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To me anyways…

It’s great when things just work the way you hoped, planned expected the first time around.  Yay technology and ease of use!

But – when something doesn’t go right, it’s less irritating when there’s a fun little message… such as:



It’s even better when something good happens: like occasionally I get virtually high fived by a monkey.



Sometimes it just makes my day.

(Oh and if you love playing with images, go thru AppSumo and find the deal on ShareasImage – so easy, money saving – if you pay for stock photography like I do – and fun!)

shareasimage (1)

That’s all for now – the countdown for vacation begins! Life is good.

A dog’s conversation

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This is a dog conversation that occurs pretty much every day.

And yes, my dogs do communicate telepathically.

Halia – My Liz just went upstairs, what do you think she’s doing?

Shank – I’ll go look!

Halia – I’ll go with you!

Shank – She’s in the bathroom! That’s a good sign!

Halia – What’s she doing in there? Go in.

Shank – The door’s closed, so I’ll push it open.

Halia – Push it open and I’ll go with you.


Halia – That could be a good sign, or a bad sign!

Shank – That could be a good sign! I’m going to start wagging my tail!

Halia – She’s not telling us to leave. That’s a good sign! I’m going to start wagging my tail and dancing around a bit.

Shank – Me too! I’m getting excited.

Halia – SHE’S GOING INTO HER CLOSET! This is getting good! Follow her!

Shank – OMG! SHE’S CHANGING HER CLOTHES! I’m starting to lose it! I might bite you because I’m so excited!

Halia – I’m excited too! Don’t bite me! I’ll growl and bite you back!

Shank – I can’t help it! I’m overwhelmed. I bite! I bite!

Halia – I’m going to dance around more!

Shank – Me too! I’m so excited!

Halia – She’s going for the entry closet!


Halia – Control yourself! She needs to put my collar on!


Halia – Let’s run for the garage door. I plan on tripping over you, growling, and whining.


Halia – She’s going for her shoes!


Halia – She’s opening the door! Be sure to get into the garage before she tells us no! Push, run, shove, whine!


Yep, pretty much everyday. Entertaining to say the least. Except on those occasions when I’m not taking them with me. Then they act like the most neglected, saddest, depressed canines ever.


Observations in a theatre

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Last night I took my niece and 2 of her friends to the opening night of the Twilight series, ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1’.

This is not a movie that I wanted to see in the theatre. We don’t go to the show often, so when we do it’s usually a ‘big’ movie (with the recent exception of ‘Puss in Boots’!).

I would like to note that the movie started at 10pm, not midnight. Taking the girls to a midnight showing would have been pushing it a bit.


1) I noticed a lot more boys/men in the audience for this movie. So either there are a lot of male closet die hard fans, or there are a lot of men hoping to either meet a girl, or please their girl.

2) I don’t want to be… rude, however, there were a lot of late teen/early 20’s women in attendance who are significantly overweight. A lot of those women I saw in the popcorn line buying nachos, pizza, hot dogs and more. It was a 10pm showing – didn’t they have dinner first? Were they eating their feelings of love for either Jacob or Edward? I don’t know, but it was really noticeable.

3) Spoiler alert (as if you care – or didn’t already read the book, haha) – Bella marries Edward. Bella gets pregnant on the honeymoon with a crazy fast growing life sucking potential monster. Bella is 18. Edward is like 94. I’m not at all a supporter of the following:

– anyone getting married at the age of 18 (and all that goes with that – not going to college, not experiencing life at all, although Bella had many run ins with the undead attempting to end her life, but still!)

– a girl marrying her first ever boyfriend

– a girl marrying a guy who is dead, or a vampire.

I know the motives of the author, she wanted her character to have a baby and all the drama that ensues. The author, as a devout Mormon, and could not possibly write about a woman having premarital relations – ergo a marriage at 18. Apparently the author is cool with:

– a woman/girl marrying at the age of 18, who hasn’t experienced life at all, (see above) pretty much marrying JUST because they are horny.

– a woman/girl marrying a dead guy/vampire, and hanging out with his murderous (at one time they all did) family.

– a woman planning on dying (suicide?) to attain immortality.

I mean c’mon Stephanie Meyer! It’s fiction! You can’t push the limit on one issue and yet completely disregard other sins.


Anyway – a highlight for me (aside from sitting next to a rather large male Twilight fan who probably hadn’t washed his hair in more than a week, who sat for 2 hours airing his junk, forcing me to cosy up to the theatre wall) was in the first 5 seconds of the movie when an upset Jacob ripped off his shirt and the theatre crowd when wild! Too funny.

So this was facebook status this morning: At the theatre watching Breaking Dawn last night wasn’t as crazy as I thought. I laughed pretty hard when about 5 seconds into the movie Jacob ripped off his shirt and the crowd went WILD. Ah, to be a teenage girl again!

My completely unsocialized uber Christian cousin wrote: As a teenager you ripped your shirt off in front of a movie crowd and they went wild?

Wha? Huh? Whatever.

He’s a pic my cousin would also not understand, he never once imbibing in his 30 something odd years (even refusing icing for carrot pudding as it had a speck of rum in it…)

4 varieties of Keith’s? Strongbow? Canadian? I don’t see how this week-end can’t be awesome!

From twitter

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Found this profile tonight…

Quirky, dedicated, enthusiastic….Passionately involved with my community, my family, my collge and striving for excellence in everything I understake.

My comment: except for spelling and grammar.

Of and about Saturday

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Saturday Kiki and I had tickets for the BROWNS in Detroit.

The game was at 5 and we ventured over the border with no issue around noon. The plan was to park, walk around a bit, hit a bar or two and eventually end up at the game.

I remembered there being a few small lots on Brush and immediately came upon some friendly Browns fans, so obviously I swung into that lot without checking out any others – good thing too, as they were the only gaggle of fans we saw.

Of course they were super nice – the Brown Backers club of South East Michigan – which I joined. Although I have been a Backer for a few years, I did not have a club affiliation, and this is a very active club. Perfect!

Kiki and I took off with our very well disguised drinks. Kiki had not been in that area in a long time so we wandered past Ford Field, Comerica Park (they're next to each other), near Fox Theatre and Hockeytown, and only 1 block away from Campus Martius where we could hear Jesse Jackson speak in a UAW/Democratic Party rally. We ended up at the Detroit Bar, where we had a few weird experiences, but ended up chatting with a group of guys who were at the rally.

We tossed around the idea of eating at the Detroit Fish Market, or Tom's Oyster Bar, but settled on a more 'fun' venue of Cheli's Chile – where we of course had Coney dogs.

We parked our butts on the near empty patio (it was pre-season and about 90*F) and watched the people pass.

 (That's Comerica Park in the background)

We were hassled a bit by Lions' fans, but nothing that wasn't all in fun. Our seats were great – first row upper deck, located luckily near a bar, as Kiki doesn't drink beer.

It was a good game, but then the Browns fell apart after some turnovers. I hope that Suh gets some type of punishment for trying to rip Delhomme's head off…

Anyway, there were very few Browns fans around, and after cheering wildly I would look about realizing that we were the only Browns fans (except for a guy about 20 rows up) in the entire area!

At the end of the game we were for no reason viciously screamed at by some Lions' fans, 'BROWNS suck! You suck!' etc… but they were really hostile and Kiki and I were rather shocked at their aggressiveness. Fun. Ah well… I was so bummed about the loss! ARG! I've only seen the Browns win once in person – and that was the second loss I've seen against Detroit – Detroit! Ah well, that is the life of a football fan…

Despite the loss, it was a very enjoyable day. I'm so not a city girl and rarely venture beyond my small town (and golf course) so it's always fun to spend the day in a big city.  

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Of and about Friday

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Friday was the 'Hawaiian Night' for the couples' league. We don't play in the couple's league as it's often too hard (especially this summer with William's crazy work schedule) to make it to the course on a Friday afternoon. The league has 3 or 4 themed events in a season and all are welcome to play (actually anyone can play in the league as well – just have to make a tee time…).

The Hawaiian theme was also featured last year, and was a total blast – so of course I wanted to play. Everyone decorates their carts, and most adorn themselves in rather tacky fashions.

I had an idea for our cart since last year… I'm not usually one to go halfway with these things – and I didn't this year either.

Our cart was a mobile Tiki Bar. How fun!

We flipped up at a right angle the wind guard and taped it to make the 'bar'. We had tiki torches, grass roof (although it kept blowing everywhere) drinks with little umbrellas, tiki napkins, a tray, several bar signs, and a stool. It was tricked out!

The funny, or odd, or something, I'm not sure what the right word is… is some people were coming over to the cart to ooh and ahh, having a good laugh, sitting on the stool and ordering a drink, and others (who also decorated their cart by the way) were looking at the cart and me like I'm such a loser. Someone even told me that I need to get a job (translated into 'get a life'?). Were they jealous of our super awesome award winning cart? No, it's a freaking decorated cart – who could be jealous of that? I think that some people judge so easily… it's okay for them to spend 10 minutes of their cart, but not acceptable for me to spend 25 minutes on mine… hmm… I only spent $12 on the cart stuff – we had the torches, flowers and most of the grass from last year – I had to buy the napkins and the bamboo – which I'll use as stakes in the garden.  

While I was doing up the cart, I was just wearing regular clothes and a hat – I didn't want to get my 'Hawaiian' outfit dirty and as soon as I was finished I ran up to the locker room to change – then the comments really started… why? Because I was showing (gasp!) cleavage. 

Part of the fun of these themed events is that you don't have to wear 'golf clothes'. I had this dress that I bought specifically to wear in Hawaii (it was $10…) and never did – now it's just too short, so I wore it as a shirt… I'm not exactly a 'small girl' – so yes I have boobs, which are usually packed into a sports bar for golf… there were some funny comments, 'are those new?' and that kind of thing… a couple of the guys want my to 'lei' them… how lame, but still all in fun… but there were some biting comments, 'that doesn't have a collar', 'I was just telling my friend here that I didn't recognize you, because you actually look pretty…' Nice.

 (Also note: fellow golfers never see me with my hair down, in fact, rarely without a hat – so yes, between the boobs and hair I got some double takes, which was nice, but really…) Kiki was looking pretty cute too!

Billy and I were waiting for Kiks and Jim to find a lost ball, so on the 4th fairway we got out the stool (it was bungee-corded to the back) and had a little drink! – We later picked up a stray plastic chair – so we had a bar and a patio – brilliant!

Good thing these mean people don't matter in my life! William, Kiks, Jim and I had a great time on the course – a ton of laughs and a challenging 'wife swap' format. There was a fund raiser for the pull cart and free jello shots. We all golfed pretty good, but more importantly, we had a ripping great time and ended the night around a fire at the patio.

Awesome – even with the mcmorons.   

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Good times

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Of course Cleveland was a great time!

We arrived early at the hotel, but we were allowed to check in, so that was fantastic. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Cleveland Arcade. It was built in 1890, and was the site of the first indoor 'mall' in America. It's a very cool building, shmancy railings, unique floors, grand staircases, high ceilings in our rooms, and a 300 foot long skylight – tiny elevators though. When we got into our room, I noticed that there were windows on two walls – how nice – one looked directly onto a huge A/C until, and the other a brick wall… ah well, we hung out in Kiks and Jim's room anyways – it was larger with a nice view.

Because we immediately checked in, we relaxed in the room and had a few drinks, then meandered down to the Team Shop (I love Team Shop) then over to Bob Golic's for some lunch (and drinks).

I love it when people do what I tell them to…

There was a better, although slightly obscene pic that I decided not post…

This is my dream golf cart!

At the Team Shop I bought a couple of shirts and Billy insisted we get this gnome. He is not an outside gnome, but rather an inside gnome. He obviously likes to party…

When we were leaving the team shop, we stopped to retrieve our G2 and vodkas from Kiki's purse/cooler bag. There were three cops standing there and the one asked if we had regular or flavored vodka in our G2's. We all acted shocked at the suggestion of vodka in our drinks, and joked around with the cops for a bit. Totally funny. I mean really, we weren't hurting anyone or publically being a-holes, so it was nice not to be hassled – and funny.

Sweet helmut.

Because it was pre-season, Cleveland wasn't nearly as crazy as we've seen it. I think a lot of the downtown bars were hoping for crowds, but it seemed pretty mellow, and the lots under the bridge were fairly empty.

The original plan was to head back to the hotel, change, drop off the gnome and pack some disposable coolers and head to the Muni Lots to see the crazy fans and tailgate, then get to the game nice and early. This plan was thwarted by rain. Rain, rain, steady pouring rain. Rats! Foiled again! We just hung out in the room, and close to game time, when the rain let up a bit we headed out. We headed out in the wrong direction! Damn Hyatt Regency Cleveland Arcade with identical front and rear entrances! We walked about 4 blocks in the wrong direction (probably mostly my fault – why people would follow or listen to me I have no idea…)… so now it's really coming down… I don't want to stop to pull out my rain poncho, so we continue on. We are all soaked. My orthodic sandals (yes, I know, I'm so cool) were drenched and the insoles were slipping out making me trip, so I walked the streets of Cleveland and even into the stadium barefoot. Ew. Kiki did too because rain made her sandals rub painfully.

A cop came up to Billy telling him he can't drink alcohol in public (he had rye and Pepsi in a platic cup – the rest of us had vodka cleverly contained and mixed with G2), he told the cop it was just Pepsi, so obviously the cop was cool with that. I laughed my ass off.

So in the stadium (we were late, of course damn it) I pulled on my rain poncho, we grabbed some drinks and discovered that our seats were actually nicely sheltered. Off came the poncho…. soon I realized that I need new glasses. I couldn't see anything going on in the field. I had to keep asking Billy what just happened. I'm making an eye doctors appointment today.

What I could see of the game, it was quite exciting, and me being at the Stadium is just so awesome. It was a close game, but in the end Cleveland lost… I've only seen Cleveland win once in person…

We had a fab time. I did miss staying the extra night – love going out for a nice dinner and having more time to see the city. The rain really hurt our plans, but it was certainly a night I won't forget – a great time, tons of laughs, silly circumstances…

Kiks and I have tickets for Saturday afternoons Browns at Lions game – it's gonna be great! 

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An actual conversation

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William came home from golf last night, and I had exciting news.

Me: Hi William

WM: Hello Elizabeth

Me: How was golf?

WM: We only played 9, we didn't tee off until 7, Jim was stuck in Sarnia.

Me: Did you have a preemptive panini?

WM: No, I had a deli sandwich.

Me: How did you golf?

Wm: Bad. It was a back start, I parred 10, 11 and birdied 12. On 13 I was in the ditch, hit over the green and took a bogey. 14 I drove right into the ditch and took a 7, then I bogeyed in from there.

Me: Hm, that sucks…. Um, I have great news!

WM: What?

Me: We have our Cleveland Browns tickets!

WM: 'Our' or 'your'?

Me: 'Our!' Oh, and guess who called me tonight?

WM: Who?

Me: Mike Holmgren

WM: Mike Holmgren the president of the Cleveland Browns?

Me: Yup. He thanked me for being such a good fan.

WM: Really?

Me: Yup. He invited me to Family Day this Saturday in Cleveland. I don't think I'm going to go though.

WM: Really? Did you talk to him?

Me: No, he just left me a message.

WM: What else did he say?

Me: He said that he thinks I'm really pretty.

WM: No he didn't.

Me: No he didn't. He said he was excited for this season.

WM: Did he say your name?

Me: Yes!

WM: Really?

ME: No.

WM: Was it a computer generated phone call?

Me: No!

WM: Really?

Me: I guess it was, but still, he called!

WM: You're a wack a doo.

So, you may think I'm a crazy Cleveland fan, and it's true… but I'm not one of those crappy bus driving, paint my car orange (I would if I could actually though…) kind of fan… but whoever made this is truly a fan with a LOT of time on their hands… this video features my new boyfriend Joel Reinders…

So randomly epic! Genius! Love it!

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An actual conversation

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Last night I played golf with Kiks and Silver T. We had a great time and a nice dinner after. This is the actual conversation when I arrived home. I was upstairs and William was chatting up through the 'hole'…

Me: Hello William!

Wm: Hello Elizabeth, how did you golf tonight?

Me: Um, not so good, we had fun though.

Wm: What did you shoot?

Me: Uh, 51… I had to take 3 strokes off that.

Wm: That's not so good, what's going on?

Me: Oh, I think I figured it out – I'm not worried about it.

Wm: That's good, what did you have for dinner.

Me: Um…. it was a bad 9, but no big deal.

Wm: Right. What did you have for dinner?

Me: allosghsdl esdhgf ijsahpname

Wm: What?

Me: perch sandwich….


Me: I had a perch sandwich!

Wm: Why in the world would you get a perch sandwich??

Me: I heard it was good.

Wm. No good can come from a perch sandwich!

Me: Actually it was quite delicious.

Wm: You're lying.

Me: It was very tasty with a garlic aioli sauce on it. I would get it again!

Wm: You're a wackadoo.


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I’m more of a frog person

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There are two types of people in this world: frog people and toad people. Just like their are either Elvis fans or Beatles fans: You can't be both.

I'm more of a frog person, but I saw this guy (let's just say he's a guy) yesterday on our patio, and I think he's rather cute. For a toad.

I also noticed that hopping is an incredibly inefficient way to travel…

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