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Where have I been for four days? I have no idea…

I have many thoughts that I've been meaning to address, and I shall attempt to do so in a concise manner…

1) Detroit

What is going on in Detroit? That city is such a hot mess. I don't think it's receiving any national attention as it just depresses Americans to hear about what is actually going on there… Let's discuss…

– The mayor 'Kwame' was kicked out of office about 4 months ago and KC took over as interim mayor…

– There was just a primary to determine the mayoral candidates. It's KC vs Bing.

– This new mayor will only act as such for a term less than a year, and then another primary then another election has to take place… Essentially a whole crap load of tax dollars wasted because of Kwame…

– In a nutshell, the state offered Detroit a plan to 'revamp' Cobo Hall (a few auto manufacturers have threatened to pull out of next year's International Auto Show if Cobo is not repaired and/or expanded). It was an all or nothing type of deal and the city council voted it down…

– I think the deal looked good… lots of jobs created, more square footage, etc… but even with the expansion, it is still significantly smaller than most major cities exposition halls, and would be less competitive in attracting big shows… the new plan also does not account for Joe Louis Arena which is aging and ailing and attached to Cobo, so I can understand why the deal was turned down…

– BUT it was all or nothing…

- Monica Conyers who quite possibly is legally insane (and head of Detroit city council) recently appeared on a TV show and essentially accused Governor Granholm of pushing this deal to pass because she was benefiting somehow personally (uh, kickbacks…) Conyers pretty much accused everyone of being corrupt…

- There is nothing more corrupt (in my opinion) than Detroit City Council.

- City council is still trying to work things out regarding Cobo Hall. It might not be so easy since the head of the council accused the governor of corruption… hmmm… good luck with that…

2) The Real Housewives of Orange County

Oh how I love to hate this show. It has recently ended for the season and I just watched the 'reunion episode'. Let's discuss…

– Vicki – She is controlling and incredibly jealous. If the conversation isn't going her way, she tells the person that they are being 'confrontational'. What is more 'confrontational' than telling someone they are being 'confrontational'? She hates Gretchen for attracting so much attention, but when Gretchen isn't around she completely whores herself out. She ripped Gretchen for receiving a gift from her boyfriend (who died of cancer btw), and then brags to everyone that she bought herself a Rolex, pointing it out to everyone she talks to… ARG! I could go on and on…

– Tamra – Is so low class. Beyond common, she is so obviously jealous of Gretchen's appearance. She is a Vicki in training.

– I like Jeana and Lynne – they are okay people.

I'm watching the new season of The Real Housewives of New York City, and I haven't yet formed an opinion of these women…

3) There Will Be Blood

We watched this movie last night and first of all I have to say that the music in the movie was simply painful. I nearly shut it off because the sound was carving a wicked path in my brain.

I thought it was interesting as a historical piece, and I liked Daniel Day Lewis, but wtf? That movie was out there. The character behaved erratically, at times driven by greed, revenge, but he also showed sparks of humanity. It was frustrating, and the ending was disappointing. I'm tired of being told that a movie is a 'masterpiece' by people who are so obviously more 'mart than I am. ARG!

4) The week-end

We have a very mellow week-end planned. William is working today, (he works so hard) and tonight we're going to watch a movie or two, have a great steak dinner, some drinks and a little hot tub action. I love the week-ends! 


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What a great day! I finished the patio and all that is left is to dig a little patch for flowers, but more importantly it's so the lawnmower can cut that area. Perfect… it feels good to be pretty much done… I'll do some digging this afternoon.

I told Billy to absolutely not buy me anything for my birthday. I have pretty much everything a girl could want, and he gave me that sweet rescue club last week… however, I neglected to tell Halia not to buy me anything, and that smart pooch somehow managed to get for me (and wrap) a Nintendo DS with 3 games (2 Brain Age… is she trying to tell me something?… and a Mario game). She must have remembered how much I enjoyed playing Hailey's game when we went camping. That is an unusual purchase for her, as her gifts normally consist of items to remind one of her… a dog calender, for instance…

TOL and KT took me out for lunch yesterday which was great, and I received many calls and emails… it's nice to be thought of…

I received a few gift certificates (yes!) cash from my brother (yes!) a couple of bottles of wine (yes!) a cookbook (yes!) some football related items for entertaining (yes!) a sweater (yes!) and a photo album (yes!). Seriously way more than I wanted. Spoiled…

Billy and I ended up going to see The Dark Knight last night after dinner at MomG's… and it was awesome. I don't usually like to fall onto the hype bandwagon, but I really enjoyed it. It was very dark and a little disturbing, but all in all awesome, and nobody can argue that Heath Ledger was simply amazing, he totally stole the show!

Today I'm heading into the city (wow) to buy a case for my new DS, then over to my sister's to dig, then golf tonight.

Life is great!

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We're back.. a day early. There was entirely too much rain… we did get really lucky though. It was beautiful when we walked in the Maitland, and the next day on the walking path, at the drive-in and during meal times. Whew! But seriously when it's thunder and lightening and HAILING it gets a little old. The poor pooch was not happy. She was either wet, in the trailer or having a marvelous time.

It's good to be back….

– because I like having dry and clean feet

– I'm not a big fan of campground showers or toilets

– I like my bedding to be soggy free

– as I enjoy cold beverages without worrying about the ice situation

Here are some pics…

Halia swimming and liking it!

Because of the rock bed, the water looks golden.

I'm sure it was some elusive mystical serpent that was frozen in time by an evil witch or warlock… I have to stop reading children's fantasy novels…

Proof I was camping, in Goderich, with my husband and dog.

At the drive in with Billy (Bert, Fred, Michael, William) Shelley and Johnny B.

On the Menesetung bridge. There were a ton of people fishing below.

There are a few wind farms north of Goderich. There are very cool and gentle looking.

Halia really wanted some of Billy's ice cream. At one time, her head was resting innocently on his shoulder.

Poor poochy was very tired on the way home. She fights it like a little kid… falling asleep while sitting up, then jerking awake… She gets that from Billy.

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Apparently the elevator convention is quite the big deal. The hospitality suite is on the top floor of the Windsor Hilton, and is outfitted with a conference table, a huge seating area, a big flat screen and best of all an amazing view of Detroit. With the Wings game tonight and the possibility of them winning the Stanley Cup, we should be able to see the rioting from the comfort of our suite.

Our room adjoins and is pretty darned nice. King sized bed, a 20 foot long vanity area, jacuzzi tub, enormous shower and loo closet. Oh and the view – awesome.

I am one lucky girl. Last night I played bartender to thirsty conventioners and just when I thought we were wrapping things up (at about 11) approximately 20 people came in. Yikes. I think I made the last cocktail at about 2am.

I slept like shit (I was worried that the alarm wouldn't go off, as Billy had to drive a dozen or so golf clubs to Pointe West) and I'm skipping out of a meeting with CIBC and lunch with our financial adviser, thank God Billy drove me home!

A nice thing is meeting and chatting with a guy and later finding out that he is a multimillionaire. He was less pretentious than the average person. Refreshing.

I need a nap and some hang-over food (from lack of sleep more than alcohol intake). It's going to be a long few days…

Life's good. Go Wings!

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It's Saturday morning and Billy is at work. That sucks.

Tonight is his Christmas party and it is always a good time. In the 6 years I've attended, it's been at Beachgrove once, and the other times it's been at Pointe West. Tonight it's at The Windsor Club, which I never heard of until recently. According to TOL, the food is fantastic, (she knows everything about those things… never underestimate the knowledge of TOL) and the location is right downtown, overlooking the river. (The best part of Detroit, some say, is the view from Windsor, and I couldn't agree more…)

We're going to a friend and co-worker's house first for some cheer, and that should be good. We're cabbing downtown, and depending on our level of intoxication, we may stay at said friend's house.

The smalled background issue is that it is supposed to snow tonight. However, Detroit news is famous for blowing any little change in weather way out of proportion. WAY. Like is we're expecting an inch of snow, they will break into broadcasting will alerts and warnings. In the summer if the UV index is high, we're reminded to wear sunscreen, seriously. I thought it was a normal thing, until I started paying attention to TV in Tennessee, where if it snows 6 inches truly everything shuts down, but they don't make a big deal out of it. So anyways…

Because we're located between Detroit and Toledo, often the Toledo forecast is more accurate, and they don't go nuts with dire warnings: South of Detroit (us) is expected to get more snow… 6-8 inches of snow is expected with blowing and drifting in Toledo, we'll see about that, usually when they predict that much we get less than 3. That's the general rule. 

It probably won't be like this:

Now Cleveland is expected to get 1/2 inch of rain which will freeze, then 8-12 inches of snow on top. Sunday's game should be interesting… Do I wish I was there? I'm not sure…

I'm going to go and think about finishing up Christmas shopping, except for my brother John, as I have No Idea what to buy him aside from shrimp, yes I said shrimp…. 


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