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I'm sitting here waiting for MomG to call so we can take the pooch to Sutton Creek for a nice walk – she is 'babysitting' a little dog for a neighbor who is attending a funeral this morning, and that dog is too small (and a little too annoying) to bring on this walk.

However, I'm freezing. It's freezing outside. Our thermostat says 21*C and apparently it's 21*F outside. Whatever - I'm cold! Depending on which minute from what source you check the weather, we're supposed to get 2-4, 4-6, 6-8, 8-10 or 10-12 inches of snow today/tonight. Who knows. Lake effect can be iffy like that.

I know our neighbor across the street is probably praying for a ton of snow. He has only had the opportunity to use his snowblower 3 times this year. For shame! We've only had like 12 inches this year compared to like 40 inches last year… I have noticed that our next door neighbor (uh, not my mom, the other side) thankfully does not have her 2 dogs (both with short hair mind you) outside in the blowing cold temps, so that's good.


My favorite crackers (although I'm trying to avoid processed food right now… how's that working?) are Trisketts Rye and Caraway Seed (darned good) and All Bran Garlic and Wheat (but you can only buy those in the States, which I did last week).


I don't care one bit about American Idol. I do like Ellen and her talk show occasionally, if it's on and I notice it kind of thing, but it's not going to make me watch American Idol, and I think I might the only person in the Western Hemisphere who couldn't care any less.


Bah, so Super Bowl (not a great game, nor great commercials, btw, but the festivities were fun…) is over, and now the only 'big thing' on the horizon is the beginning of golf season which is still 2 months away… There are many little fun things; get togethers, V-day, William's birthday, the golf show, and of course steak night date nights to look forward to, but this is the time when I 'come down'. Many people feel like this after the holidays, but for me it's after Super Bowl. From the end of March until Super Bowl there is always something going on… camping, golfing, club events, parties, the holidays, fun fun fun! But right now I have to focus on the little things and appreciate this down time.  

All golfers I have spoken to are 'getting the itch'. I'm scratching myself raw over here. Oh, indoor golfing next week with Kiks and JD Barb, that's something to look forward to… 😉


I'm not a huge fan of change. Apparently either Facebook is changing, or has, and I haven't noticed. People bitch about the change, then forget how it used to be in 2 weeks. What irritates me is that our garbage night has changed. We used to put it out every Tuesday (recycle is every other Tuesday - very convenient), now it's on Thursday nights. I don't like it, not one bit! I think I'll always fondly remember garbage night on Tuesdays… sigh…

Oh, and change – the food and beverage manager at Sutton Creek was let go due to budget issues. Crazy! That'll be a huge change at the course this year.


I have got to start reading again! I've only read 4 books this year – I tend to read way more in the winter than in the summer (due to golf and the love of the great outdoors), but I've been playing my DS at night instead of reading. I'll try to down 2 books before I pick up the DS again, but not tonight – I'm going to BMW's.


I'm going to go look for something to clean.   

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A word about the week-end

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Okay, more than 1 word…

Friday I was pretty tired from driving all day… how that tires one out, I'll never know… anyways… we pretty much lounged about, and that was nice.

Saturday Billy skipped golf and we had a bunch of things to do around the house. He washed and waxed both vehicles, while I vacuumed and cleaned the inside of the car, and did laundry.

We ate dinner, packed up some snacks and drinks and yes, went to the drive in in Grand Bend… of course we tossed the futon mattress in the back of the pick-up!


I know, I know, to drive for 2 hours to see 2 movies at a drive in, but we totally love it! It was packed as the movies were Indiana Jones and Iron Man (both were really good, pleasantly surprised by Iron Man's awesomeness…) We guessed that there were well over 1,000 people there, many left after the first movie…

The first movie didn't even start until after 9:30, and the second was done around 2 am I think. We decided to be complete redneck losers and catch some z's on the side of the road somewhere between Arkona and Watford (aka: nowheresville and Home of the Silver Stick…).

The most ridiculous part of the entire adventure was us waking up and wanting to leave, (have to pee!) and discovering that there was a guy reading a paper in a van about 10 feet from us… Oh well, suck up the fact that we're losers… we crawl out of the back just in time to be completely busted by another guy in another van pulling his golf clubs out of the back. He laughed at us. Figuratively, seriously; I was mortified (but only for like 2 seconds… then it was pretty funny…) I know I would laugh pretty hard if I saw two ratty looking people crawling out of the back of a pick-up at 6:30 on a Sunday morning…haha 

When we got home, Billy and I pretty much showered and went and golfed 18 holes (golfed okay… I am now sporting a fantastic farmer's tan…) then went to MomG's for prime rib. Delicious, fun times.  

So, how many of my friends would sleep in the back of a pick-up on the side of the road? At age 34 3/4? I don't know if any would, so am I super classless? I don't think I care about that anymore. It was fun and one of the best week-ends ever! I love my life!

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QotD: Charmed, I’m Sure

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What is a "charmed life"?

Uh, mine… ;P

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