Rather cranky

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This last week was a little annoying and frustrating work-wise. I usually don’t let things like that bother me. Believe it or not, I am a very happy person and not a lot bothers me.

I just couldn’t seem to shake this dark cloud following me around. I reviewed all the awesomeness in my life – no help. I tried to pinpoint exactly what was bugging me – no good.  I was just cranky on the inside and couldn’t shake it.

Despite having a ‘life highlight’ this week, a super awesome week-end planned, and a very successful fun summer thus far – Am I fully recovered? No, but nearly. I still have moments of gloom of undetermined origins. Weird.

Let’s discuss…

Life highlight – I won’t get too ‘golf speak’ on y’all, but I played in an Ontario qualifying event on Tuesday and won. That’s right. I won for all of Ontario, out of hundreds of golfers.  How? Good luck, good game, good times and my best round at Sutton Creek since August 2010.  (Oh and I realized I was holding my hands too far from my body in the last few months…) In the scope of things, it really doesn’t mean much, but is still cool nonetheless.

Summer goodness – I’ve spent a lot of time at the pool. I’ve read, went to TN, had cocktails and worked on the patio. I’ve taken the dogs on great walks (not lately though, as Shank has a really bad limp, poor little guy), I’ve gone to the beach, had friends over, went camping, had great date nights with William, went to Grand Bend, the drive-in, Port Stanley, pool parties, and got together with the girls a couple of times. I’ve kept up on gardening and yard work. I’ve worked hard, received a bonus, and am nearly ‘caught up’ on things. Summer hasn’t passed me by in the least. I make an effort everyday to enjoy it.

Upcoming stuff – Golf and dinner tonight with William. Port Stanley, beautiful beach, cool bars, cocktails, people watching, and corn-hole tomorrow at/with William’s cousin and girlfriend. More golf this week, and the first pre-season BROWNS vs. Lions game and tailgate party next Friday afternoon.

All this is all so good, but still, I’m not feeling quite myself.

Life’s good, just a wee bit off.

Summer is good

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Well, it seems that my internet access is down… hm… good time to write a quick post in Word, before I start my newest book.

So lately… summer is flying by! Crazy! Last week was my birthday and we ventured to Goderich with Shank for a long week-end camping. It was absolutely fabulous! We have camping down pat after doing it every year for about 6 years now. The weather was perfect – high 70’s, low 80’s. We played 20 games of cornhole (I only won 3! William is a savant).The off-leash dog beach was great, and we had so much fun watching Shank play with the other dogs and in the waters of Lake Huron. We walked in the Maitland River, around the walking paths in Goderich, and spent the afternoon in Grand Bend, and finished the night at the drive in.

We saw the new Batman and the latest Men in Black – awesome. The drive-in was sold out and a great time as per usual. The second movie didn’t start until 12:45 am – and we didn’t get back to our campsite until 4!

Shank at the Starlight drive-in…

Golf has been great, although my game is not. We’re in a pretty good drought right now, but the course is still in pretty good shape.

I’ve been working a lot – trying to cross things off my ‘marketing intervention wake-up call’ – finishing random projects 1, 2, 3,  and 4 (woo hoo), and this week is no exception – lots to do at the end/beginning of the month. Ah well.

Here’s my favourite veggie bed – Carrots, swiss chard (2 varieties), tomatoes, green peppers…

So life is exceptionally good – just going by too fast!

I’m still here if anyone is still reading this

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I don’t even know when the last time I posted was. Ugh. I have become what I hate. A bad bad blogger.

I have still been regularly reading several blogs, some which I’ve followed for years, however, I’m lazy and read them on Google Reader, and ergo it’s difficult (meaning several steps!) to comment. So I’m also a bad neighbour. That’s what I still miss about Vox, it was so easy to read and comment on all the blogs I followed (‘cept Gus Greeper…)

Anyways… life is great for me. Busy crazy fun. 2 weeks ago a girlfriend and I went to a Cleveland Browns pre-season game (against the Lions) and we had a fab time – and a relatively cheap time.

Last week-end Billy and I went camping sans pooch (her legs aren’t good enough to jump into the camper or go for long walks) so we golfed a couple of times and just had a perfect week-end away. Even the weather co-operated for the first time in years!

There are a lot of good things coming up, and past. One day I hope to share some pics! The job(s) are really affecting me. Things I was so anal about before are completely neglected. I’m a faster typer. I’ve only read about 10 books this entire year! My golf handicap has gone up by 4 (arg!). I don’t know all the new Browns players. I only ventured into the pool a handful of times this summer….


My recent posts, (in case you’re wondering, whoever you might be!) are because a part of my one job is optimizing and posting blogs to a website that uses WordPress. It’s cranky and tempermental and often won’t let me upload pics, unless I link to a URL – hence random business related pics. More curious? Click here.

So of course I’m going to try to blog more. Of course I am. It’s right up there with clean the counters and sinks more, drink more water, drink less beers, and weed the garden more.

Hey – life’s good, but fast eh?

2010 in review

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In general, 2010 was a fairly awesome year, let’s review…

We rang in the New Year at our house with friends where we watched the Canadian juniors lose to the US. Other than that, it was a great party.

A few days into the New Year I received a call from William which started, ‘I just wanted to call you, in case you try to reach me later and can’t get a hold of me…’ AKA as the Frankenfinger incident when the end of Billy’s middle finger was nearly severed as a few hundred pounds of steel fell on it and the other broke in half. (also noteworthy is that it was my brother’s fault). This is what it looked like a week or so later…


Certainly not a highlight of 2010.

A definite highlight of 2010 was the Olympic games. It was a time we were all so proud to be Canadian. The best of the best was the men’s team winning gold in Olympic hockey. It was a great night that I will never forget!

I ventured to Tennessee twice last year, once on my own to rake leaves and clean up the yard, and again in the summer with Kiki to golf and have fun. It was a great trip and we had fan-damn-tastic time.

I golfed from late March until mid November this year. I promised myself to enjoy the course this year and not get too involved, but rather be a participant in the fun as opposed to the organizer. This worked fairly well, but I did end up serving on the board (until it was disbanded in August), being the volunteer co-ordinator for the RCGA Canadian Juniors Ontario Golf Championship, (which I did not volunteer to do, but I saw my name with that title in a newsletter… hmm),

helped with 9 hole stats, helped William hold a charity tournament, and our Essex County Masters Event (which doubled in size from last year – sounds impressive, doesn’t it?) and raised over $5,000 being present and selling tickets at every event! Next year (if there is a next year, our course went bankrupt and is for sale… the new owners might not honour memberships… ugh…)  I dropped my handicap significantly in 2010 without a single lesson. I tried to practise at least twice a week for a half hour at a time, (that and seeing repeatedly what a good swing looks like on Tiger Woods Golf 2010… no seriously, it helped) I finished the season being one of the lowest female handicappers at our course (it is a small membership, hence bankruptcy…) with a 12 index. Fancy that!

There were several fantastic events and tournaments I played in – so much fun with friends. I’m so lucky.

We went camping only once this summer, and had one solid day of good weather, but left 2 days early due to extreme rain. Fun though.

We went to the drive in twice, but only made it in once, as we were turned away as the place was packed! It was funny to meet our friends at the drive in (which is 2 hours away) by chance!

It was a great year for me to be a Cleveland Browns fan, but not in proud to be a fan, look how awesome our team is, winning season kind of way… Kiki, William, Jim and I ventured to Cleveland 2 times in 2010 (once already in 2011!), Kim and I saw the Browns play Detroit in pre-season, and Billy and I saw the Browns in Miami. Of course my life as a football fan would be exponentially better if the team had a winning season, or, God forbid made the playoffs, but such as it is… woo is LG… Still, we had a tremendous amount of fun in Cleveland and every week in football season following the Brownies.

Our cruise in late November was of course a major highlight. It was probably one of the most relaxing vacations I’ve ever had!

On a more somber note, Halia, our Rhodesian Ridgeback turned 5 in February. Ridgies don’t have long live spans and she is currently suffering from arthritis in her spine. Although she regularly sees the vet and is well medicated, it is difficult to see her aging, and not really being able to help her (she weighs 100+ lbs). Also my cat, who has always lived with my mom, had to be put down in the late fall. He had a bowel obstruction and nothing could have been done to save him. He had an amazing life though – a good 13+ years. That’s probably the hardest thing about the years starting fly past; although you can pack as much fun and adventure into as one can handle (or afford!), everyone ages. So I guess it is about enjoying every moment and even making a simple night out with friends or an afternoon at home by myself memorable and enjoyable.

All the best to everyone in 2011… life is good.


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Like I've just mentioned, we were washed out of the campsite, and came home on Friday. It's not all that bad considering the rain storm here at home was so severe that 2 local campgrounds were evacuated! Crazy!

Well, being another year older, and wiser, (of course) I'm really making an effort to 'be in the present'. By that I mean not thinking about what I'm going to do next, but instead, savouring the moment.

While camping, instead of thinking about setting up the campsite, walking on the beach, or making dinner - I enjoyed the drive…

Here's sleepy poochy – just like William – doesn't want to fall asleep! Something might be going on!

This is a new sign on the 401… the old one said something like, 20 over the limit: $100 fine, 30 over the limit: $200 plus 2 demerit points, then 50 over the limit: $10,000 fine, loss of license… now they just get right to the point… here's the new one…

Any questions?

Creepiest Sign Ever. This sign is so creepy I would not only never go in that house, I would be afraid to call the number, and was actually scared slowing down in the truck to take the picture…

Aaaahhhhh! Hide your children! Really? You want Michael Jackson to represent your costume business? Does the umbrella come with the costume?

As on any road trip, we cross many streams, creeks and rivers. I have two favorites on the way to Goderich… here is my second favorite…

When we drive over the bridge, I like to yell, 'Woo hoo! Browns Creek No. 1!' Or in this case, the not so enthusiastic but still fun, 'Woo hoo! Browns Creek No. 2!'.

Wednesday was a gorgeous evening, and also my birthday… we hung out around the beach

The Maitland River was so high and raging (I actually fell and may be in the only person ever to be cut by slime) that we walked the CNR trails instead… always a nice walk.

If the idea was to place this bench with a nice view -  FAIL!

It was a short trip, and we didn't do all I was hoping to (Grand Bend, Drive in, more time at the beach, walking the paths in the park…) but it was pretty good… life is good.

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Careful what you wish for

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'Careful what you wish for' – one of the most annoying expressions in the English language isn't it? It's like saying, 'I told you so – but I didn't because it was so obvious, and you're really dumb as chum to wish for that really.'

For the last few weeks, I've wanted rain, sweet rain. Why – to green up our wheat field of a yard, to refill the rain barrel, (actually to water the garden so I don't have to haul water from the rain barrel to the garden…) for the health of our golf course and the sanity of the grounds crew… I wanted rain really really badly.

I was also really looking forward to our camping trip to Goderich, and guess what? It rained.

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon, and truly had a great day. We went down to the beach, played around the campsite and enjoyed a nice dinner and campfire together. The area had obviously had rain lately, as the river that we enjoy walking in was several inches deeper than normal and raging. Poor poochy couldn't fight the current and a few times we watched her drift a little downstream before she made it to the shoreline.

The Thursday night it rained – oh how it rained – about 2 inches. Even if the rain stopped, it would have been too wet to walk the grounds like we normally do. We were planning on heading into Grand Bend for the day (walk the beach, dinner, drive in movie), but if it's supposed to rain, not much fun.

We packed up and arrived home early Friday afternoon, and guess what? It rained here. Oh, how it rained. Pouring, soaking, flash flood kind of rain. William and I back washed my mom's pool to a normal level, and 2 hours later the pool was over flowing. In 7 years I have never seen that.

We've made the best of the week-end. We've watched DVR'd shows, played a crappy round of badminton, watched possibly the Worst Movie Ever, 'Mega Piranha' (it's SyFy and supposed to be bad…) ate a fantastic steak dinner, and just relaxed in general – just what William needs.

Overall, an enjoyable week-end. 

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Simply random

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It rained here last night – oh the joy of rain. Yes, our yard still resembles a wheat field, but the corn looks great, the garden is doing well and I'm certain the rain barrel is full.

This year the farmer who crops our land ('our' meaning my mom…) planted corn – a welcome sight from the last two years of soya beans – the last year organic specifically for tofu ergo a field full of ugly weeds. Anyways, the corn is high and regal and on two sides of our yard it provides a natural fence. It looks great – love it!

Kiki and I had our last (there were only 2) match for ladies double match play (although it's not match play format… long story, whatever). I played like a complete donkey with multiple penalties and duffed shots. It was my worse score in over 6 weeks! Kiks ended up shooting a couple under her handicap, so obviously she was pleased with that, and that helped the cause! 

We 'won', but the thing is, I played poorly – so it doesn't feel good. Adding to that is the fact that we only won because our opponent stiffed one over the green on 18 and took a penalty. Because of the format (long story, whatever), I only had a suspicion that we had 'chance' going into 16, and we didn't know who won until we all sat down and did some serious math.

So my point is… it's of course nice to win, but not so nice when I played poorly, and we only won because our opponent happened to suck worse on that one hole.

Ah well.

CAMPING TOMORROW! I don't think I've ever looked more forward to camping ever! William needs a vacation so very much, and we always have a great time in Goderich… let's check the forecast… it's supposed to be good. Whew!

I have some camping related organizing to do today, (love it!) a little shopping, a few things to do around here, (water indoor plants, laundry, etc), then golf this afternoon. Can I get a woot woot?

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