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My idea for running down to TN came from the hope of taking care of the yard work down there and getting back home before our golf course opened. The course is set to open on Thursday, and the weather is going to be perfect through to the end of the week-end. Woot woot.

Initially I told William I was thinking of just running down for 5 days or so. I was taken aback slightly when he said, 'go longer, stay as long as you want'. Of course most awesome husbands supports whatever I want to do, but my wifely brain thought, 'Jeez, how bad do you want me out of the house?'

I was way off – William explained it later as, hey, we own the house – you making the 9-10 hour drive to get there, doing a bunch of work – why not stay and actually enjoy the house?

Ahhh, okay.

Still – it's quite odd to be on 'vacation' by myself. I have done it about 5 or 6 times now, and this last time I enjoyed it the least of all trips.

I can sum it up in one feeling, 'guilt'.

So, why guilt – it's a bit hard to explain – but truly how can I not feel guilty for relaxing in TN when William is at work? I would rake leaves for 3 or 4 hours (that's my max – it's exhausting), then I'd feel guilty for lounging on the couch, and super bad feeling if I went golfing. If I was hanging out at the house I felt like I should be 'doing' something, and if I was doing something around the house in TN, I felt bad because I wasn't at home doing things there. I felt guilty for shopping, eating well, not cleaning more, golfing, not reading more. Essentially there was this weird feeling of guilt at every turn.

I felt like I didn't 'deserve' to enjoy myself, and seriously I've never had an issue with that before.

All in all, it was a good trip, but I'm hoping the feelings I had will stay in Tennessee. My life is too good not to fully enjoy it.  

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You’re lucky that I’m so fabulous…

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Ah… I've just been wanting to use that line for a few days now…

Pretty uneventful week-end planned… thankfully… tonight we are going to watch about 6 shows that we have DVR'd (2 Big Brothers, Survivor, Earl, Big Break) and eat HOME GROWN ASPARAGUS (I should take a picture before I cut them down…) and pork loin. The hot tub is probably still off limits due to recently completely stained deck (can I get a Woot woot?).

Tomorrow I have league registration (whereby I sit behind a table and attempt to appear helpful), then a little golf. Billy is going to cut the grass for the first time tomorrow (wow!). Might golf Sunday, not quite sure, and hopefully 'burgs and salads at MomG's on Sunday night.

Yep, hold onto your socks kids – it's crazy! Life's good

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QotD: I Left My Heart in…

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What do you love about where you live?
Submitted by Emu with a Clue.

We live just far enough away from the city to have fields behind us. We live close enough to the city to have all of its conveniences. The Town of Kingsville has low taxes. We are close to Detroit which is great for media and events. We have all four seasons. We are surrounded by 2 lakes which is fun in the summer. We live next to my mom and family which is surprisingly good. I love everything about where we live and our house. My only complaint would be that it is flat, flat flat. The biggest hill is the 401 overpasses… oh and the dumps…

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