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I'm a little excited right now… just had a conversation with my Cleveland Browns boyfriend… a conversation (okay, it was on Facebook and typed) initiated by HIM!

Woot woot!

Monday I golfed, Tuesday I golfed, Wednesday at the last minute I golfed, and poorly, losing my match play, and today I'm golfing in the Crime Stoppers tournament at Sutton Creek… it's a fairly large tourney and should be fun. I think I'll take pics…

This week William has worked, then worked again, then worked some more in this insufferable heat – which is a billion times worse in an elevator machine room or shaft. He did however golf last night and he and PF won their match and are playing in the A flight Championship! I'm so happy for him!

Wow wee life is good… I just wish William wasn't working so hard this summer….


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An actual conversation

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William came home from golf last night, and I had exciting news.

Me: Hi William

WM: Hello Elizabeth

Me: How was golf?

WM: We only played 9, we didn't tee off until 7, Jim was stuck in Sarnia.

Me: Did you have a preemptive panini?

WM: No, I had a deli sandwich.

Me: How did you golf?

Wm: Bad. It was a back start, I parred 10, 11 and birdied 12. On 13 I was in the ditch, hit over the green and took a bogey. 14 I drove right into the ditch and took a 7, then I bogeyed in from there.

Me: Hm, that sucks…. Um, I have great news!

WM: What?

Me: We have our Cleveland Browns tickets!

WM: 'Our' or 'your'?

Me: 'Our!' Oh, and guess who called me tonight?

WM: Who?

Me: Mike Holmgren

WM: Mike Holmgren the president of the Cleveland Browns?

Me: Yup. He thanked me for being such a good fan.

WM: Really?

Me: Yup. He invited me to Family Day this Saturday in Cleveland. I don't think I'm going to go though.

WM: Really? Did you talk to him?

Me: No, he just left me a message.

WM: What else did he say?

Me: He said that he thinks I'm really pretty.

WM: No he didn't.

Me: No he didn't. He said he was excited for this season.

WM: Did he say your name?

Me: Yes!

WM: Really?

ME: No.

WM: Was it a computer generated phone call?

Me: No!

WM: Really?

Me: I guess it was, but still, he called!

WM: You're a wack a doo.

So, you may think I'm a crazy Cleveland fan, and it's true… but I'm not one of those crappy bus driving, paint my car orange (I would if I could actually though…) kind of fan… but whoever made this is truly a fan with a LOT of time on their hands… this video features my new boyfriend Joel Reinders…

So randomly epic! Genius! Love it!

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Simply random

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I had a nice night out last night with the girls – we went to Billy Boston's… is it still called Billy Boston's? Just checked – nope, it's called Billy's Pub and Grill. Hm… I think the owner's name is Doug. Whatever… I was seriously disappointed in my chicken Caesar wrap, but I did partake in Rachelle's poutine which was delicious. It was nice seeing everyone.

Chatting with my friends (most with kids and jobs) makes me realize how very little I do… I'll have to schedule time to contemplate this later…


KT's birthday is next week, and I think we're going to the Mettawas Station in Kingsville – yeah!


It's Day 3 of having the song 'Jeans and a Rosary' by Kid Rock in my head. I like the song, but not continually looping in my brain.


Speaking of my brain… I think I'm turning into one of those people who don't pay attention to what they are doing which results in me doing dumb things… small things, like I bought Gatorade instead of G2. Duh. Yesterday I was pouring coffee into a carafe and looked up to see Billy leaving and I dumped the scalding hot coffee on my hand and fingers. Duh. I'm going to make a conscious effort to pay more attention to what I'm doing.


Tonight William is working late, so it'll be a mellow night. Tomorrow we're going golfing with Kiks and Jim, then back to their house for a barbecue and a swim. I hope the weather holds out – it'll be great fun.


I got a brand new boyfriend.

Every year I adopt a new boyfriend at the golf course (although they don't know it…) It started a few years ago when Kiki asked me, 'who's that kid?' – and I happened to know his details and after I rattled them off, Kiki asked me if he was my boyfriend. 'Like, yeah', I replied, 'we totally talked on the phone for like 3 hours last night'. That's how it started.

I'm totally over my first Sutton Creek boyfriend, but I'm now really into my new Sutton Creek boyfriend. The only problem is that he is an identical twin and his brother happens to work there as well. He's swell…. This pic is from last summer, (before he was my boyfriend) and I'm not sure which one is actually mine…

(if you see him, please don't mention anything about being my boyfriend though… thanks)… oh and neither of them sport a Lloyd Christmas haircut this year…

Ah… that's funny! 

Now, I have a new boyfriend, although he's a little old for me (23), in addition to, not replacing my SC boyfriend… 

I recieved a Facebook friend request last week from someone I didn't know. He messaged that his former football coach (great guy who I went to high school with) thought we should be friends. We certainly should. We should be best friends! You see, in the spring he was signed to the CLEVELAND BROWNS! #61, Joel Reinders, he's 6'7, 330 and plays on the OL. Yes, I have a real live friend (boyfriend) who plays for the CLEVELAND BROWNS!

At least for now - but I will be able to see him play in 2 pre-season games, and hopefully he makes the roster! 


Going to clean the house and think about my boyfriends. William doesn't mind… I think he's a bit jealous of my new boyfriend though.

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