Adventure! Travel! Intrigue and a rant

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I wasn’t going to post anything today, but I’m logged in, so I thought what the hay…

We’ve booked a trip – yay! In mid April we’re flying into Vegas and heading to northern Nevada, ‘Mesquite’ to be exact for a week long golfing adventure! We have tee times already booked at 4 courses in the Mesquite area and 2 in the St. George, Utah area. St. George was originally our destination, but it appears the courses are a little nice in the Mesquite area, the hotel newer (and less expensive), plus there are a few (cough, low rent) casinos and a country music bar with live performances. Right up my alley (oh, there’s a bowling alley too, but that’s not on the list of things to do). Woo hoo!

One day we’re going to check out Zion National Park – yay! Utah is one of my mom’s favourite places in the world, so she’s excited for us (and has been dropping hints for years that we should go there…)

The golf looks amazing and I really think William will like it better than Arizona..

(I found these images on Google, please don’t sue me for using them, thanks!)





Um yeah…. pretty nice! It’s going to be great!

So the rant part…. it’s still freaking cold. Yesterday I went to the gym and it was -2F with a wind chill of -23*F. It’s been like this for weeks now, however, it’s supposed to reach the freezing mark this week-end and it’ll be a welcomed relief! Today’s gym adventure was a balmy 11*F and my car was actually warm by the time I reached the gym.

The thing is… average high for this time of year should be right around the freezing mark. It hasn’t even been close in weeks! That’s like us having weeks of 50* weather in July – when it should be 80*ish. Boo!

Also annoying is everyone complaining about the weather and the snow – oh and the snow! More to come tonight! We have 4 foot drifts in the space I walk to my mom’s every morning with the dogs. I’m annoying myself just by writing about it. I hate myself! Haha!

SuperBowl party this week-end and it’s going to be super! I think we’ll have around 15 peeps over – crazy!

Life is good – cheers!

Last post was Sept 19th?

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Oh well!

I was logged into WordPress, as I just commented on GOM’s recent post, so I thought I’d write something myself.

1. Hawaii was great. It was a nice long vacation – lots of adventure and memories. I have some great pics, but no patience to publish them now.

2. Cleveland. We were home from Hawaii for 4 days and ventured to Cleveland to watch them lose. Great time, but ugh!

2.1 Florida. I again drove a car down to Florida for a couple who lives there in the winter. I rented a car an ventured solo to Key West. Good times, my kind of town. It was then I realized that I need to be at least 1,000 miles away from Cleveland in order for Cleveland to win. I’m a huge jinx, as proven by their loss this last Sunday.

3. Life. After doing so much prep work to be gone for so long (I have never been so busy and stressed!) life has returned to somewhat normal. There’s always odd jobs that pop up and require a lot of focused attention, but that’s often the nature of what I do. Plus I have a new client and am still helping someone out for funsies.

4. Upcoming. We’re going to Cleveland this week-end. The game kinda doesn’t mean much other than bragging rights after last week’s loss to Cinci, but William’s cousin and his cousin’s girlfriend are coming with us, so it should be fun nonetheless. Next week is our annual American Thanksgiving party – should be a good time.

5. Now. I’m up waaay to early thinking I had a lot to do online (and there’s always 1,239 things I could be doing, however) but I really don’t have anything urgent, and it’s too dark to start cleaning the house in preparation for the party – I ‘fall clean’ the house this time of the year, so I can cruise through the holidays without worrying about the house.

6. Smart girl. I’m working now to avoid missing out on Spring/Summer of Liz 2014 by doing prep work and submitting proposals to my existing clients (ugh… more money!), I seriously hope my efforts are not in vain!

In summation. Since my last post, life has involved a ton of travel, memories and work. It’s all good, awesome in fact, but normal is also good.

Still here, a new year and etc.

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Wow, I’ve really missed posting about a lot of going ons!

I’ll try to be brief…

Hawaii – For Kiki’s 50th birthday, her husband is taking her to Hawaii! And guess who is also going? That’s right – us! Woo hoo! The adventure begins in mid September with a night in San Diego, then hopping on a cruise ship for 11 nights, then staying 4 nights in Waikiki Beach. Hence the….

Gym – Been putting in the effort for more than a month now – went to the gym 21 times in December, and twice this month (hey, it’s only the 4th!). I’m feeling better, stronger, but am slightly disappointed in my weight loss – only not becoming completely discouraged as it was just the holiday season, and in December I still managed to lose 3% of my body weight.  Which leads me into…

Resolutions – Obviously loss weight and become a supermodel (okay, not really) – but the ultimate goal is to feel comfortable in a bikini. It can be done! It will be done! I’ve vacationed fat and I’ve vacationed thin, and thin is waaaay better. So there. My goal is to lose 16% of my starting weight while getting toned.

I also want to make a bit more money this year, like 5% more than last year. It will involve me picking up a new little social media contract – have to get working on that! We also need to pay down some debt (and now with Hawaii thrown in the mix…), but our savings is still a good amount monthly.

Recent things:

For Kiki’s 50th birthday we went to Cleveland – it turned out great – had a fab time!

Christmas was great – super busy but great. More than a week straight of get togethers. A LOT of cleaning the house. The way the holidays fell this year, I felt like I was doing major housework 3 times a week! Anywho… I received a bunch of ‘prettying up’ kind of things – good shampoos, hair cut gift certificate, body sprays, perfumes and the like – perfect!

New Year’s Eve was a hoot. We had 11 people over for dinner, and a few other friends popped by around midnight. It was a great time.

Since American Thanksgiving, we’ve had close to 50 people over for dinner! Always a great time, but I’m really glad that is over with! A lot of time spent cleaning the house. A lot of time spent thinking about food and worrying about ‘if everyone is okay’. Not much going on (except our date nights!) until Superbowl. Whew!

Work is good, not a whole lot of extras happening right now, though somedays I can’t bear to look at the computer for another second (hence lack of blogging and WAY behind reading and commenting on other blogs). Life is fast, fun, busy at times, but generally very very good.

Cheers to you all!

1,200th post

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Well, well, well.

Good day so far (it’s 3:30 pm), let’s review.

– Awake at 2:30 (okay that was not good)

– To the gym and back by 7:15 am (and yes that included a work out!)

– Dogs fed and out, house straightened, coffee with my mom, and the only real work thing I had to do today done (and it only took my 1/2 an hour – I thought it was going to take over an hour) before 9am.

– Read all items on my Google reader and even did a movie quiz by 10am

– Walked the dogs for an hour, grabbed a couple of things for my girls get together tonight, and had lunch by 12:30

– Read a bit of the epic ginormous ‘Winter of the World’, had a nap and dreamed that our house was robbed and the guy was still in our house. I talked to him and he felt entitled to steal from us as he considered us one of the bad guys. Woke up because my mom was calling for advice on de-clawing her new cat – by 3 pm.

– Just checked in on a few social media sites for work – I’m now satisfied that I’m done ‘work’ for the day.

Pretty good day.

Tonight some of us girls are getting together at TOL’s – it’s been a while and I think that one of my friends is bursting with absurd stories, so I’m really looking forward to that. Until then, I think I’m going to read a bit more, scrounge up something else to eat, and hang out with the pooches.

Yep, life is good.


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Normally I start my day on the computer around 7:30am. Then I venture next door with the dogs for coffee (they don’t have coffee). At 8:30, I’m back on the computer, floating around social media, starting on my do-to lists (like today I’m sending out a press release, adding some edits to a new eBook, check in on Twitter, send out a few emails, read some business articles, etc.).

It’s hard for me to skip this step and blog instead. Seriously everyday I have the intention to blog, but after spending the entire morning on the computer, I lose my ambition. Also, I like to read all my unread blogs in Google Reader before blogging – but I think ignoring my to-do list is the only way I can get back to regular blogging!

So, anyway… I flew to Florida last Monday, arriving at the airport 2.5 hours before my flight out of Detroit (you never know what’s going to happen at the border, as it happens, William and I were the first in line and the border guard sent us right through). Checking in (I couldn’t get the pass on my phone) I discovered my flight was delayed by 2 hours (the delay was announced between the time I left for and arrived at the airport – ugh!). Super.

Around 5:30 the next morning I left Fort Myers heading home. I hoped to stop just inside KY – as it turns out, when I booked my hotel on Priceline, I was well inside KY. It turned out to be a 14 hour drive as I came into huge storms, construction and bad car accidents. Super! I had a crappy dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, and a king can of Bud in my room.

I dropped off the car and was picked up by William, finally arriving home around 2pm Wednesday. I had a quick nap (very necessary) and did some work around the house.

Thursday, TOL, Nic and a few others and myself went to the Tigers home opener. I am so not a baseball fan, but I do like a good party – and the home opener did not disappoint!

Downtown D was crazy, (as was my smile!) TOL, Nic and I finished the cold day (afternoon and part of the evening!) in our hot tub… ahhh.

Friday I busted my butt cleaning the house in preparation for our Essex County Masters Champions Dinner (4 guys plus me). Our first golf tournament participants arrived at our house at 8:30 am Saturday, for Bloody Mary cocktail hour – then golf. Then party back at our house.

It was a pretty good party – lots of laughs, and some good memories! I hope to update the Essex County Masters website soon. It’s kind of funny because it’s a small tourney, but we go all out being ‘serious’ about certain aspects of it. I think everyone had a good time.

Like this: 

William and Nick laughing at Kikipants… 

Who did a full header into the corn hole board, and yes, she’s wearing a tail.

Yeah, that kind of thing makes life good.


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Well, hello there.

Well, my time working at my part time, minimum wage jobby is done! Over! I know I was only there (from July on) for two days a week, but let me tell you – those 2 days made a huge difference!

I’ve been done for almost 2 weeks now and it feels like – freedom. Ahh. It’s such a luxury knowing if I don’t get something done around the house today, I can always do it tomorrow. Ahh. Nice.

So fall is in full swing. Football is on weekly and the season is actually half over! (ugh, the Browns), golf is pretty much done, and it’s hard for me to believe that we’re going to Arizona in about a month from now! Crazy! Before we know it, it will be American Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, shopping, wrapping, decorating, eating, drinking and all that fun.

Boy, time flies.

I hope that with my new schedule that I can blog more. I blog in my head a lot, but now I have more time to type out my thoughts. Watch out! Plus, no more odd pictures – I have discovered I can make those posts private, and still have the picture available on the other website. Whew!


Of late

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The last few weeks have been weird to say the least!

Two weeks ago I got a phone call at 9:30 at night that a tree had fallen on our house in Tennessee. Great, just what we needed! I made the decision that the process of a claim would go a lot faster if I was there – so I left ay 8am the next morning.

Lucky (or not, really) the tree didn’t do that much damage. It landed where the roof meets the lattice which was built on 4 X 4 posts. The lattice saved a lot of damage, and although parts of the roof, eaves, and soffits were damaged, it did not affect the inside of the house – whew! I wouldn’t have minded if the damage was worse as we were (are) planning on a totally new roof this fall and the extra insurance money would have helped that cause.  Oh well, something is better than nothing.

I had a huge problem with the insurance adjuster not calling me. One day turned into 5 and I still hadn’t heard anything from them and was getting a little frustrated waiting around the house! I finally got it all settled, the hole tarped up, the tree removed and the clean up done.

Luckily (or not) I had company.

On the Saturday night I ventured to Mitch’s Restaurant and Lounge to watch the Michigan = Notre Dame (that translates into ‘Our Lady’ by the way, haha!)game, and when I left I found a puppy. An adorable, skinny, sweet puppy. It became apparent by the next morning that he was ‘dropped off’.

What to do, what to do… Can’t leave him there – their ‘Humane’ Society is so overwhelmed there that they don’t even try to adopt the dogs out – so that wasn’t an option. I don’t know enough people there to try to find him a good home. (Although I did meet some awesome dog parents, but they couldn’t take him in). I pretty much made the decision right away that he was coming home with me. I named him ‘Shank’.

We can’t keep him. So sad, because we absolutely love him, and our dog Halia is really warming up to him.

With Halia’s recovery going well from her tearing of the ligaments in both her rear legs last year, we can’t risk her hurting herself again playing with Shank like she does.

He is such an awesome puppy. I’m really going to work on getting him a good home when we get back from Cleveland this week-end. More about ‘Shank’ later.

Yes! This week-end is the Cleveland – Miami game! Woo hoo! It’s going to be great! (MomG has Halia and MomM has Shank) There are 2 parties plus dinner on Saturday, then tailgating (with our Browns Backers group) before the game. Can’t wait for the game! Go Browns! It’s going to be awesome.

Well, more later! Life is good.