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Inspired by SB, I’ve finally done my day in pictures. Prepare to be amazed at the excitement which is my life! From Thursday, January 10th, 2013.

5.30 am – At the gym!

5 30


6:30 – Still at the gym. This is my ‘impressed’ face – just finished an hour of cardio. Yay me. I’m so thrilled – actually I was so happy to done! Holy bags under my eyes!

6 30


Ah… the sweet reward – coffee! Beautiful sunrise. It’s a great way to start the day – home from the gym, dogs out and fed and coffee in hand by 7:30!

7 30


On the computer at work by 8:30 – just starting some scheduling with Hootsuite. I sit at the coffee table in front of the sofa – you can see Halia on the love seat in the background.


8 30


9:30 – Still working. Obviously my workmates are having an incredibly productive day – lounging, and sleeping.

9 30


10:30 – I’m starving! Bananas, oatmeal and a bored Shank in the background…

10 30


Thrilling life eh? 11:30 – walking the dogs on the fake Greenway. It’s the incomplete part from Essex into near McGregor, hence ‘fake’. It’s mostly used by 4-wheelers and snowmobiles. I’ve only ever seen 2 people walking on it, so it’s a great place for the dogs – not near any busy roads, and nobody there – perfect! That’s Shank running down the path, Halia, as usual is lagging behind me.

11 30


12:30 we’re just finishing up our walk. This is Halia’s paw print from the last time we were there. I could tell by the marks in the snow that there was no one there since us the week prior!

12 30



Relaxing time! – 1:30

1 30


William is home early (don’t tell his boss!) – chilling on the couch at 2:30!

2 30


3:30 – SHOCKER – I’m hungry again! Pre-dinner salad type thing – it’s AWESOME by the way!

3 30


William bathed the dogs. Always a debacle! 4:30 wet, rather unhappy dogs.

4 30


VIDEO alert – isn’t this exciting? It’s dinner time at 5:30.

6:30 – going to KT’s for a girl’s night. Have to move fast as I thought it started at 7, but she invited us over for 6! Yikes!

6 30 PM


I meant to take a couple of pics at KT’s – but I forgot! Oh well, you get the idea!

Fascinating! Okay, not really, but it was fun documenting the day. Not the most exciting in life I’m sure, but it’s mine and I love it.

Life’s good!



February post

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Slight guilt about not posting – thanks GOM!

Soooo… I’ve been busy. Who’s not busy? Busy is better than bored which I certainly was the last few winters. This year – thankfully, not so much. Oh, and I make money now – how nice.

I can sometimes ‘get away with’ working 20 hours a week. I won’t detail too much about what I do, (it’s a lot of social media stuff) but basically I turn the computer on at 7:30 am, and work on it until I’m told the battery is dying. Sometimes that’s it for the day, but usually not. It doesn’t matter how much or how little I work: I get paid the same no matter what (with a recent ‘raise’ being a purchase of an iphone for me by my ‘boss’ – sweet!).

I’ll walk the dogs, do house stuff, make dinner, read, watch TV with William, or see some friends. Nothing too crazy.

In the last few weeks I’ve had more things added to my plate – either self inflicted (helping a friend get a business started, offering to help out with SEO for an acquaintance) or because I’ve volunteered to ‘help’ my ‘boss’ out (taking notes in a 3 hour meeting, writing a blog post, looking into travel arrangements). I’ve also been ‘stuck’ doing things that aren’t exactly in my skill set, nor in my very loose, very nearly non-existent job description, (renewing domains for which we have no password, creating ads to placed in the UK marketplace, creating a press release).


I’ve had great success in the last few days (despite a massive post SuperBowl hangover, and spending 1.5 hours on hold with a domain registrar to no avail) in crossing some of the more crappier things off my every growing, never ending, constantly expanding to-do list. Yeah me. I even got a mention in the Wild Web World – sort of, it says the article was written by my ‘boss’ but it was me that wrote it! Me me me! Haha.

Other things of note (or not)

– there is a rogue onion piece hiding somewhere in our house, and my super sensitive olfactory system is on high alert and I’m constantly annoyed. I have tossed out nearly empty garbages, searched under cabinets and washed the floor to no avail. It’s driving me crazy.

– it’s hardly been a winter, which I’m super thankful for. This time last year we had a total snowfall of several feet – this year it’s been only a few inches. However, the above freezing temperatures, and a crap load of rainfall, plus two dogs makes me constantly cleaning dog’s paws. Annoying.

– with this warm-ish winter (it was in the 50’s the other day!), I’m getting the golf itch. I’m certain, even if we have an early spring, that our course won’t be open until April at the earliest. Ah well.

– William is at a funeral (wake, showing, whatever) that I should be at. I’m not at. It’s awful for me to admit the lengths I will go to to avoid seeing ‘certain’ people. My life is better without said ‘certain’ people in, near or around – hence, I have guilt about missing this showing for our friend’s father. Ugh.

– Life is good, friends, family, husband, dogs are good.

That is all for now. The laptop is about to die for the second time today (and it was plugged in for several hours!). I’ve done enough and am now going to watch some crappy TV or read. Ahh…


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Last year, I read only a few books, and didn’t review them online as I have in years past.

Probably one of the best that I read last year was, ‘The Adventures of  Tom Sawyer’ – I never read it before and I really enjoyed it! Another good one was ‘The Handmaiden’s Tale’ by Margaret Atwood.

I’m off to a good start this year. I’m trying to stop getting lost in cyber space, watching less TV, and committing to making more time to read. This is what I’ve read so far this year…

1) The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. Great book with a compelling story. I appreciated that fact that the language was not as how it would have been actually spoken in 1154… that would be painful. The story twisted and turned and I look forward to reading the others in the series.

2) 11/22/63 by Stephen King. I have read a lot of King’s novels over the years (my sister in law owns every book he’s written) – and this was one the best of his I’ve read. He really has a gift for making characters (and even time travel!) very realistic and believable. When reading this book. I Just Wanted To Know How it Finished! I couldn’t put it down, and it drove me crazy! It’s such a unique idea and I loved how history (well, from the late 50’s and early 60’s) was entwined in the story. I loved the language and feel of the time in America. Awesome book.

3) The Highest Calling by Larry Janesky. This is a business book written in the style of a novel – that’s probably why I found it tolerable and actually interesting. Mr. Janesky is probably best known for creating the business Advanced Basement Systems (maybe some of you aren’t familiar with that franchise, but here in Southern Ontario – there have a thriving business – actually my mom used them to waterproof her basement in her 100+ year old cobblestone farmhouse!) If you are a business owner and are looking for some ideas and inspiration, then I highly recommend this book.

4) Swimsuit by James Patterson. I am so over thinking I’ve read everything he’s written! This novel was typical of his style – short chapters and a nice fast moving story. I read this book in less than 5 hours (and during that time I also made dinner and went in the hot tub for almost an hour!). This book could have been better if it was written by someone else. The story was unique and would have been better if it wasn’t written in Patterson’s normal quick style. Essentially an author/reporting is following a story and a serial killer contacts/hire/threatens him to write his story. Good book, but it could have been better.

Well, I’m off to a good start. I’ve reading one I’m halfway through, then the epic, ‘The Stand’ by Stephen King (compliments of my sister-in-law of course) to read.

Sunday night

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So why am I posting on a Sunday night – you probably aren’t even asking that question, but to know that William and I are huge Survivor fans and should be watching the finale and ultimately the reunion show may provide a little insight.


This was a great week-end. William’s Christmas party was on Friday night at a swank golf club (don’t even get me started on golf clubs right now, that’s a whole other post…) and last night we attended house party. Woot woot. ‘Tis the season.

Tonight William is on call, but at a ‘friends’ house for a black jack party. Oh yes, apparently I was invited, and am in fact so popular and a crowd draw that my attendance was confirmed before the invite was made, but anyways. Instead of being at this party tonight I’m washing my hair… yeah.

I had to do the sneaky ninja fake page to my husband in case he needed a reason to leave. He didn’t really, it sounded like he was having a good time, which am I happy about, I’m even more happy that I’m not there. If I’m not there, there is a significantly greater chance that things can’t be randomly made up about me. I choose not to be gossip fodder.

Yes, tinsy bit evil, well, whatever.

So on with today’s minutia.

Cleveland oh, Cleveland, how you disappoint me. Against Cincinasty? Really? And Miami… at least one of our teams today could have beaten a bottom feeder, but oh no. We’re going to Cleveland on the 1st to see them play the Steelers on the 2nd. Because the play offs are nearly a guarantee for the Steelers I wouldn’t be shocked if Cleveland wins, as perhaps the Steelers plan on ‘saving’ players. Arg! Although I hate Vick with the heat of 10,000 suns I did pick Philly to win this week, so that comeback was appreciated.

I think I’m slightly more ahead of the 50 books in 365 days challenge than I originally thought. I’m pretty sure I just completed book #45, not #44 like I thought. Still a tough row to hoe though.

We’ve finally decided on New Year’s plans and are having a few peeps over for prime rib dinner and perhaps some pop overs for seasonal cheer. Should be good.  Yip.

I still would like to post about our vacation. It was so awesome and seems like a dream now.

Did anyone happen to catch the 60 Minutes (I love that show!) piece about people with super-duper extreme and crazy memory abilities? Wow. Pretty neat stuff. Interesting about the ‘chicken and egg’ questions – are areas in their brains bigger because they have this ability? I’m thinking maybe I need to develop my super powers. (I do indeed have the odd ability to remember where I was the last time I heard a song.) Certainly not a Take Over The World type of power though… hm… I’ll work on flying.


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I definitely go through several mini-phases a year. My focus and my interests change, often with the season, but even within a week.

Sometimes I just sit for hours and read cook books, watch the Food Network, or look up recipes online. I don't think William cares for this phase too much, as I end up making some dinner disaster, and this phase ends when William says, 'I don't really like this…'  This phase can also result in me wanting to entertain people here, so I can try out new recipes on unsuspecting guests. Lucky them.

I have also been known to become engrossed with HGTV's decorating shows. I'll make slight changes with our decor (we don't have a lot), and I'll try moving the basement furniture around, (it always ends up exactly where it was). I'll lurk constantly on architecture websites, and study local home styles of the past.

I occasionally get a little OC about cleaning. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and even a little self esteem. I feel most at peace and able to enjoy time with William when the house is immaculate. I'm not currently in a cleaning phase, although I would like to be… I've been neglecting certain areas of the house, favoring instead to play on my DS.

Here are some other 'phases', some are more constant than others, some are more sporadic, and others depend soley on the time of year:

– FOOTBALL, (checking out websites, carefully picking teams, watching the draft, monitoring trades, and of course following the BROWNS!).

– Gardenening and yard maintenance, (often inspired by HGTV, and sometimes just trying to have a weed free garden).

– Video games, (SSX and Mario games are my favorite, DDR, and Wii as well). 

– Golf and weather. In the spring, summer and fall this is my passion. I so look forward to my leagues, outings with William, club events, and even hitting the range or practise green. I spend a significant of time just thinking about golfing… and don't forget daily checking the weather forecast on 3 websites - so I am prepared for the possibility of cancelation, or to be attired properly.

– Books and reading. I sometimes become absorbed in books. When I read 2 or 3 good ones in a row, I'll race my way through more and more… a good winter 'activity'.  

I am decidedly 'busier' in the spring, summer and fall than I am in the winter. Currently I am in a DS phase, playing Mario World, solitare or other random card games whenever I have nothing else to do (or nothing else I want to do). I'm also feeling a cooking/recipe reading phase coming on, but I am really hoping to find motivation to clean the house, and read some good books.  

Wow, life is good.  Wow, this post was boring… oh, I also get in a self-loathing mode occasionally…

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Various and random

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Well, Manly Man William is back to work today after only 1 week off. During that one week he saw a surgeon/random doctors 3 times (plus he skipped another appointment). He was told not to go back to work for 4 weeks. That's my manly man! Tonight I get the pleasure of re-dressing his fingers. It'll be the first time I see the Franken-finger, the second time I see the slightly lesser of the Franken-fingers. Can't wait! (Extreme sarcasm by the way… I can't stomach gore at any level, but I shall do so for my awesome husband).


I've managed in two weeks to lose 6 of the 7 lbs I gained from mid-October – so that is super awesome. How oh how you may ask? Well I'll tell you!

I eat as naturally as possible during the week – exceptions being coffee mate, oatmeal, yogurt, and cottage cheese (because I can't easily make my own). I eat tons of fruit, vegetables (which lucky for me I love), and not so much meat. No bread, pasta, pop, aspartame, potatoes, or rice (okay – I did go out for sushi this week…).

If I want a snack I eat an apple, orange or a few whole wheat crackers (again processed, I know). I add a little granola and a bunch of nuts and seeds to yogurt ('cause it's not my favorite). I use frozen fruit to make smoothies.

It's quite easy to follow this. On the week-end I eat whatever I want – usually (because I did this last year) I didn't go crazy during the day, but would have a big steak dinner, maybe some pasta, a pop, garlic bread, or a few chips. That would pretty much be the extent of blowing it. It keeps me motivated during the week because I know I can have chips or whatever in a few days. Plus I truly eat whatever I want. I just don't want that stuff during the week knowing I can have it in a few days. By that time I feel so good – I really don't want it in excess.

The thing I miss the most is surprisingly not pop, but chips. I would eat chips every night! But really, one can't compare the explosive taste of an orange to the taste of chips. If I want something salty, a few whole wheat crackers does the trick.

William has stated that he is not going to eat chips or drink pop during the week either, and asked me to buy stuff to make salad. Well holy crap that makes my life easier. He'll probably lose 10 lbs in two weeks just by doing that, and I'm not kidding! Anyways, I'm quite lucky that I don't have a husband that likes to eat out, or kids at my feet begging for dunk a roos. I don't buy junk because I may eat it. Just like I don't make cookies because I'll probably eat said cookies.

So, that's all good.


I'm seriously trying to avoid the winter blues. I try to get out with the pooch everyday for a walk. I have been trying to get out with my friends more. I have not been wearing only joggies and no make-up. (I swear part of the reason I gained weight is that I bought 2 identical pairs of yoga like pants that had a button fly and belt loops, so it looked a bit like normal pants, but truly were super stretchy joggies - I wore them so much I couldn't tell I packed on some pounds until I donned my 'baggy' jeans a month a ago and they weren't so baggy…) I've been trying to stay in a positive frame of mind, and not dwell on things that piss me off. I've been assigning myself little projects around the house, (thrown off a bit with William being home), reading quite a bit and playing Super Mario Brothers and random card games on the DS (love the DS), and only having the TV when I'm actually watching something, which might only be an hour or two a day. I look forward to little thinks, like spending time with William (we've walked the pooch at Sutton Creek a couple of times), date night, following certain blogs and websites, coffee with my mom, seeing friends, going in the hot tub, being organized, and some TV shows (okay, that's sad, but I really enjoy some shows) 

So again, that's all good.  


This week-end we're going to Kiks and Jim's house to watch play-off football and dinner. We're really looking forward to this – should be a great time!


I've gone on a bit too much… but all in all, life's good.   

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Here and quick

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 - I really want to discuss my TOTAL SUCKING regarding my multiple football pools, but I'm tired of staring at the computer. I fear my seasonal obsession with the NFL may be sending my 4 readers running!

– Good news is: Done 18 and 9 hole leagues stats, (ugh pretty much).

– Going to watch DVR'd Big Brother finale.

– Going to read 'The Broker' by John Grisham… again…

– Not going to eat chips. Not going to eat chips, Not going to eat chips. Not going to eat chips.

– Feel like playing Dance Dance Revolution, but I also feel lazy.

– I still love the Browns

– I have a pooch free day tomorrow so I shall endeavor to clean the house.

– Laugh of the day: My mom informed me this morning that she forgot to buy celery for the church coffee hour. Why celery I asked? She spreads Cheez Whiz on it, and that is an appetizer. How 1978! You gotta love that woman!


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