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I'm feeling better, and looking forward to the week-end.

The kids (at least 2 of them) are sleeping over tonight. Actually we're getting off pretty easy because I'm picking them up from a dance at 10pm. Makes my evening easier…

Tomorrow night we are going to a surprise birthday party, which should be great, BUT, of course someone I try to avoid will be there. The problem is, you never know which version of her you're going to get! Sometimes normal, sometimes gushy, sometimes uber bitch faced…. you just never know. It keeps me on my toes I guess… there will be lots of people there to keep her away from me…

I'm grateful for feeling better today and to my husband who takes great care of me when I'm sick.

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Some holiday photos

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Here are some holiday pics for your viewing pleasure…

This was Halia's holiday picture. I discovered from BW that I (we) are not the only childless couple that sends out holiday cards featuring a picture of our pooch. Good to know that we are not alone!

Billy posing with MacNZ's pillow. I like his other face better!

Myles, Kaitlyn, Jim and Terry on Christmas morning, oh and Rat too. 

This is Rat the amazing drooling cat, (Gus lookalike) admiring the Christmas insanity. Rat hasn't a tail (t'was a very bad car accident) please don't tell him, he may get a complex about it. After his surgery my mom changed the spelling of his name to $$$Rhatt$$$ (the dollar signs are silent).

Me and Madisyn on Christmas morning. One is certainly cuter than the other.


Here lies Halia chewing on a bone amongst her Christmas booty. Spoiled dog!

Billy and BoBo. We all had our pictures taken with BoBo. I bet you can guess what the bottam of this picture depicts… typical male! 

Billy and Barry admiring the fancy dancing by Kiks, Jim or Beth.

Kiki celebrating her boxing victory with Jim looking on in (perhaps envious?) in the background.

Beth reveling in her boxing triumph. We kicked ass.


Fun, fun, fun.

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Of and about New Years

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Yesterday afternoon I was still recovering in bed and when Billy came in to check on me, I told him that I hated 2008. It ain't great.

I had a hang-over to beat all hang-overs, and I thought is was going to be a hang-forever because I felt mc'shitty until about 8pm. Yes, 8pm.

I must say that this New Years was absolutely fantastic. The night flew by! The dinner was exceptional, (if I do say so myself), the friends, the laughs, the games, the drinks, the snacks, the hot tub, (it was really windy and snowy…) everything. Best of all, Billy and I had a great time, and he totally helped out with food and cleaning up whilst I entertained… (watching me DDR is entertaining…)


This is why you don't Dance Dance with a cocktail:


I also would like to thank my friends that came over. I hope that you had as good of a time as we did.

Lastly, (well nearly) I love our house. It is so perfect for what we do. We're able to all be in the same room, some boxing, or playing tennis while others are snacking and conversing. It works so well for us, and it makes me happy.

Now re: resolutions, I don't really have any that warrant reviewing. Be a good person, possibly attempt to earn some money, (l love having no pressure to do so…) be a better wife, daughter, friend, dog mom: read more, and spend less time watching TV… etc, etc, etc.

All the best to y'all.

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A very Brown Christmas

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Christmas was great! I was spoiled rotten yet again! The friends, family and all that goes with the season was just perfect.

Billy bought me, (although we 'agreed' not to exchange gifts this year, and instead get a TV for the bedroom) a sweet Browns' Santa's hat, a Cleveland Browns' scarf and a Joshua Cribbs ball cap. Sweet. I received great clothes, some Lush bath bombs, (yummy) a futuristic herb garden, a booze dispenser (awesome, can't wait to use it on New Years..) a new DDR game, a mini crock pot, perfect for brie dip (yes!) a Rhodesian Ridgeback calender, a little hat, a couple of books, and more if you can believe it. I also learned what to do in case of a Reindeer attack! (whew!)

I think that everyone liked what we got them too. My mom loves her new monitor, and me thinks a certain husband may get one like it soon… The boys always like anything from West 49, and MacNZ is the easiest person in the world to please…

So obviously not only about the presents, it was fun at my mom's with all the kids. They had a great time, t'was a wee zany. At Mom G's we had a fantastic dinner and player a card game for several hours. It was a night of F bombs that will not soon be forgotten.

Life is so good, and I'm so lucky to have family, friends, and the necessary wherewithall to enjoy it all. I hope that y'all did too!

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Random updates

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Nothing important or unusual, just a quick note, because Billy is on his way home with Chinese…

– Billy has been working a ton lately, and is supposed to work all week-end. That sucks!

– The house is clean, the presents are wrapped, the cards are mailed, (except a few…), the pooch is at MomG's, all is well in the Grady house.

– I really like Fresca, and that may be my next kick, I forgot how good it was, still reminds me of lemon gin…

– The least used lights in our house has to be the 2 eyes that highlight the fireplace, the hallway light, and the light at the bottom of the stairs, there is some trick to getting that one on, and after 3 years I still don't know it. We also have a switch that has no purpose as far as I can tell.

– The stockings are hung by the chimney with care.

– That "Elf Youself" website it pretty funny and only takes about 2 minutes to upload the photos. Christ, the one I did with Billy and his two friends is FRICKIN' FUNNY!! Mark has his eyes closed and looks like he is trying to be sexy at times, and Davey looks like his retarded cousin… Awesome!

– Cleveland may, I say may, get about 2 feet of snow this week-end. I am not tempted to scoot there on Sunday and watch the game. No sireebob.

– It seems that my latest and greatest bender is Not Sleeping! Arg! I'm losing my mind!

Better go, the Chinese is coming!


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Madisyn’s big adventure

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Maddie, my niece, who is almost 4, and lives 2 houses, away came over for a visit.


During this visit we:

-played hide and go seek

-ate a banana with sugar

-drank some OJ

-then some milk, because the OJ hurts her lips


-drew pictures of rainbows, clouds, and hearts

-looked at pictures from Grandmom's birthday party in June

-looked at a picture of Maddie on the computer

-located, but did not make hot chocolate. We decided on the best place to keep it until she comes over cold

-plugged in the Christmas lights and admired from 3 different angles, including outside

-tried to locate a baby bird that has no feathers, parents, siblings or friends, named a 'oogaloo' (I may not have spelled that properly, Maddie didn't know how to spell it…) this bird sometimes looks like a leaf.

-fed the elusive 'oogaloo'

-put out more bird feed

-made a take home package of bird food for Maddie

-counted the how many neighbours have Christmas lights up. (including me and Grandmoms)

-watched a little of Shrek the Halls

-sat by the fireplace being 'cosy'

-made grape Kool-aid

-was half scared to death by the sorting hat from Harry Potter

-I saw demonstrations of how to be a proper lion

-I watched some great dance moves


We capped off this visit by walking home, (near the road, so we didn't step in dog poop) with Maddie carrying her bright pink unbrella, opened, above her head, of course, despite the fact that there wasn't a cloud in the sky.


Oh to be 4.


I don't know how you guys do it… she was over for only an hour…

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