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Gone For Good by Harlan Coben.

This is the third novel by Harlan Coben that I have read in as many months. It seems that I am now a fan, but truly, it's my mom who takes them out from the library and passes them on to me.

This book, like his others that I have read, was totally action packed from beginning to end. The plot surprises and swings were unexpected (I only predicted one correctly) and made for an excellent read. The suspense and unanswered questions lasted until the final page. Great book.

Again, it is really nice to read a book without unnecessary swearing and sex scenes. Not that I'm a prude! But occasionally it feels that author is trying to appease the reader and it comes off as forced and unrealistic. Give me action, I have enough of the other stuff in my real life, thanks!

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Hold Tight by Harlan Coben.

This is the second novel by this author that I have read. It was very action packed and fast paced, but there were many characters to keep track of, and I didn't have a clue how the stories were connected until the very end. It was a bit disjointed, but still an interesting page turner.

If you enjoy lawyer/police/crime novels minus coarse language and sex scenes, then check out this author.

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The Woods by Harlan Coben.

I walked into the library last week with no idea of what I was going to check out. I always choose books online, but I didn't have time. The librarian asked if I liked mysteries, then pulled out this book.

It was surprisingly good. It's a very compelling story, flowed really well, and certainly held my interest until the very end. I appreciated the lack of sex scenes, and only minimal swearing… it's the kind of book I can recommend to my mom, which I did…

I have never heard of Harlan Coben before, but will definitely read more of his books.

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