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Saturday Kiki and I had tickets for the BROWNS in Detroit.

The game was at 5 and we ventured over the border with no issue around noon. The plan was to park, walk around a bit, hit a bar or two and eventually end up at the game.

I remembered there being a few small lots on Brush and immediately came upon some friendly Browns fans, so obviously I swung into that lot without checking out any others – good thing too, as they were the only gaggle of fans we saw.

Of course they were super nice – the Brown Backers club of South East Michigan – which I joined. Although I have been a Backer for a few years, I did not have a club affiliation, and this is a very active club. Perfect!

Kiki and I took off with our very well disguised drinks. Kiki had not been in that area in a long time so we wandered past Ford Field, Comerica Park (they're next to each other), near Fox Theatre and Hockeytown, and only 1 block away from Campus Martius where we could hear Jesse Jackson speak in a UAW/Democratic Party rally. We ended up at the Detroit Bar, where we had a few weird experiences, but ended up chatting with a group of guys who were at the rally.

We tossed around the idea of eating at the Detroit Fish Market, or Tom's Oyster Bar, but settled on a more 'fun' venue of Cheli's Chile – where we of course had Coney dogs.

We parked our butts on the near empty patio (it was pre-season and about 90*F) and watched the people pass.

 (That's Comerica Park in the background)

We were hassled a bit by Lions' fans, but nothing that wasn't all in fun. Our seats were great – first row upper deck, located luckily near a bar, as Kiki doesn't drink beer.

It was a good game, but then the Browns fell apart after some turnovers. I hope that Suh gets some type of punishment for trying to rip Delhomme's head off…

Anyway, there were very few Browns fans around, and after cheering wildly I would look about realizing that we were the only Browns fans (except for a guy about 20 rows up) in the entire area!

At the end of the game we were for no reason viciously screamed at by some Lions' fans, 'BROWNS suck! You suck!' etc… but they were really hostile and Kiki and I were rather shocked at their aggressiveness. Fun. Ah well… I was so bummed about the loss! ARG! I've only seen the Browns win once in person – and that was the second loss I've seen against Detroit – Detroit! Ah well, that is the life of a football fan…

Despite the loss, it was a very enjoyable day. I'm so not a city girl and rarely venture beyond my small town (and golf course) so it's always fun to spend the day in a big city.  

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