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Things I might do tomorrow:

– Write a quick review of A Tale of Two Cities. A little thought is required, and I'm not currently in the mood for thought.

– Enter 18 and 9 hole league golf scores.

– Empty the dishwasher. No need to do that tonight.

– Make chili for dinner.

– Make tomato sauce. What I really want to do is make something like Old El Paso Taco sauce, but the closest recipe I found for it calls mostly for a tomato sauce with a few extra ingredients. We use quite a bit of taco sauce and has replaced salsa when we have taco salad, fajitas and the like. Dilemma dilemma… we have a crap load of Roma tomatoes ready to go, so I have to do something soon…

– Walk the pooch, weather permitting.

– Think about getting a job. If I have a job I can't be reasonably coerced into being 18 hole captain again…

– Buy Pepsi and Pepsi products on sale at No Frills.

– Remember to bring a quarter to No Frills so I can use a cart. I hate that… makes me feel like my hometown is a bad hood.

– Have a nap. Time permitting.

– Chat with KT – depending on her work schedule.

– Go to the bank – I just received the cheque owed to me from the golf tournament. Sweet.

– Read.

– Contemplate football, the BROWNS specifically, check out some pools, and start filling my head with mostly useless stats.

– Enjoy every second of my sweet life.  

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Observations and a very serious question

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We have possibly the worst luck in regards to camping and weather. It was on the cool side with spotty showers. When all I wanted to do was soak up the sun, and enjoy enjoy enjoy – we had to make a few slight adjustments. All in all though the week-end was spectacular.

Random observations at a campground and etc.

– Decidedly enjoy the audio free section of the campground. I hate listening to other people's crappy music. Nothing worse than being forced to listen to Rick Astley or the like especially when the occupants of the site of said crappy music playing are nowhere to be found

– There are a lot of tarps and ropes to be found at a campground. Especially on sites with tents.

– Not much ethnic diversity. There was one large family, possibly of Indian (as in India) descent. They had 2 huge tents and no camping accoutrements lying about the site (chairs, toys, tarps, etc.). The only time I saw these people were in and around the bathrooms and getting things out of their packed vehicles. Weird but whatever.

QUESTION for all lurkers and the like not currently living in Essex County, Ontario Canada:

If you are camping and hear someone sitting by a campfire say, 'I hate rabbits' (or 'I hate bunnies'), do you know what this means or refers to? Private message me and I'll post once I have a few answers in… Don't spoil it you locals, private message me too… I'm just wondering how widespread this expression is. All was quiet on our last night – then out of nowhere we hear in a deep voice, said very seriously, clear as anything, 'I hate rabbits', and we starting laughing pretty hard.

- We have been camping regularly for years and this was the first time we have actually used the Cribbage board that I so faithfully bring. I love Crib, but am terrible! Scribbage is even more fun and I suck even more at that.

– Lots of bikes and kids, but not too many kids ages 15-18.

– Parents pretty much let their kids run wild at campgrounds – which is great. Where else these days can parents give their kids freedom? Pretty much from 6 years on up kids are roaming free, running, riding bikes, in the playground, playing hide and seek, and using their imaginations. Nice to see.

It was a great week-end. We walked in the Maitland, tramped through a wildlife area (getting quite lost – if it wasn't for William I would still be there wandering about), went to the beach, ate camp food, had ice cream, sat by a fire, and loved every minute of it.

Life is good…  

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Yesterday, today and tomorrow

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Today we're heading to Goderich camping – kind of a last minute things as I believe that William has a hefty work load that will take him well into the fall… rats. If this little trip was better planned, we should have made a reservation at the Pinery in Grand Bend, as William played in a tourney yesterday at Witter Station, located about half and hour south of GB… so essentially he had to drive yesterday to almost where we're staying tonight…Hmm… oh well…

The summer's end is screaming toward us and I'm facing it head on! I'm still soaking it up every chance I get – but we're missing a couple of things this week-end: a girls' party tonight, a wedding tomorrow, and a funeral (well I can't say that I'm going to sad not to go, but if we were in town I certainly would).

Yesterday I was busy taking care of business and getting ready for camping (which is quite easy now as the trailer is well stocked)…

Places I went yesterday and things I did:

– lounged by the pool. I spent just enough time to get hot, take a dip, then immediately get cloudy, windy and cool… my luck!

– waited for FedEx to arrive with the promise of our BROWNS tickets. I had enough of waiting when I actually read the form and noticed that I didn't have to be home to sign for the package. Great! … they showed up about 10 minutes later…

– called for a refill of a prescription and discovered that it in fact had no refills

– resigned myself to waiting in a germy clinic for half an hour to get a refill

– called to make a doctors' appointment to obtain said refill, and discovered that they can do it over the phone for $20. Decidedly well worth it, as I the loath the idea of my healthy body seated next to a germ infested sick person. Yay!

– Liquor store for items pertaining to camping

– Pharmacy

– Dropped off recyclable printer ink cartridges, (from my anti-hoarding bender the other day)

– Canadian Tire (do you know that if you type Can into the Google search page, the first suggestion is Canadian Tire? I thought that was pretty funny) to purchase a brake light cover that we noticed was missing the other day for the pop-up They didn't have any and directed me to:

– TSC to purchase a brake light cover for the pop up trailer, they didn't have any and directed me to:

– Vehicle Venture to purchase a brake light cover for the pop up trailer, they didn't have any and directed me to:

– Sunparlor Trailers where I was delighted to purchase a brake light cover for the pop up trailer.

– Foodland for food related items pertaining to camping

– I was invited to dinner with some golfing couples (although I was solo as William was in Thedford – remember?) but by the time I got home from driving all over the darned county for the brake light cover – it was too late. Rats!

- I had soup for dinner, packed for camping, made a list and checked it thrice, and attempted to finish 'The Tale of Two Cities' (which initially I thought was a suckfest on paper, but I'm coming around now), a goal which I gave up on when I realized that the Real Housewives of Atlanta was on… Hmmm…. how can Dickens compete with petty rich bitches? He can't!

It was a very productive day and I'm super pumped about this week-end. I hope the weather is a bit warmer than predicted though… tip toe tip toe here I go!  

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Terrible news

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I should preface that by saying it is important to stay positive! A good friend of Billy's just found out that he has another tumour on his spine. He hasn't even been clear for a year and it seems like he just finished radiation, and BLAM! More of the bad c-word. Apparently he was having a lot of pain and they thought it was scar tissue, and a couple of MRI's detected another tumour. I really hope that it is operable, as I understand that chemo is just terribly difficult…

So I always wonder (of course with any sad news) why him? He is the nicest, mellowest, kindest guy. He has a perfect little family and life. It's one of those things that keeps popping into my head every few minutes. BUT, I'm sure everything will be okay – they are on top of it, and his wife is a great advocate for him.

On another positive note, who can argue with the Canadian health care system? He had a regular appointment with his cancer doctor, an MRI, then another and the cancer was detected within days. The American media has horror stories of waiting for months for an MRI – well that can be true for non-life threatening issues, but personally, everyone I know that has had cancer (too many) has received the best and immediate care. MRI's, operations and specialist appointments, and dianoses within days. Oh, and no out of pocket cost. None – regardless of job or income.

Now, more sad. A guy I know died last night in a single car accident. Not to disrespect the dead, but it was believed to be drinking and driving related and apparently he wasn't wearing a seat belt. Incredibly tragic as he has two year old twins, and a wife (although they were having problems) with her own issues and I can't imagine how far around the bend this will send her.

So what is on my mind today? These two men for sure. It's impossibly sad? or ironic? or odd? that this terrible news can affect me in a positive way.

Positive things that come from sad news

– Take care of yourself and be encourage people you care about to do the same.

– Be nice to people you care about, and tolerant of those you don't.

– Appreciate every little moment of life and take the lessons as they come.

– Be sensitve to your those around you; you may never fully know what is going on in their lives.

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Reasons why I am not making a real post

– I'm tired.

– I've been staring at the computer for a while now.

– I really should try to finish that crappy book I'm reading.

– That is all.

Good day.

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1st football post of the ’09/10 season.

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A few random thoughts about football

– Although I DVR'd the Browns game last night (it was on at like 3am) I couldn't resist checking and discovering that indeed, the Browns did lose.


– I'm not sure if Jon Grudin is 'stalking' me per se, but I did catch a glimpse of him on Monday night football as a commentator, and I think he's trying to weasel his way back into my life despite the fact that I broke up with him last year. 

– I know the pre-season doesn't mean a lot, but it certainly can create momentum and a winning team kinda feeling.

– I hate Michael Vick with more passion than anything else in this universe. To say I hate him with the heat of 10,000 suns (Mr.Picklez friend ref) is not enough. I look at the situation this way: Donte Stallworth got drunk, hopped into his car, and killed a person last year. Incredibly stupid, and super tragic. He made one huge mistake and it ended one life and pretty much ruined his. Every day for months and years Michael Vick rolled out of bed and consciously abused, neglected, starved and even killed dogs. Although a dog's life is not as important as a human's – this cruel behavior totally shows his character. I don't think that jail time changes character. I know he won't run or be a part of a dog fighting ring, but I don't think that man has a caring bone in his body. Only a sick and disturbed person can do what he did. I don't think he should ever have been reinstated to football.

– I'm going to make some predictions once the pre-season is wrapping up, and of course I'll be posting my weekly picks and the week in review. Betcha can't wait.


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Good things

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A list of good things coming up:

– Football season. Oh yes, love it.

– Camping next week-end and all the awesomeness that it entails.

– Red, white, blue event tomorrow at SC. Should be craploads of fun.

– Lots of summer left to enjoy.

– MomG's ribs tomorrow.

– Browns game in December (Kiks and Jim are going with us this year).

– Did I mention FOOTBALL and the fun of the pools? Yahoo, Mogg and Vegas Insider.

– Golf (in general).

– Field and banquet days for 9 and 18 hole leagues.

– Big Brother – there is some craziness going on in that house, and yes, although trashTV – I'm a fan!

Life is good people. Life is good.

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