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Last week’s to-do list was a complete fail. I was given a project to do at work that took me about 6 hours, then I accepted a small thing for the organization I do volunteer work for, which took me another 6 hours – plus all the normal stuff I have to do in a week…. needless to say that are things that did not get done. Oh well.

Now I’ve taken on another thing that I can kind of poke at now and then, so some things might not get done any time soon. Oh well.

Week-end wrap up:

William went out on Friday after work which was perfect for me, as I worked about 5 hours on that volunteer project.

Saturday William and I ventured to a little dive bar to meet his boss and some other friends for a ‘meat draw’ (and cocktails). I’m pretty sure our group (save William’s boss) were the youngest in the place. Like who has ‘meat draws’? It was actually pretty fun. We then went home and had a nice date night (yes, prime rib and more cocktails were involved) – we watched a couple of shows, went in the hot tub and a played a board game. Fun.

Sunday we lounged quite a bit (William went to the gym and worked a bit though…) and watched football all afternoon and evening. T’was a good week-end!


Work, (nothing crazy, actually right now everyone is Arizona but me!) walking the dogs, hitting the gym, getting the house ready for SuperBowl, and clearing up the things I didn’t get done last week.

Life’s good.


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I woke up this morning at the ungodly hour of 4am and could not fall back asleep, suffering from an undeserved hangover due to lack of sleep. I only had 5 beers last night – c’mon! Not fair! I tried Kikipants trick and I gagged down a banana – no help! I was cured by puppy breath when my oldest brother popped by with his 8 week old puppy – I thought it was a British Bulldog, but looking at pictures online I’ve realized it’s not. Suffice to say the puppy is so cute, and now I feel better. Who knew?

Tonight William and I are having a date night and are even venturing outside the house to do so! We were going to go indoor golfing, but the place it booked, so we’re going to see a movie then have prime rib at home. Nice! Tomorrow is poochy’s 6th birthday, so we’re having dinner at MomG’s (which we do almost every Sunday anyways) and Halia will rip open gifts (which are actually her own toys re-wrapped – she’s still appreciative!) and will have a few extra treats that day.

This month, although during ‘the yawn’ is flying by! Thank God!

I’ve joined on a two week trial (the membership is $300 a year, too rich for my blood) and have had great success finding the ancestors of my maternal great grandfather (the Major General). I discovered that his grandfather, at the age of 23 was a lawyer in Ontario and was living at the same address as his future wife and her family when she was 11! Creepy! Rather pervy really. On my other side, I found my paternal great grandmother lived in miliary barracks (her husband was a sergeant) and she and her 2 oldest daughters were all born in India… she had her first child when she was 17! Hey! Oh well, it was like 1870… so that’s pretty neat, but incredibly addictive and frustrating! I’m planning on moving all the new information onto – although not nearly as good, but free.

The bitter cold is almost gone. Seriously, -8*F is just to freaking cold! It’s actually supposed to be in the 40’s this coming week – we haven’t seen temperatures in the 40’s since November! Break out the flip flop and tanning oil! With these temperatures it’s nearly impossible to believe that we’ll be golfing in less than 2 months. This was William shovelling again last week…

That’s a lot of snow!

Ain’t no party like a mourning dove party!

These dang birds hang out on the trellis around the hot tub and often on the hot tub. I feel sorry for them so I throw out bird seed once in a while.

So that’s about it… life’s good!

A little random

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Last night BMW and I walked the Chrysler Greenway, (only about 1/4 km of it) from her house in Kingsville and ended up at the coolest little restaurant: Mattawas Station. It was the old Kingsville Train Station, built by that crafty Hiram Walker in 1889 to 'better serve his business'.

It was restored and converted into a restaurant in 2008 – just the coolest little place – oh, and great food and local wines. Yum! It was so neat that we took the Greenway (converted railroad tracks) to get there… next time I'll take pics.


I know that you all are relieved to know that my mother discovered a few more pages of my Grandfather's history. I have never read the additional pages (11 I think), and there is a smaller part 2, as well as other little stories such as the first time he attempted to borrow money from a bank. I've decided not to read ahead, just to keep things interesting. I really hope we are nearing the end of the dental desriptions!


Tonight is date night, steak night, great night – we haven't had one in a while so I'm looking forward to that. Tomorrow William has his 'man-date' with Nick (William lost a golfing bet, Nick's the bartender at Sutton Creek). When I was telling my mom about the man-date she asked me if Nick was gay.

Oh how I laughed – if you've ever met Nick, or heard of Nick stories, you know he is certainly not gay… yes he takes good care of himself, yes he does tend to change outfits several times in one evening, yes he and William are golfing together, then going out to dinner and a movie alone, but he is not gay!

So that's funny.

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A little bit into date night last night (no horseradish for me btw) William and I decided to take a break from watching DVR'd shows and venture into the hot tub.

He opened it up, and I was um, naked, save a touque, (if you don't know what a touque is, look it up, and I say that a true Canadian needs a 'u' in the proper spelling) and a little um, drunk, with my red wine in one hand an a nice Cuban (not illegal here) cigar in the other. Then I slipped in the slush on the deck.

I've realized that my mind works pretty fast… 'what to do?' I thought on the way down… drop the wine, the cigar or both? Land on my hands?

I couldn't decide fast enough and ended up dropping the cigar in the snow, landing with all my weight just below my left knee and spilling the entire glass of wine. Not elegant, not graceful, not sexy.

It looks like a medium sized animal was slaughtered beside the hot tub. Awesome. And my the lump and bruise on my shin is just another example of why I was never really meant to be a supermodel. Super.


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