Great, great, just great

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Yesterday everything went as planned… Billy was actually home from work hours earlier than expected as some part was the wrong size. I nodded and pretended I knew WTH he was talking about, but I was just happy to see him… It all worked out.

We had an amazing steak (Schinkels' rocks), I had a bottle of Erie Shore Summer Sun before dinner – perfect for a hot summery day, and Concha y Toro Cab Sav with the steak – it was good, but a bit big and jammy for me… We watched a couple 'Prison Break' episodes, and they were 'okay'. I could do without that show.

All in all it was a fab night.

Today should prove to be quite awesome. I think Billy and I are going to take care of business a bit around here… I want to get that mulch down that Billy raked from the front yard, and I think William may cut the grass. I would love to find some more flowers (a lot of things are on sale now…) and we're almost out of CoffeeMate – so I may have to run into town.

We are golfing today with Revenue Canada John and his Revenue Canada wife. Should be fun!

Here are some pics from the yard from a couple of weeks ago which I forgot to post…






Life's good…

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YES! Back, pics, highlights and etc.

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First of all, the BROWNS beat the undefeated New York Giants last night in a underdog victory for the ages. I sadly fell asleep at the half, (they were winning by a few points) and I awoke at the end of the game, rubbed my eyes several times to see that they WON! I even asked Billy if I was seeing correctly, or if I was dreaming, but it was true, and I hope to watch the DVR'd game later. YES! Rats though, as it was the first time I bet against them winning… but I wore my BROWNS gear through 4 states and perhaps that helped… I'd like to think so…

It was a good trip. The weather was amazing this past week-end, and the one day it rained LG2 and I shopped and went for a nice walk in the Lake Tansi area. I've never seen Lake Tansi in such good shape, and Bear Trace in such poor shape (due to skunks of all things…) The golf was awesome.

A fox ran out from under the back porch one morning and that was super cool to see… I also spotted a suspicious cat one night that turned out to be a skunk. On the Brae course at Heatherhurst in Fairfield Glade we came upon 5 deers on one hole and 1 one another, plus a wide assortment of squirrels and chipmunks… thankfully no wild boars… Oh, and a super cute working dog named Molly at Heatherhurst…Awesome.

KimF and LG2 gave me a sweet pair of skully pants, (which I think helped me golf at Tansi and Heatherhurst, but I was a complete donkey at Bear Trace) and a golf club tennis ball launcher for my mom's dogs. We had some pretty good laughs playing with that on our dead end road.



That's all for now… week 5 in review soon! I know you can't wait!

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This, that and the other.

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Seinfeld-ien I feel.

Okay, Glo-ball was awesome, as per expectations, and I'm sad it's over. I'm sad summer is over. But in general, I'm not sad, so that's good.

Today: Clean house, etc. etc. etc. walk the pooch, blah, blah, blah, nap, awesome dinner, finished a book, and now I'm 'ere.

Tomorrow: Pooch maintenance, friends' house A, friends' house B. and wrangle me up some diet friendly chow. Oh, and football.

So how do I work at Ryder Cup final day into this all? It's easy – as long as I leave after FOX pre-game coverage starts and am home before Cleveland kicks off at 4. Oh, and have to have William switch to Country Cable sometime before 9am, as he golfs again bright and early.

So life is exceptionally good.

Now for football… (which have been far from even okay good)

My picks for week three:

It seems that a lot of home teams are favored this week. I hardly (um – obviously!) look at the favorite, and maybe this is my problem! Arg!


TN v HOU – Seriously, TN. I still can't fathom that HOU has or will ever have a great team. Even at HOU I think, (but look at where that has got me…) TN will win.

WASH v ARI – Don't care, I'll take WASH and skip this game.

MIN v CAR – I'll take CAR. I don't know why, but I keep thinking of that guy in the bar in Cleveland shooting the finger to his own team. That must be some type of curse, and for that bad behavior and sore-loser-man-ship the Vikings shall LOSE this week. You get nothing! You lose! Good day sir!

ATL v KC - Whatever, no comment, don't know enough 'bout nothin' – I'll take ATL

NE v MIA – Although I would love MIA to win, as William is still a hanger-on'r from Dan Marino Days, and I'd stop hearing those annoying East accents about superior football… I took NE.

BUF v OAK – Don't you screw me! Don't you embarrass me again to my peers! You better have picked the right damned team this week Liz, as it's a Whole New Pool, and I chose BUF as my winner.

NYG v CINCI – Of course NYG. I dislike the Bengles.

DEN v NO – I recall NO already disappointing me this year, so F it! I take DEN.

SF v DET – Are you kidding me? And when it happens DET fans… if there is any left… are going to by FURIOUS! Oh, sports radio will be great this week. And I quote: 'It's all me. Blame me…." I wish the Mooch had stayed… like I have a say… Uh SF.

SEA v STL: Ummmm, SEA!

INDY v JACK: Don't mess with me Payton! I took INDY.

CHI v TB - You all know how I feel about Jonnie, but I'll take Da Bears.  

BALT v CLE: One more time boys. I'm taking my BROWNS. Despite dropped balls, interceptions, poor time management, I still love 'em and think they can win.

PHI v PITS – Go PHI! Plus I like Mark Wahlberg.

GB v DAL – Although they beat my BROWNS, I'll take DAL, although only because they are in DAL, or else I would have taken GB…. and am still considering it.

SD v NYJ – Yeah, Jets. SD seems a little inconsistent this year.

That is all I have to say about that. Wish me luck. Or something.


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And the beat goes on….

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Last night was a bunch of fun. Kingsville is a gorgeous course and I played 'okay'… (Billy played great and has convinced himself that he 'figured it out' … hopefully he'll do great this week-end!) dinner and friends over was once again a good time.

Today is the first day of our Club Championship, and I'm not nearly as nervous as last year, but I'm also not standing on the first tee yet either. There is only 3 women (including me) in my division, but the competition is tough. They are both lower handicaps than myself, but more significant is the fact that they are more consistent golfers than myself. I'm not setting myself up to lose, but I know I have to bring my best game this year, and that's hard to do on command. Ask Tiger, or Phil, or Vijay.

It will be great seeing all the low handicappers come in. Very exciting stuff… moreso now that I now and am friendly with some of them… I wish KimF, Laurie, and Mary Ellen the best!

Well, I better get ready, it's supposed to be beautiful this week-end… hot hot hot in the upper 80's. It should be interesting, life always is.

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Done and whew!

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Oh, hey, another post about golf, perhaps I should start writing in metaphors and that way I won't bore the 3 people that read this, none of whom, to my knowledge play golf… ah, too much thinking involved.

Yesterday KimF and I played the last round of ladies' match play (really it's stroke play, but let's not get into it). I truly played like a donkey, and just really couldn't get anything together. For once I was not keeping score, that job was with KimF and it was kind of nice not to be caught up in every up and down, but perhaps if I was a little more aware of exactly what was going on (I mean strokes given here and there…) I would have played better… probably not. She let me know what holes I had an advantage on, so now I realize that last sentence was a waste of type.

Anyways, the big excitement came on the last hole as we were even (still, again, whatelseisnew) and on Kim's second shot (she's a wayyyy better golfer than I) she puts it in the water. I nearly puked with anxiety. She kinda looked at me with a little bit of frantic desperation.. meaning all her hopes of winning the championship was within my crappy golf game…

Luckily I was getting a stroke on this hole, but so was the other lady with the handicap close to mine, then guess what? She miss hits hers and it ends up in the water beyond the green (I really thought it was just in a trap). It was my turn to hit and it was windy (of course), I was hitting over water (arg) from the rough (okay that I don't mind) to pretty much an island green. Pop, I'm on and about 15 feet from the flag.

The other lady puts hers on, but she's slightly outside me, and I was getting a stroke on her… translation: If she one putts and I two putt, we tie, if she two putts and I two putt we win. I feel bad because her putting was terrible all day, really sucking consistently, she rolls the ball and it just missed.

Basically we both two putt and we won. It felt really good, but I did feel bad. (although the one lady was a total bitch to us, and I'm not kidding). There is a little bit of a scoring controversy and the ladies turned down the traditional offering of alcohol to the opponents (which is incredibly rude!) and when KimF and I were getting ready to leave, the one husband walks over to us and is like, 'okay, you two actually did win' and flashes a scorecard… We were like, 'uh, yeah, we know!'

So essentially they were sitting out there still not believing they lost and most likely talking poorly of us. Jeez! I'm sure that's not the last we'll hear about this, as the one lady (the evil one, the other one was really nice) has a reputation for a) winning everything and b) complaining about everything else.


Anyways, it's over, and thank God for a great partner, and maybe a little of Karma?

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Billy and I are staying in tonight, eating some huge steaks, having some cocktails and watching some DVR'd shows (Big Brother, Highway18, and we still haven't watched the finale of Grey's Anatomy…). It's going to be a great night.

I golfed in the ladies' 18 hole league this morning, and despite some really bad holes, I ended up okay. It seems that every week I play with a woman who is having 'the best game of her life'. Hm. Today I golfed with a woman who scored a 44 on the back and she is 6 strokes higher than my handicap… so that's like me shooting a 40 or 41 on the back. Nope, not gonna happen. The best I've done this year on that side is a 46.


This has happened to me at least 5 times this year. I'm either a good luck charm, or playing with people with inaccurate handicaps. Hm.

I hope that my 'best game of my life' comes right around Club Championship time. That would be perfect.

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Just let your Soul Glo

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Feeling oh so silky smooth…

Yes that the song that's been torturing my brain for the last 3 days… ever since I caught a few minutes of the old Eddie Murphy movie, 'Coming to America'. I think I'm going crazy.

Anywho… so what I have been up to the last few days…

– I've torn up my sister's patio, and dug up all the offending weeds and worked the clay over a bit. God I hate clay! Arg! I also chopped out a huge tree, and trimmed a bush a little, it needs more…

– I weeded around my mom's backyard and vacuumed the pool

– I made Billy's favorite dinner

– Finished 'The Dawn Treader' in the Narnia series, as well as 'Sail' by James Patterson

– We took the pooch for a walk

– Laundry, of course

– Basic and general cleaning… the house is getting a little gross, oh well

– I weeded our garden, and cut down some parsley and romaine lettuce

– Watered and wound the Bastard Vine

– Got the recycling all organized… always takes several minutes… William doesn't seem to realize that throwing a large box in the bin doesn't magically compress and flatten itself, hey at least he recycles…

– When to a funeral… one of MomG's friends…

– Inputed (is that a word?) and emailed the results of the Quota Points game from Friday's league

– Booked a hotel in Cleveland.. we have a view of the stadium! Oh yeah!

It seems like I've done so much more. Today same old same old, then Kiks and I are heading out early to golf 18 today instead of 9… apparently her kids are at day camp, so no worries about a sitter…

This week-end is their party, and it's going to be great fun. I hope the weather holds out…

Life's good!

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