This Week’s Goings Ons

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Happy birthday Rachelle!

First I’ll start by saying that today is one of my girlfriend’s birthdays. We’re trying to make a plan to get together, and I hope something fun happens. She’s one of the most amazing people I know, and I’ll write about her more soon. Happy Birthday, WhiskeyQueenn!

So, it’s an “easy” work week. It happens once a month… between the first (which is the worst…), regular postings and mid-month eNewsletters (I create and send 10 in total each month) it works out that this is my easy week.


So this week’s fun includes:

  • Indoor golf this afternoon and dinner out
  • I’m bringing the car in for an oil change, meeting up with Billy’s boss for “old man cans” and then maybe a few girlfriends over tomorrow night
  • Either Thursday lunch with girls or dinner out with the girls
  • Dinner and trivia night on Friday (that should be fun, but I’m an add-on and only know one of the ladies going… I’m pretty good at trivia, but a little shy in groups…)
  • Date night Saturday night – maybe bowling in the afternoon
  • A couple friends are coming over for dinner on Sunday.

What a busy and fun week. I’m trying to ignore the fact that I occasionally have social anxiety… just feeling grateful for the fantastic people in my life.

Life is good.

Why not? Friday Edition

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Two posts, two days – ’tis a record!

I figured ‘why not’ post. I’m procrastinating, so I’ll blog.

Here’s what I should be doing:

– eating something. Anything. I’m quite starved.

– drink something. Preferably water, I’m rather thirsty

– thrilled you’re reading this, aren’t you?

– move more of my clothes and accessories into the small bedroom closet. We’re getting a king sized bed tomorrow, and it won’t fit in our bedroom with the dresser – so the dresser had to go to the smaller front bedroom. I refuse to have half my clothes in one room and half in the other – so I’m moving out of our walk-in closet. Boo! I really was hoping Billy would offer to move, as I have way more clothes than him, and now I have to fit them in smaller space. Super. I wonder how long it will take me to not automatically walk into our bedroom when I need to change clothes or grab something…

– purge clothes as related to above.

– eat something. I’m thinking this is a priority.

– watch the carpet dry. I just cleaned the carpets. Nasty job. Glad to be done.

– relax, realize I’ve done a lot today (been at it since the crack of 6) and enjoy the rest of the day.

Random pic time:

Working hardNot really. Is that Adam Sandler?


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What a week.

That little project I was working on for the organization I volunteer for turned out to be fairly huge – I’ve probably spent 15 hours on various details.

We’re having a problem accessing our work YouTube account, as we’ve recently dumped our server in favour of Google Apps. I have videos to edit and post, and not enough space on my computer to store the edited and original/working copy video – not even sure if my flash drive has enough space.

I’ve been more than ‘poking at’ another project, it’s about 20% done – which translates into having about 40 more hours of stuff to do on it. I’m so glad it’s not golf season!

I have not a) done my HST b) watered the plants in more than a week c) prepared for our SuperBowl party in any way d) compiled our house and TN house bills e) walked the dogs this week (rain!).

I have kept up on my normal work, but it’s coming to the end of the month (or beginning of a new month really), which means 2 email blasts to be created and sent, and 2 analytics reports to do on Friday or Saturday.

In my normal world, life is pretty good. I’ve been sleeping great, hitting the gym, eating a bit better, and enjoying my time with William and the dogs.

I’m looking forward to getting things crossed off my ever growing list of things to do… I have to have some things cleared up before I take off for a few days at the end of February, as then I have a bunch of things to do for our golf tourney in April. Yikes!

Life’s good, just busy.

This week’s to do list

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Ah, another exciting post by LG. Actually, I thought I would blog it instead of writing it down elsewhere. It’s Sunday evening and I feel I have a lot of odd little things to do this week, so opposed to being in bed thinking about these things, I’d thought it wise write them down and get them out of my head (hopefully). This is in addition to normal stuff (walk the dogs, clean the house, make dinner, laundry, etc. etc. etc.)

– Domain stuff and report.

– Contact dude about transferred domain.

– Meeting with PDF and creation of Power Point slideshow on Monday.

– Meeting with JBF about some computer training (nothing hardcore, just some Gmail and Pinterest stuff).

– Create boards and pins for 2 accounts.

– Consider creating a website (wordpress based of course) for 2 clients – send them an email to see if it could save them some dollars and make me some dollars.

– Speaking of dollars, go to the bank, buy new earbuds that don’t hurt to wear, buy dog food.

– Return chairs to BMW, see how her week up north was.

– Send an email out about Googley websmaster tools.

– Conference call about TBT website changes.

– Are you still reading this – boring!

– TRY to actually be under calorie goals this week! Work a little harder on cardio at the gym.

– Do 2012 taxes (simple really, I’m super organized), do last quarter’s HST, submit and pay the piper.

– Compile 2012 house bills – usually I have done this by now!

– Compile 2012 Tennessee house bills. Crap, I just realized I deleted emails that I needed – hope I can still retrieve them, oh, forget it, I can look it up on the online bank we use there, nevermind, no biggie.

– Add some stuff to an analytics report. No big deal.

– Make an invite for SuperBowl party. Nail down menu – lasagna or turkey? I’m leaning towards turkey.

– Hootsuite scheduling, I do this for 2 clients every week. Remember to check out Twitter for missed mentions, and add back followers, etc.

– Post 2 blogs for 2 different clients. Whoopie.

– Be awesome, enjoy life, be creative, have fun, laugh, do something positive and spontaneous, relax, read a book or two, plan for date night, Be Sure to Drink Your Ovalteen.

It should be a pretty good week. There are lots of little odd jobs this week. If I don’t get to HST or my taxes, I’m not worried, not a priority. Life’s good. Let’s have a picture.

Picked at random – creepy window from a creepy building in a creepy abandoned amusement park. You can almost hear Scooby Doo…



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Wow, I’m finally done reading all the items in my Google Reader. I hope not to have it get that out of control again!

So… today…. Sunday… we’re not going to MomG’s for dinner (as we most often do on Sundays), but are instead lounging about the house, hopefully ordering dinner in, watching football, and relaxing. I went to the gym this morning (cardio only, as my wrist is messed up), did a little work while watching CBS News Sunday Morning.

Here’s some facts about me, LG, that you may or may not know – prepare to be amazed! (Sarcasm)

– I love me some Pepsi.

– I love me some history. My favourite histories include, but are not limited to: English Monarchy, Russian history (like after Catherine the Great), WWII and American history. I know absolutely zero about many histories including but not limited to: Japanese, The French Revolution, the Boer Wars… I could go on and on and on. Canadian history is pretty boring for the most part, and was one of the two classes I dropped in University.

– When I was little I used to think that if you flushed the toilet, then immediately ran water in the sink, it was toilet water coming out of the tap. I still pause at times, it must be embedded in my brain.

– I HATE the words: chub, fart, and Freshie (it’s a Canadian version of Kool-Aid, not sure if it’s sold anymore). Billy hates the word genre. He thinks only snobby people use that word.

– Billy’s real name is Michael, a lot of people call him Mike. His family calls him Billy. Mostly I call him William. He calls me Liz, but he pronounces it ‘Luz’.

– My grandfather told me (and I readily believed) that the water tower in Amherstburg was filled with ice cream. My parents used to wonder why I’d beg for ice cream every time we drove by it. I’m not sure why he told me this, although he had Alzheimer’s – that might be part of it.

– I have never been to Indiana, and it’s only like 150 kms away.

– I’ve had serious issues with depression in my life, but have been Very Good for the last several years. Whew!

– The first book I ever read was Green Eggs and Ham.

– I know every word to ‘Ode to Billy Joe’, ‘The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia’, ‘Harper Valley PTA’, ‘Son of a Preacher Man’ and several others that were popular way before my time. I listened to that genre at the same time I was into heavy Alternative rock. Weird me thinks.

– I can speak and read pretty good Cereal Box French. ‘Bien Agiter!’ Meme Gout Delicieux!’

– I’ve had food poisoning from: Chicken Parmesan, a pogo dog, crab legs, and pizza. I will never again eat a pogo dog, and it took me about 10 years to eat pizza.

– As a child I took raquetball lessons, tennis lessons and golf lessons. I’ve never played in an organized soccer, softball, or hockey league.

Oh, I could go on and on with these fascinating factoids, but I wouldn’t want to put y’all to sleep.


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So it’s Monday morning, let’s review the things I should be doing…

– putting lights on and decorating the Christmas tree. I must say, I’m not a fan of decorating. Ugh. I have to take down a bunch of football stuff and put up Christmas stuff.

– Christmas cards.

– Christmas shopping…. bahaha. First I have to determine what I’m buying for who. Should probably get started on that… soon!

– water plants.

– get the pics of my phone from the week-end’s festivities (Kiki’s party was great!).

– figure out something to do with the dogs. They need a walk, but it’s kinda rainy.

– make some capture videos (how to use hootsuite, a little social media plan for a friend of mine, and how to directly message a bunch of people on LinkedIn).

– find out why my mouse pad is not working on my laptop. I’m using my portable mouse, but it’s really annoying and I can’t seem to figure out why the pad isn’t working.

Things I have done…

– went to the gym. It’s so great being done at the gym and home by 7:15.

– had coffee with my mom

– fed the dogs, cleaned up the kitchen, organized the recycle area, folded 2 loads of laundry, checked in for social media for 2 accounts, did a little online recon, sent a few emails, and read all items in my Google Reader.

I guess it’s time to get started. Bah. I just want to hit fast forward on today.

Random and lately

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I’ve been on the computer almost all day – but I’ve committed myself to write a post (I haven’t even had dinner yet and it’s 8:30pm!) – so… you’re welcome (just kidding of course, it feels good to write and get this stuff out of my brain.

Point form is a good form.

– Went to TN and back with Kiki. Had good times, fun times, golf times, party times, shopped, and did stuff around the house. Finished a couple of projects that have been bothering me for almost a year! Yeah me.

– My back is brutal. Sciatic pain is really starting to get on my nerves! It effects my golf game immensely and not for the good!

– I’m done the pond. Thank Jebus. What hell that was. Seriously I’m quite pleased with myself – I’ll post pics once I finish grouting the small patio area near the pond.

– Still so much to do – massive picky tubering (probably not a word) completely overtook the raised bed where the asparagus grows. I’ve tried digging, I’ve tried pulling – now I’m going to try a careful application of the equivalent of a nuclear spay to kill kill kill them! (Bought in the States, so it should work – Canada stuff is all natural AKA – Sucks and isn’t effective) More weeding to do around the hard (hate weeding in the areas of clay – bah!). Fun stuff to do like put out the bird feeders, plant pretty pretty flowers, etc. Saving the pretty stuff for last so I stay motivated!

– Ack. I wouldn’t say I’ve been ‘slacking’ at my job, but man I got a wake up call in the form of an email from our marketing company. Yikes! I was busted out on all types of things I’m not doing… combine that with the ‘new guy’ (great guy) going to a social media seminar and giving me a list of a bunch of other stuff to do (all excellent, completely relevant tasks) and f-balls – I have a LOT of work to do. Just throw on that I need to create a ‘system’ for my job (so essentially I could hand my system off to anyone on the street and they could do my job) – important in case something (ACK!) happens to me, but also so we can package that to our clients (uh, we do business development in case ya didn’t know).

– Did you read above? That’s a LOT of work – just want to make sure you know.

– Husband is good. Dogs are good. Some people suck. MomG is on vacation in Tennessee, and awful awful awful – her brother dies a day after she arrives. There is a small memorial service tomorrow that William is attending (2.5 hours away!) – I don’t think I’m going with. (guilt? probably

– My mom turned 70 on Monday. Wow. Crazy. Here’s a cute pic of her when she really young – and a picture of her granddaughter (one of my nieces) – they look a bit alike!










– Life is good. Really, honestly, truly good. Satisfying, happy, contented fun life. It’s just the sciatica is killing me!