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Brr and etc.

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GOM recently wondered where the fall has gone. Me too. I can’t get used to the cold temperatures, even though we’ve been experiencing unusually warm daytime highs (like 60*F) today. I’ve resisted turning on the furnace, as the house heats up by the afternoon, and in the evening the fireplace warms the house up nicely. I’m hoping to have one more super low gas bill before the real cold sets in (our last one was $54 – woo hoo).

So I’m freezing right now, our house being 17*C (double that number, subtract the first number from the total and add 32 is F – 17 + 17 = 34 – 3 = 31 + 32 = 63*F) not bad, but my body refuses to adjust to the new season. (I seriously don’t know Celsius except 0 is cold and 30 is hot, bad Canadian!)

I think fall flies by because I’m so desperately hanging onto summer, and before I know it, BOOM! Winter, snow, parkas, books, shovels, snow scrapers (although I park in the garage) and touques. I’ve noticed an increase in our laundry since the cooler weather has come – weird side effect.

Speaking of touques… you know you have a good husband when he comes home with a case of beer for me, and this is inside:

He knows me so well! If only it came with a real matching touque! Yes, I think it is spelled Touque and not Toque btw.

As a side note, a couple of weeks ago he came home with this for me:

Good husband. Bigger than a King Can. It’s like a Totalitarian Can, or something… I’m not double jointed by the way, and there was a much better pic, but it showed a nip. Not blog (or at all, really) appropriate…

Anyways, I think I’m completely resisting the change in weather now knowing we’ll be deep in the Caribbean in just over 2 weeks. The Cleveland game this week-end (yeah!), which of course is in an outdoor stadium, may have me suffering a bit, although it’s expected to be 50*F (no, I don’t know or care about the reverse conversion), much better than the game we saw last season (week 11 I think), which had a wind chill of about -5*F. But still. Brr.

Life is good, but chilly.


Get over it

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Speaking of the loss to Detroit on Saturday…. I'm reminded that this still pisses me off!

I have issues!

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Of and about Saturday

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Saturday Kiki and I had tickets for the BROWNS in Detroit.

The game was at 5 and we ventured over the border with no issue around noon. The plan was to park, walk around a bit, hit a bar or two and eventually end up at the game.

I remembered there being a few small lots on Brush and immediately came upon some friendly Browns fans, so obviously I swung into that lot without checking out any others – good thing too, as they were the only gaggle of fans we saw.

Of course they were super nice – the Brown Backers club of South East Michigan – which I joined. Although I have been a Backer for a few years, I did not have a club affiliation, and this is a very active club. Perfect!

Kiki and I took off with our very well disguised drinks. Kiki had not been in that area in a long time so we wandered past Ford Field, Comerica Park (they're next to each other), near Fox Theatre and Hockeytown, and only 1 block away from Campus Martius where we could hear Jesse Jackson speak in a UAW/Democratic Party rally. We ended up at the Detroit Bar, where we had a few weird experiences, but ended up chatting with a group of guys who were at the rally.

We tossed around the idea of eating at the Detroit Fish Market, or Tom's Oyster Bar, but settled on a more 'fun' venue of Cheli's Chile – where we of course had Coney dogs.

We parked our butts on the near empty patio (it was pre-season and about 90*F) and watched the people pass.

 (That's Comerica Park in the background)

We were hassled a bit by Lions' fans, but nothing that wasn't all in fun. Our seats were great – first row upper deck, located luckily near a bar, as Kiki doesn't drink beer.

It was a good game, but then the Browns fell apart after some turnovers. I hope that Suh gets some type of punishment for trying to rip Delhomme's head off…

Anyway, there were very few Browns fans around, and after cheering wildly I would look about realizing that we were the only Browns fans (except for a guy about 20 rows up) in the entire area!

At the end of the game we were for no reason viciously screamed at by some Lions' fans, 'BROWNS suck! You suck!' etc… but they were really hostile and Kiki and I were rather shocked at their aggressiveness. Fun. Ah well… I was so bummed about the loss! ARG! I've only seen the Browns win once in person – and that was the second loss I've seen against Detroit – Detroit! Ah well, that is the life of a football fan…

Despite the loss, it was a very enjoyable day. I'm so not a city girl and rarely venture beyond my small town (and golf course) so it's always fun to spend the day in a big city.  

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Week-end wrap up

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It's been a pretty mellow last few days around here.

On Thursday, despite my Franken-face, I ventured over to T'neeuh's for a little girl time. That chick knows how to host with never ending apps. I was some suffering from some type of allergy attack so I bowed out early, but still it was great to see everyone.

I was feeling so crappy but still went, as I assumed if I cancelled out the girls would think I was faking just so I could stay home and watch round one of the NFL draft. When I mentioned this, most of the girls were like, 'huh?'… I don't think anyone even knew the draft was going on, then I realized there is a world outside my head, and some of its inhabitants don't care a lick about football.

I do.

I arrived home and realized that I neglected to DVR round one of the draft! Arg! I wanted to know all the juice about Cleveland's first pick (7th overall)! Rats! I heard on the radio that Bradford was taken 1st, and I was bummed, as Cleveland lacks QB depth (my opinion). Well, I watched until it ended and felt much better. Golf season + warm weather + football = 1 happy LG.

Friday William went golfing with the boys and although he asked me, I didn't go, as he needed some man time. He's been working so hard lately. I was again, watching the draft, biting my nails, heart pounding when Tebow went, then Clausen! ARG! I thought for sure the Browns would snap up McCoy in the second round, but then they picked up a running back… ARG! I was dying… I thought for sure Houston would snatch McCoy, but then in the 3rd round (85th overall)… a smiling announcer walked on stage to the chants of 'We Want Colt' and I knew! Cleveland got him! Whew! I was so excited with no one to talk to, so I called Sutton Creek and talked to the bartender (they were watching the NHL playoffs) and asked him to tell William about McCoy. I don't think he shared in my excitement. Ah well.

Saturday, hmm… what did I do… oh, that's right, I watched more of the draft! It wasn't as exciting, but all the positive stuff said about McCoy made me feel shiny and good. I think I watched all but 2 hours of the draft from Thursday until Saturday… William and I watched some DVR'd shows Saturday night, and indulged in steak night date night, but no hot tub due to rain and gale force winds.

Sunday was super mellow, we pretty much just watched NHL playoffs, then ventured to MomG's for dinner. The highlight of the week-end was last night when William asked fme to get his credit card… and we bought 2 tickets to see the Cleveland Browns vs. the Miami Dolphins at SUN LIFE STADIUM IN MIAMI! DECEMBER 5th! Woo Hoo! How awesome is that??

Wow, life is good.   


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