's better if the trim and ceiling sit for an extra day before I tape everything up…

2) Billy is having the guys over tonight.

3) I think our camping friends are coming over tomorrow, as we're all going out to dinner for JB's birthday, can't wait, should be fun!

So, good to have a clean house.

Tonight I'm having dinner with Billy, Davey and BW. I'm going to have a couple of drinks then meander over to my mom's house and stay the night. I may try to sneak home later as we have the TV in our bedroom now to A) keep me entertained and B) block out the noisy boys. We'll see, did I mention that my mom has not turned her heat on upstairs yet? Did I mention that is supposed to be 12*F tonight? Yeah, I might sneak home…

It should be a great week-end!


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I noticed that I haven't posted anything for 3 days. How unlike me! Oh, where to begin…

1) I feel better, thank god

2) I've read 5 books already this year, that's what I might have been doing

3) I had a little visit with a resident of 'Crazy Town' on the week-end

4) The surprise birthday party went really well on Saturday night. It was a good time, and required an hour phone conversation a day later to recap the highlights

5) I can't believe that Indy lost. Poor Payton!

6) Dear Payton Manning,

See what happens when you don't try your hardest in the last week of regular play? I warned you! Maybe if you had a good game (and not looked so happy about the backup quarterback playing instead of you…) against Tennessee two weeks ago, you wouldn't be in that 'losing' frame of mind, and you would have beat San Diego on Sunday! Not to mention if you beat Tennessee, then Cleveland would be in the play-offs…. Are you consoling yourself knowing you won last year? Because your little brother is in the quarter finals? (That's what my husband thought…) I think you'd rather be playing on Sunday… So next year, play your hardest every game!

7) 2 kids slept over on Friday night. Myles and his friend. MacNZ went home at 1am (wasn't feeling well) and Jake ended up staying in Essex at a friend's house. I picked them up at the dance at 10, and although MacNZ warned me that there is a lot of traffic, there was a cop directing traffic! Over 200 kids attend this dance every month! Crazy!

8) I hope to make wonton soup this week

9) It's 9:17am, and I'm hungry

10) That's all folks!

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I'm feeling better, and looking forward to the week-end.

The kids (at least 2 of them) are sleeping over tonight. Actually we're getting off pretty easy because I'm picking them up from a dance at 10pm. Makes my evening easier…

Tomorrow night we are going to a surprise birthday party, which should be great, BUT, of course someone I try to avoid will be there. The problem is, you never know which version of her you're going to get! Sometimes normal, sometimes gushy, sometimes uber bitch faced…. you just never know. It keeps me on my toes I guess… there will be lots of people there to keep her away from me…

I'm grateful for feeling better today and to my husband who takes great care of me when I'm sick.

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