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Woo hoo! Cleveland won yesterday afternoon and I was lucky enough to watch the game via a digital converter, country cable and the Toledo CBS affiliate! Yes! Awesome!

Yesterday's dinner at our house went well. My mom makes the turkey and stuffing, my aunt and uncle bring a ham (from the states, I have no idea how they get that over the border every year, but whatever), and everyone else chips in bringing a dish or two. William spent at least one continuous hour doing dishes (thank God for William), and it was a nice evening.

We did not make it to the annual Boxing (although not Boxing Day) Day party in Windsor.

Billy is at work right now, the pooch is at MomG's and it's snowing pretty good outside. It would be the perfect day to curl up on the couch and read my 'last' book of the year – reaching my goal of 50 books in 365 days – however, I feel the need to get the house back in some semblance of order (presents still under the tree, new untested coffee maker, etc.) and I also am picking up the pooch and doing some grocery shopping, dropping off dishes, plates and leftovers at my mom's, and TV tables, forks and the 'carcass' (I hate that word) to MomG's. There are a couple of things I need to return and exchange, but I'm not going into the city today.

For New Year's B&B and Kiks and Jim are coming over for dinner, drinks, hot tub and probably some Wii. I think I'm going to purchase the food today (except the steaks), and we're okay in way of booze and mix. I'm looking forward to a nice evening in.

I've gained at least 5 lbs since the end of October (I'm afraid to weigh myself) and I'm quite certain it is from the wheat beer I've been enjoying. It's not like I have it everyday either, maybe twice a week at most, but it must be the wheat beer, as my diet has been pretty much the same of late. I have to either cut out the wheat beer (rats) or make other adjustments… Hmm…

A note regarding party etiquette: If you are having people over, it's only right to either call and invite them or even send an email. If you are invited to an event, it's only polite to respond… even if you're not sure if you can make it, then at least have the courtesy to tell the hosts.

All in all, life is good of course!

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Dealing with Crazies

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Of course Crazies is not the politically, or socially correct term, but I'm not a psychoanalyst either… it's just my 2 cents…

1) Realize that you can't change crazy. In fact, know that the Crazy Person doesn't see any need for change in their own lives, therefore just accept that their behavior is beyond the realm of normalcy.

2) Don't let the CP's (Crazy Person) actions or words bother you. Why? Because they are crazy.

3) Take whatever the CP says with a grain (or a shaker) of salt. Crazy People most often can't distinguish between their reality and true reality.

4) Avoid interactions with CP if possible. They will only pull you into their distorted version of reality.

5) Only intervene in their lives if: a) you are an immediate family member b) you believe that your help will actually be worth the effort c) if CP is putting other people's lives in danger.

That is all.

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Wife 101

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Not working allows me to be a better wife. Let me expand on this one.

I totally appreciate every day not having to work. Yes, there are feelings of guilt, occasional boredom (especially in the Winter), and some financial disadvantages, but I think because I so appreciate the lack of stress, and all that comes with employment: I am a better wife.

I enjoy doing things around the house. I like gardening, cleaning, cooking. I like helping others like my mom and sister.

When it comes to a successful marriage, (we have one) it really helps that I don't work (aside from the occasional financial stress, but I'm not a 'buyer' or a 'shopper', so that helps and is respectful to our financial health). I have time to be considerate, and that to me, is one of the most important factors in a marriage.

I have the time to make his time at home pretty relaxing and free from household chores. It is the little things. It's not everyday that you can give your spouse a second honeymoon to Hawaii. Life is far from flowers and love songs… but it can be fun. It can be spontaneous. It should be. It's getting off your ass and greeting them at the door when they get home from work. It's only respectful… you get up when a stranger is at the door… It's offering a drink if you're getting one, buying their favorite chips, making sure they have clean socks. I don't sweat the small stuff, but often the little things can make life a hassle, so I take care of business.

Recently (again) I was told that I could never possibly understand the joy of being a mother and how satisfying and fulfilling it is. Yep, they (however tackless, you must know who I'm talking about…) are correct. What I do have is a family and a husband, and we truly have the best life possible and I am thankful.

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