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Slightly odd Monday.

I actually talked to people today! From home! Usually I can go days on end without having a conversation with anyone except my husband, my mom (as we have coffee together Mon-Fri for 1/2 an hour), and rather one sided conversations with the dogs, but today I talked to Person 1 – had to call them to make a suggestion and didn’t feel like waiting for an email response, and Person 2) had some questions for me. Well, well, well.

Aside from a bit of work, and getting side tracked on other work stuff for a good 3 hours, I was still able to accomplished my self imposed (always, being pretty much self employed it’s up to me to set my routine) goals, as well as laundry, a little house cleaning, and well, a nap.

No dog walking today. It’s absolutely miserable outside. I’m fairly certain I golfed March 19th last year – no chance this year! Brr! The wind chill has to be in the low 20’s and it’s freezing rain and there is still a bit of snow on the ground. Boo.

Did go indoor golfing this week-end for William’s birthday (he bought himself a sweet new golf bag with birthday gift certificates) and it was quite fun. It makes me yearn for golf even more than I was previously. I don’t know if area courses can even be ready in a couple of weeks if the weather turns around fast (and it’s not supposed to). Boo.

Hmm… what else… I should really starting doing ‘A Thing A Day’ to properly prepare to completely abandon major house cleaning efforts until the end of golf season. Maybe I’ll start tomorrow by writing out a list. Yeah, that sounds good.

Tonight I’m looking forward to being cozy on the couch, watching a few DVR’d TV shows, reading a little (WAY behind on my 50 in 365 goal) and making William give me a shoulder massage (right shoulder is still way out of whack from spending way too much time right clicking – ha, sounds funny I know, and driving a bazillion hours to Florida).

Yep, life’s good.

Bad bad blogger

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Yep, that’s me!

So life has been clicking right along! William and I went to TN last month and had a FAB time – honestly one of the best vacations we’ve ever had together. We golfed, played games, watched sports, watched movies, and ended the week in Nashville. The weather and literally everything – was great. Could only have been better if we won the Powerball lottery while away. 

I’ve been busier with work than I would have expected. Lots of little things, plus still my larger project is still ongoing. 

I’ve been trying to get our house in order for the holiday season. My plan was to do one thing a day until the 22nd – and that’s not happening – I’m way behind. Normally I would freak out not having the house perfect for our annual American Thanksgiving dinner/party, but the world will still turn if the window ledges are dirty. 

Life is good, life is great – just moving too fast!


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While my normal Sunday generally consists of watch CBS news Sunday morning, having a big breakfast made by William (preferably bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato on cheese bagel), watching FOX NFL pre-game, whatever football game on a 1pm (and usually flipping back and forth between FOX and CBS), then going to MomG’s for dinner where we watch more football – today instead I’m going golfing with Kikipants. Can’t get the Cleveland game in anyway… Could have been at this game – My friend Nic won a draw in Cleveland when we were there in September, she had her choice of prizes and picked a signed Joe Thomas framed thingy, but could have picked 2 tickets for today. I’m happy with her choice… 😉

It’s supposed to be around 60* today, but windy. There is supposed to be a significant drop in temperature coming tomorrow, so I feel I have to take advantage of this last bit of good weather and hit some balls.

Other going ons:

I can’t believe we leave for Phoenix in a month! Crazy!

We went to see Puss in Boots last night – it was great. Also of note, we weren’t the only adults in the theatre without kids. Ha! Some poor kids forgot their Kitty Softpaws figure, so now we Puss and Kitty figures residing in the bowl of black sand and white shells appropriately overseeing kitchen activities.

We ate (way too much) at the Keg. It was a fab night out.

I have tickets already bought for first showing of  Breaking Dawn on Thursday night. I’m taking my niece and 2 of her friends. Should be interesting.

Life is good.


Long week-end goodness

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It’s our long week-end. The unofficial start to summertime goodness. The week-end that you’re allowed to plant your garden and wear white. Ah. (Victoria Day btw)

William is golfing with some friends this week-end in Indiana. I’ve never been to Indiana, so I am a little jealous that he gets to ‘add a state’ to his list and I do not. It’s not like Indiana is far from here. It is the closest state that I have never visited. Thinking of it, I don’t think I’ve ‘added a state’ to my list since 2003 when we landed in Minnesota (yes that counts) on a flight from Vancouver, heading to the D.


Anyway… This is the first time in our marriage that William has been on 3 golf getaways and I have been on none golf getaways! Crazy! He went to TN in the fall, the spring, and now Indiana. The last time I was in Tennessee golfing was last June! Nearly a year! Crazy!

I was so happy to wake up this morning – no BEEP BEEP BEEP. It’s warm, sunny and the world didn’t end. Yes, I acknowledged that fact, then once coffee was made, the computer ready and the TV on did I hear that the world is supposed to end at 6pm tonight. I’m not sure if that is Eastern Standard Time or what? Well if it is EST I’ll be on about 13th hole at Sutton Creek, golfing with PDF. If it’s 6pm Pacific time I’ll probably be eating steak.

The thing I want to know the most is: Does the old guy who made the prediction hope he is wrong? I imagine he being a Christian Fundamentalist, surely he’d prefer to live in God’s Kingdom, at the expense of all us sinners forced to stay here on earth, (or die violently in earthquakes and fires, depending which version of rapture you choose to believe. I guess if I’m on the 13 hole of Sutton Creek I’d have to deal with fire and brimstone, as we are no where near any dangerous fault lines.)

Well, I hope the world doesn’t end, because life is so good.

Almost 10 years

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It’s surreal for me to grasp the idea that William and I have been together for nearly 10 years! I have never been with anyone that long (nor married before, lol).

In January of 2001 I was dating a guy on and off for about 3 years. It wasn’t ‘going’ anywhere and I knew that he wasn’t the one I would be with forever, nor marry, or even live with. But still we were together. I was at a pretty weird place in my life: I owned a cottage, and a house in Tennessee (with PF and with a mortgage!), but I had nowhere to live in the winter – so I stayed in PF’s attic. I had one crappy summer car, and a newer car given to me by my father, who passed away in 1999. I sold real estate, did office work for PF occasionally (I really had no idea what I was doing), but was also considering working on a cruise ship having taken many classes in aromatherapy massage, facials, reflexology, ear candling, etc. etc. etc. (it seems like a million year ago I was into that…).

Finally the day came when he (we) ended the relationship. It felt like such a relief just to have it ‘over’. We had broken up several times in the past, and I never once pursued him when we were apart, but I had a feeling this time was different (it was, he was already dating someone else).

It was the night before SuperBowl XXXV, January 27th. I remember that PF had a friend from Toronto crashing on his couch and I wasn’t expected to be ‘home’. The next day I did not want to sit and think about my newly single status and general thought of floating through life. I called a friend whom I knew would have plans with her husband, and they did. I tagged along and we went to a club (not that kind of club, like an ethnic club) to watch the game with friends of theirs.

I had met most of these friends before, having stood in their wedding and hung out occasionally at the bar of choice. We arrived pretty early and joined several round tables together. Shortly after William came in (who I knew as Billy of course, but also knew most people called him Mike). He saw me immediately and told his friend to buy him 2 drinks and came directly over. I asked if he wanted to sit in the ‘crack’ with me (between to tables) and he exclaimed something like, ‘the crack is the place to be’. This was the first time I realized that William ‘liked’ me. It didn’t mean much though, as he not only had a girlfriend, but also lived with her and her 2 kids and had off and on for 9 years!

My friend decided we should drive down the road to the regular bar where more of the women were watching the game. I recognized one of them as Billy’s girlfriend, but couldn’t remember her name. She told me her name was Hilda Rottencrotch. Nice. Classy, good to meet ya Hilda. I recall her telling me a story of how she recently visited her ex husband in the States, staying overnight. I expressed my surprise in this being ‘okay’ with her boyfriend, and she gave me the most condescending look. We all hooked up later and it became quite obvious to me that Billy liked me – it also became obvious that his girlfriend didn’t.

I saw William at a few more events the over the next couple of months, (bowling, steak barbecue at the Legion) and maybe once at the town bar. He asked me out on a date, and I told him I would consider it once he moved out of his girlfriends’ house! He did the next day.

That’s when I realized he really liked me.

2010 in review

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In general, 2010 was a fairly awesome year, let’s review…

We rang in the New Year at our house with friends where we watched the Canadian juniors lose to the US. Other than that, it was a great party.

A few days into the New Year I received a call from William which started, ‘I just wanted to call you, in case you try to reach me later and can’t get a hold of me…’ AKA as the Frankenfinger incident when the end of Billy’s middle finger was nearly severed as a few hundred pounds of steel fell on it and the other broke in half. (also noteworthy is that it was my brother’s fault). This is what it looked like a week or so later…


Certainly not a highlight of 2010.

A definite highlight of 2010 was the Olympic games. It was a time we were all so proud to be Canadian. The best of the best was the men’s team winning gold in Olympic hockey. It was a great night that I will never forget!

I ventured to Tennessee twice last year, once on my own to rake leaves and clean up the yard, and again in the summer with Kiki to golf and have fun. It was a great trip and we had fan-damn-tastic time.

I golfed from late March until mid November this year. I promised myself to enjoy the course this year and not get too involved, but rather be a participant in the fun as opposed to the organizer. This worked fairly well, but I did end up serving on the board (until it was disbanded in August), being the volunteer co-ordinator for the RCGA Canadian Juniors Ontario Golf Championship, (which I did not volunteer to do, but I saw my name with that title in a newsletter… hmm),

helped with 9 hole stats, helped William hold a charity tournament, and our Essex County Masters Event (which doubled in size from last year – sounds impressive, doesn’t it?) and raised over $5,000 being present and selling tickets at every event! Next year (if there is a next year, our course went bankrupt and is for sale… the new owners might not honour memberships… ugh…)  I dropped my handicap significantly in 2010 without a single lesson. I tried to practise at least twice a week for a half hour at a time, (that and seeing repeatedly what a good swing looks like on Tiger Woods Golf 2010… no seriously, it helped) I finished the season being one of the lowest female handicappers at our course (it is a small membership, hence bankruptcy…) with a 12 index. Fancy that!

There were several fantastic events and tournaments I played in – so much fun with friends. I’m so lucky.

We went camping only once this summer, and had one solid day of good weather, but left 2 days early due to extreme rain. Fun though.

We went to the drive in twice, but only made it in once, as we were turned away as the place was packed! It was funny to meet our friends at the drive in (which is 2 hours away) by chance!

It was a great year for me to be a Cleveland Browns fan, but not in proud to be a fan, look how awesome our team is, winning season kind of way… Kiki, William, Jim and I ventured to Cleveland 2 times in 2010 (once already in 2011!), Kim and I saw the Browns play Detroit in pre-season, and Billy and I saw the Browns in Miami. Of course my life as a football fan would be exponentially better if the team had a winning season, or, God forbid made the playoffs, but such as it is… woo is LG… Still, we had a tremendous amount of fun in Cleveland and every week in football season following the Brownies.

Our cruise in late November was of course a major highlight. It was probably one of the most relaxing vacations I’ve ever had!

On a more somber note, Halia, our Rhodesian Ridgeback turned 5 in February. Ridgies don’t have long live spans and she is currently suffering from arthritis in her spine. Although she regularly sees the vet and is well medicated, it is difficult to see her aging, and not really being able to help her (she weighs 100+ lbs). Also my cat, who has always lived with my mom, had to be put down in the late fall. He had a bowel obstruction and nothing could have been done to save him. He had an amazing life though – a good 13+ years. That’s probably the hardest thing about the years starting fly past; although you can pack as much fun and adventure into as one can handle (or afford!), everyone ages. So I guess it is about enjoying every moment and even making a simple night out with friends or an afternoon at home by myself memorable and enjoyable.

All the best to everyone in 2011… life is good.


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I’m going to be active today in one form or another. Yesterday was a complete day of sloth like lounging – I watched about 10 hours of football, not including the pre game shows. Yikes! I picked up poochy around 11, after MomG took her for a long walk, so I wasn’t completely neglectful of her – she spent considerable time chewing on a bone – but I feel the need to ‘do’ something today.

Since it actually rained on the week-end, I’m going to do some work in my sister’s yard. That sounds weird, but hey, they paid me like a month ago, and I did a little  bit, but needed rain to do some of the weeding.

Tonight I golf with Kiki – I haven’t golfed since last Tuesday and I am really itching to get out there and hit some balls. It’s the last night of regular play in the quota point league – next week is our ‘banquet’.

Despite the fact that summer is coming quickly to end, I find myself to be in a decent mood – embracing the change in season – rare for me – I’m usually quite cranky about fall – but there are so many good things coming up. Let’s review:

– Solheim/Ryder Cup event this week at Sutton Creek. I’m playing in this as fate determined that me going to the home opener in Cleveland was not to be… It’s a good idea for me to get all the golf in while I still can – that way there won’t be any regrets come winter (okay, there probably will be anyway…) and I can sell 50/50 tickets, still trying to raise money for new pull carts (we’re about halfway to our goal).

– Glo ball event at Sutton Creek in a couple of weeks. This is the most fun event at Sutton Creek. Golfing in the dark is a blast, and also a bit dangerous with 70 odd golfers on 9 holes! It’s going to be epic!

– Banquets at Sutton Creek. Although incredible informal, the 2 back to back banquets next week should be quite fun. There is quite a lot of celebrating and joking around – plus awesome food.

– Football in general. I love love love Sundays in the fall.

– William gets a vacation. Not that I’m looking forward to him going away for a week, but the man needs a vacation! In less than a month he’ll be with the boys (possibly only one boy, actually) golfing in Tennessee.

– Cleveland – our next getaway is the week-end of November 13th. Woot woot! We’re going for 2 nights, so hopefully the weather co-operates.

Life is good.