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Just another day in paradise

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Oh, it’s just lovely outside. Blowing snow and a wind chill of 26*F. It’s significantly below average. Boo. Brr.

Dear March,

You Suck!



This time last year, it was significantly above average – I think I had golfed twice already by now (outside, on a real course) and had several days of yard work done. Boo. No walk for the dogs today. Boo.

April 2012 006


Pic from golfing last March. The sign on the far side of the pond says ‘no swimming’ then there’s a life preserver on this side of the pond in case you felt like a dip, but can’t swim and didn’t see the sign I guess….

I do have a mountain of laundry to do, and some computer work. I find myself again preparing to head south for a few days. Some work to do as there are always extra things I do only at the end/beginning of each month. I’m flying into Fort Myers Florida on Sunday, and making my home by car beginning Monday. I’m going to take a detour to our house in TN for a few days to do some yard work, maybe meet up with a friend, and possibly golf a round (with not my clubs, but that’s okay).

I’m not super busy at work as I mentioned recently, but I might be in a week or two. We’ll see.

We had a great week-end. Prime rib on Friday night, had a friend over and watched a movie. Saturday night we had a date night – out! Woo hoo! We went and saw a movie, (Olympus Has Fallen – so bad it was funny), a few drinks at Moxie’s (we know some of the wait staff there from our golf course), had a great dinner at The Keg, and back home for some hot tub time. Yesterday we just lounged about, I read a bit, and watched another movie. Nice!

That’s about it!

Life’s good.

Just a little update

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December already – sheesh!

American Thanksgiving was great and due to a last minute push on my end, the house was actually cleaned and ready to be seen. The party was kind of a bit of a drunk fest compared to other years – our friends really let loose and I think most had a great time.

Whew!Thanksgiving 2012

Some girl peeps and me – my hair really looks brassy, and my thumb looks weird… hmmm.

William’s cousin and girlfriend were here last week-end for an overnight visit – fun! We played cornhole (it was like 55* outside), shuffleboard, darts, and went in the hot tub. Nice, but much mellower than our Thanksgiving party!

Lots of socializing fun coming up – 4 nights out this week, including Kiki’s 50th birthday party. Woot woot! The week after we only have 1 thing going on, then Kiks and I are for a week-end shopping in the states and hanging out with our Browns Backers in Troy MI on Sunday. Should be funs! Busy, busy.

Work is pretty good right now. Not a lot of extras going on – just the usual. Kind of nice! I actually have a work Christmas party – that hasn’t happened for me since like 2007 – it’ll only be 5 of us, but still!

Hm… so what else…

– Last week was chocked full of work related ups and downs. I did an awesome thing, surrounded by 2 very bad things (I hate dealing with domains!) Luckily, no one really knows exactly what I do, and it ended up only costing $5 to fix my fudge. Whew.

– I just picked up the behemoth ‘Winter of the World’ by Ken Follett. I’ve got 2 weeks to read that monster, so I’m starting in a few minutes.

– There must be a rogue onion in the house (I suspect it’s a remnant from last night’s delicious Szechuan chicken) and it’s completely stinking the place up! I can’t find it (no, it’s not in the garbage, because I compost it, and it’s already outside). Annoying!

– I’m back at the gym, after a short 6 year break. I’ve got to do something, I’m feeling gooey. Luckily I can put the membership on hold during the summer when I’m certain to be spending time golfing if I’m not using it, or finding the time to use it. The dogs don’t like me going to the gym, as it means fewer walks for them.

– I have GOT to get started on Christmas! Shopping, cards, decorating – you name it – it still has yet to be started! Ack!

So in summation – life is good, the house stinks, ACK = Christmas, fun fun fun, a little work, and some reading.

Observations in a theatre

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Last night I took my niece and 2 of her friends to the opening night of the Twilight series, ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1’.

This is not a movie that I wanted to see in the theatre. We don’t go to the show often, so when we do it’s usually a ‘big’ movie (with the recent exception of ‘Puss in Boots’!).

I would like to note that the movie started at 10pm, not midnight. Taking the girls to a midnight showing would have been pushing it a bit.


1) I noticed a lot more boys/men in the audience for this movie. So either there are a lot of male closet die hard fans, or there are a lot of men hoping to either meet a girl, or please their girl.

2) I don’t want to be… rude, however, there were a lot of late teen/early 20’s women in attendance who are significantly overweight. A lot of those women I saw in the popcorn line buying nachos, pizza, hot dogs and more. It was a 10pm showing – didn’t they have dinner first? Were they eating their feelings of love for either Jacob or Edward? I don’t know, but it was really noticeable.

3) Spoiler alert (as if you care – or didn’t already read the book, haha) – Bella marries Edward. Bella gets pregnant on the honeymoon with a crazy fast growing life sucking potential monster. Bella is 18. Edward is like 94. I’m not at all a supporter of the following:

– anyone getting married at the age of 18 (and all that goes with that – not going to college, not experiencing life at all, although Bella had many run ins with the undead attempting to end her life, but still!)

– a girl marrying her first ever boyfriend

– a girl marrying a guy who is dead, or a vampire.

I know the motives of the author, she wanted her character to have a baby and all the drama that ensues. The author, as a devout Mormon, and could not possibly write about a woman having premarital relations – ergo a marriage at 18. Apparently the author is cool with:

– a woman/girl marrying at the age of 18, who hasn’t experienced life at all, (see above) pretty much marrying JUST because they are horny.

– a woman/girl marrying a dead guy/vampire, and hanging out with his murderous (at one time they all did) family.

– a woman planning on dying (suicide?) to attain immortality.

I mean c’mon Stephanie Meyer! It’s fiction! You can’t push the limit on one issue and yet completely disregard other sins.


Anyway – a highlight for me (aside from sitting next to a rather large male Twilight fan who probably hadn’t washed his hair in more than a week, who sat for 2 hours airing his junk, forcing me to cosy up to the theatre wall) was in the first 5 seconds of the movie when an upset Jacob ripped off his shirt and the theatre crowd when wild! Too funny.

So this was facebook status this morning: At the theatre watching Breaking Dawn last night wasn’t as crazy as I thought. I laughed pretty hard when about 5 seconds into the movie Jacob ripped off his shirt and the crowd went WILD. Ah, to be a teenage girl again!

My completely unsocialized uber Christian cousin wrote: As a teenager you ripped your shirt off in front of a movie crowd and they went wild?

Wha? Huh? Whatever.

He’s a pic my cousin would also not understand, he never once imbibing in his 30 something odd years (even refusing icing for carrot pudding as it had a speck of rum in it…)

4 varieties of Keith’s? Strongbow? Canadian? I don’t see how this week-end can’t be awesome!


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While my normal Sunday generally consists of watch CBS news Sunday morning, having a big breakfast made by William (preferably bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato on cheese bagel), watching FOX NFL pre-game, whatever football game on a 1pm (and usually flipping back and forth between FOX and CBS), then going to MomG’s for dinner where we watch more football – today instead I’m going golfing with Kikipants. Can’t get the Cleveland game in anyway… Could have been at this game – My friend Nic won a draw in Cleveland when we were there in September, she had her choice of prizes and picked a signed Joe Thomas framed thingy, but could have picked 2 tickets for today. I’m happy with her choice… 😉

It’s supposed to be around 60* today, but windy. There is supposed to be a significant drop in temperature coming tomorrow, so I feel I have to take advantage of this last bit of good weather and hit some balls.

Other going ons:

I can’t believe we leave for Phoenix in a month! Crazy!

We went to see Puss in Boots last night – it was great. Also of note, we weren’t the only adults in the theatre without kids. Ha! Some poor kids forgot their Kitty Softpaws figure, so now we Puss and Kitty figures residing in the bowl of black sand and white shells appropriately overseeing kitchen activities.

We ate (way too much) at the Keg. It was a fab night out.

I have tickets already bought for first showing of  Breaking Dawn on Thursday night. I’m taking my niece and 2 of her friends. Should be interesting.

Life is good.


It’s official

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I’m bored.

I bet some of you out there would love to be bored with nothing to do. Mostly I appreciate the lovely feeling of being able to spend some leisure time surfing the web, playing a game or reading. Today, however, I just feel like I should be ‘doing’ something.

I guess there are some things I could do. I could clean out the spice cupboard with its nearly constant layer of salt on the bottom shelf. I suppose I could clean out the car being as it’s above freezing, but not by much – that’s a cold job. I could scan in some memorabilia that I have as I do plan to create a photo book (not scrap-book, professionally printed). God knows I could be looking for a job or at least a jobby (hobby + job).

Today already I’ve stood in front of the bookshelf, looking for something to toss/donate/organize. Nothing. I’ve wandered into our closet thinking I’ll take out some clothes to donate. I only found three shirts, certainly not worth it. I’ve read the free local rather crappy weekly newspaper. I’ve made calls and been online preparing to pay for our Tennessee taxes and property owner fees. I’ve lurked on Facebook and checked Google Reader for all unread blogs. I’ve looked in other people’s comments for bloggers to add (still missing some from Vox closing…). I’ve played around in PowerPoint realizing that you can’t upload scanned pictures in directly and learned how to use Microsoft Office 2010 Tools -click on- Clip art -click on- Get Pictures -click on- From Scanner or Camera. Seriously annoying. Our 2007 version of Publisher still has the direct feature, but the laptop doesn’t have Publisher.


I’m bored, which makes me want to find some delicious to eat in the kitchen. Not today though, I’m meeting KT for lunch (where I will be able to purge my collection of 2010 house bills, credit card statements and random Tennessee bills dating back to 2006), and pick up some Tennessee House directions/things to do/pictures book and keys that went MIA in the possession of PF over the last 5 years. Maybe I’ll think about updating the Tennessee book utilizing PF’s fabulously better than ours printer. I could work out. Ha! Actually I’m quite concerned about my knee and am seeing my doctor this week…

The book I’m reading is ‘meh’. There is nothing for me on the DVR. I’ve already plucked my eyebrows. The house is rather clean (I suppose I could make some ice).

Don’t get me wrong. Life is good, just a little slow.


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It was a gorgeous day yesterday. Low humidity, blue skies and temps in the 70's. Oh, hey, a perfect day for golf, whatdoyaknow…

I had a match yesterday. Sutton has season long elimination events for men, women, couples, ladies and men's doubles, and yesterday I played in my first singles match play, (it's based on number of holes won, KT thinks I'm speaking Japanese I'm sure…).  

It's a little funny because the lady I played against (neither of us are very competitive, so it was felt just like golfing together) was my 6th grade teacher. She's really nice – since 'meeting' her at Sutton I've been to her house a couple of times, but it still occasionally strikes me as… weird.

I certainly brought my A game out yesterday – which is probably a D+ game for a 'good' golfer, but good for me… I had to give her 21 strokes, and that's a tough row to hoe… after 5 holes I was at even par, and we were tied! I couldn't have golfed much better on the front and at the turn I was 3 over and still tied! Holy crap!

I have a bit of an advantage (despite the stokes given) on the back, as I hit farther than she and the back is loooong. We went back and forth a bit, but I wrapped it up on the 16th with a par – good thing as I tripled 17 (stupid – such an easy hole) and bogeyed 18… another stupid move. If it wasn't for wasted and poor sand shots I could have easily shot an 80… ah well, another time.

It just feels so good to golf well. I really don't care about 'beating' someone – I just want to play well, so that's all good.


For my niece's birthday last month I promised to take her and two friends to the opening night of Eclipse… at 12:01am this morning. I was surprised at how good it was – I haven't re-read the book recently so I was quite entertained – but also entertained by the crowd. They screamed when 'Jacob' had no shirt on, when 'Bella' and 'Edward' kissed and etc… too funny. So cute to see all these girls (someone did a head count of males in the theatre…. there were 7…) so into the movie. Hilarious!


Life, t'is good.

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I definitely go through several mini-phases a year. My focus and my interests change, often with the season, but even within a week.

Sometimes I just sit for hours and read cook books, watch the Food Network, or look up recipes online. I don't think William cares for this phase too much, as I end up making some dinner disaster, and this phase ends when William says, 'I don't really like this…'  This phase can also result in me wanting to entertain people here, so I can try out new recipes on unsuspecting guests. Lucky them.

I have also been known to become engrossed with HGTV's decorating shows. I'll make slight changes with our decor (we don't have a lot), and I'll try moving the basement furniture around, (it always ends up exactly where it was). I'll lurk constantly on architecture websites, and study local home styles of the past.

I occasionally get a little OC about cleaning. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and even a little self esteem. I feel most at peace and able to enjoy time with William when the house is immaculate. I'm not currently in a cleaning phase, although I would like to be… I've been neglecting certain areas of the house, favoring instead to play on my DS.

Here are some other 'phases', some are more constant than others, some are more sporadic, and others depend soley on the time of year:

– FOOTBALL, (checking out websites, carefully picking teams, watching the draft, monitoring trades, and of course following the BROWNS!).

– Gardenening and yard maintenance, (often inspired by HGTV, and sometimes just trying to have a weed free garden).

– Video games, (SSX and Mario games are my favorite, DDR, and Wii as well). 

– Golf and weather. In the spring, summer and fall this is my passion. I so look forward to my leagues, outings with William, club events, and even hitting the range or practise green. I spend a significant of time just thinking about golfing… and don't forget daily checking the weather forecast on 3 websites - so I am prepared for the possibility of cancelation, or to be attired properly.

– Books and reading. I sometimes become absorbed in books. When I read 2 or 3 good ones in a row, I'll race my way through more and more… a good winter 'activity'.  

I am decidedly 'busier' in the spring, summer and fall than I am in the winter. Currently I am in a DS phase, playing Mario World, solitare or other random card games whenever I have nothing else to do (or nothing else I want to do). I'm also feeling a cooking/recipe reading phase coming on, but I am really hoping to find motivation to clean the house, and read some good books.  

Wow, life is good.  Wow, this post was boring… oh, I also get in a self-loathing mode occasionally…

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A few words about New Moon – not a spoiler

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Everybody who cares has read the book anyways…

As I've mentioned before… I find the fact that the Twilight series is so adored by teenage girls more than a little disturbing… Millions of young girls everywhere are dreaming of finding their 'dangerous' life long love at the ripe age of 17. The fact that Bella wants to 'give' her entire life to one person is quite bothersome. What happens in later books is even more wrong.

I was in a theatre last night, surrounded by young, very impressionable girls (I know because I was one), and they all (yes, I mean all) started cheering during a preview of a Robert Pattinson movie that is being released soon.In the preview, he was dark, moody, brooding and smoking.


Anything else you would like to impress upon teenage girls? You already have teenage 'love' and well, if you read the series, you know how wrong it goes from there.

Ah well.

Parents, talk to you teenage girls!

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5 days?

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I have been busy. How is that possible? I don't work outside the home… Well, I stay pretty busy. I'm still going to the house in Windsor, doing our yard work, helping my mom's with hers and even my sister's. Golf, although a luxury, takes up time and energy. Not many non golfers walk for 4-5 hours a few times a week. I'm the 9 hole score keeper and the 18 hole league captain - that means some time spent on the computer, and extra time at the course. I keep busy with our dog, laundry, keeping the house clean, and I try to stick in there blogging, cooking, grocery shopping and keeping up with friends. I sneak in watching TV and reading when I'm too pooped to get off the couch.

Do I often feel that I have to defend how I spend my days? Yes, occasionally.

Do I care? Not really. It only matters how Billy and I feel.

So therefore: life is good!

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What the?

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Where have I been for four days? I have no idea…

I have many thoughts that I've been meaning to address, and I shall attempt to do so in a concise manner…

1) Detroit

What is going on in Detroit? That city is such a hot mess. I don't think it's receiving any national attention as it just depresses Americans to hear about what is actually going on there… Let's discuss…

– The mayor 'Kwame' was kicked out of office about 4 months ago and KC took over as interim mayor…

– There was just a primary to determine the mayoral candidates. It's KC vs Bing.

– This new mayor will only act as such for a term less than a year, and then another primary then another election has to take place… Essentially a whole crap load of tax dollars wasted because of Kwame…

– In a nutshell, the state offered Detroit a plan to 'revamp' Cobo Hall (a few auto manufacturers have threatened to pull out of next year's International Auto Show if Cobo is not repaired and/or expanded). It was an all or nothing type of deal and the city council voted it down…

– I think the deal looked good… lots of jobs created, more square footage, etc… but even with the expansion, it is still significantly smaller than most major cities exposition halls, and would be less competitive in attracting big shows… the new plan also does not account for Joe Louis Arena which is aging and ailing and attached to Cobo, so I can understand why the deal was turned down…

– BUT it was all or nothing…

- Monica Conyers who quite possibly is legally insane (and head of Detroit city council) recently appeared on a TV show and essentially accused Governor Granholm of pushing this deal to pass because she was benefiting somehow personally (uh, kickbacks…) Conyers pretty much accused everyone of being corrupt…

- There is nothing more corrupt (in my opinion) than Detroit City Council.

- City council is still trying to work things out regarding Cobo Hall. It might not be so easy since the head of the council accused the governor of corruption… hmmm… good luck with that…

2) The Real Housewives of Orange County

Oh how I love to hate this show. It has recently ended for the season and I just watched the 'reunion episode'. Let's discuss…

– Vicki – She is controlling and incredibly jealous. If the conversation isn't going her way, she tells the person that they are being 'confrontational'. What is more 'confrontational' than telling someone they are being 'confrontational'? She hates Gretchen for attracting so much attention, but when Gretchen isn't around she completely whores herself out. She ripped Gretchen for receiving a gift from her boyfriend (who died of cancer btw), and then brags to everyone that she bought herself a Rolex, pointing it out to everyone she talks to… ARG! I could go on and on…

– Tamra – Is so low class. Beyond common, she is so obviously jealous of Gretchen's appearance. She is a Vicki in training.

– I like Jeana and Lynne – they are okay people.

I'm watching the new season of The Real Housewives of New York City, and I haven't yet formed an opinion of these women…

3) There Will Be Blood

We watched this movie last night and first of all I have to say that the music in the movie was simply painful. I nearly shut it off because the sound was carving a wicked path in my brain.

I thought it was interesting as a historical piece, and I liked Daniel Day Lewis, but wtf? That movie was out there. The character behaved erratically, at times driven by greed, revenge, but he also showed sparks of humanity. It was frustrating, and the ending was disappointing. I'm tired of being told that a movie is a 'masterpiece' by people who are so obviously more 'mart than I am. ARG!

4) The week-end

We have a very mellow week-end planned. William is working today, (he works so hard) and tonight we're going to watch a movie or two, have a great steak dinner, some drinks and a little hot tub action. I love the week-ends! 


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