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Wow – as a side not, it’s been 6 years today I’ve been with WordPress… and I think I was with Vox for 4 years! Happy anniversary to me!

I’m not completely sleep deprived, but I’m struggling with it.

We’re getting ready to leave on vacation… oh how luxurious! Indeed it is, but being self employed means I can’t just ‘close up the shop’ and be gone.

I have lists and sub-lists with lists of lists with lists of things to do. It’s all good. It is social media after all and it’s not like I’m missing performing life saving surgery… but it’s still my job and it has to get done.

Which leads me to my point… for the most part (um… alcohol is a factor!) I’m a fairly light sleeper. I am affected by not only noise, but also light. (There’s been many a time where William quietly opens the fridge door and I’m awakened by the light!)

With so much on my mind of late, I find that when I wake up, falling back asleep is impossible.

On Saturday morning I woke up at 3 and decided to go into the office (yes, I have an office of sorts in town) as William was asleep on the couch (my normal office) and I was working by 4:30 am… at home by 9:30.

Today I was awake at 4:30 (I wake up every day at this time) and finally convinced myself that more sleep was not going to happen and I got started on my day at 6am.

Let’s review my goals for this upcoming vacation (yes, I’m really that anal retentive!)

  • Sleep
  • Get some sun
  • Eat well
  • Read and relax
  • Go snorkeling and buy a snorkel shirt
  • Enjoy every second that I’m free of my electronic leash
  • Fun times with my husband

Pretty realistic, eh? Barring a pirate attack or off season hurricane, I should be able make this happen.

However, sleep… William likes to stay up late and I’m a morning person. William likes the TV on a lot, and I’d rather have quiet and dark. Sleep will be the most difficult challenge with regard to my vacation goals.

Yes, I have eye masks and ear plugs. In the past these things have only helped slightly. We have really good headphones and I’m going to look into an ‘extension’ to make them long enough to reach the TV in our room.

Well, back at it… crossed blogging off my list!


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So what’s new in LG’s world…

Our annual Super Bowl party went well – we actually didn’t have 50 pounds of leftover food that we had to throw out, the game wasn’t very exciting, but I did end up winning some money. If either team scored 10 more points I would have won over $400.

I think we’re in about our 6th week of the indoor golf league. It’s good to get out of the basement once in a while.

William’s 50th birthday is coming up soon and I’m torn about what to do… a couple friends over? A few friends over or just have a big old bash? I have to figure this out in the next week!

We’re now in the home stretch for our upcoming vacation. I’m really looking forward to it to say the least. However, it takes me about 60 hours of ‘extra’ work over a two week period to ‘be gone’ – so needless to say, I’ve been working a lot lately – but as William reminds me, ‘it’ll all be worth it’.


I hope it’s one of those vacation where the days are long, leisurely and completely stress free. I’m not worrying about wearing a different dress every night for dinner. I’m not bringing a ton of jewelry, 6 purses or 5 pairs of shoes as I have in the past. Nope. Two bikinis, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops and a few items that could pass as ‘casual’ and one ‘formal’ item.

All good.

Well better get to it!

Life’s good.

Here’s the thing about expectations…

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So, as posted, I really had low expectations for Thursday morning. As it turned out – I was in and out of the oil change place (oil change, tire rotation and break check = $40 THANK YOU!) in 30 minutes.

I popped in the upholstery place to pay for the dining room chairs and our ‘occasional’ chair and asked about delivery… free delivery – even though we’re way out in the county… THANK YOU! Sometime next week? Sounds good to me – way easier than trying to work their hours (open until only 5pm during the week and closed on Saturdays) with William’s, on a day that’s not raining or snowing (no cap on his truck), and he’s in that part of the city.

Next off to the dreaded passport office. I was concerned, as the parking meter only allowed for a maximum of 2 hours… However… No one in line 1. Only 3 other groups waiting in front of me in line 2… I was in and out of there in 20 minutes. No lie. Plus the security guard was serious eye candy. THANK YOU!

Essentially I left home at 8, dropped the pooches off and had a chat with MomG, and was home by 10:30… I even got the upstairs of our house cleaned, did some work and relaxed for an hour before heading to a ‘shop’ party in the city. (Which was a fun time.) Yay!

I guess when you keep your expectations at a worse case scenario, it has to go better!

Along with this idea… I don’t consider myself a demanding person with high expectations in general. For the most part (but not work wise or being late!), I like to go with the flow.

As example…

We learned that the dining room table and leaves could be picked up (and paid for) yesterday – but William was on call. Although getting the table and chairs to Canada, to the restoration place and to the upholstery place has been literally a 5 month process, I really didn’t care if William could get it yesterday. We’re going to have this furniture forever, so what’s one more day/week/month.

As it turns out – it wasn’t raining or snowing, and he didn’t have any calls – so he took Mr. Shank to get the table yesterday. (Then they popped in to see our friends and Mr. Shank’s BF for a little play date – YAY – exhausted dog!)

While they were gone, the owner of the upholstery place called – he was meeting a friend in Essex for lunch (they did the upholstery at Billy’s Taphouse – our best local restaurant IMHO) so he offered to deliver the dining room chairs (the occasional chair is not finished yet). THANK YOU!

The chairs were here before William arrived home with the table.

He was going to set up the table (attaching the pedestal bases which we’ve had back from the restoration place for about a month now), but realized a little shim needs to be replaced and he would prefer to use all the same screws… He could have ran up to the hardware store last night, but who cares? He can do it today, or tomorrow, or whenever – like I said, we’re going to have this furniture forever – and with him on call I don’t like to bug him about things (being on call bugs him enough!).

Don’t get me wrong – I can’t wait to see the table and chairs set up! They look amazing – better than I hoped – but I think (and finally, here’s my point) if I have a lot of expectations, it would result in me being fairly demanding – and that doesn’t make for a very happy life. I think it’s more important to consider the big picture and not sweat the small stuff – in the end, everything seems to work about even better than I would have expected!

Not my most profound words of wisdom… but still, I think it’s an important part of a happy life.

Life is good.

Pics to come!

A Little Reflection

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Just a little look back to when I was 25ish…

I was living a great life, although poor… I mean below poverty level poor. I had a lot… friends, family, a place to live, a car and occasionally food to eat – but it was hard times.

What I didn’t have was heat for a few months of the year, a phone (I had to ride my bike about 3/4 of a km, and if they were closed – like after 4pm – I had to ride my bike about 1.5 kms and stand outside a phone booth, often in not so great weather! Sometimes I had to change pennies in to get a quarter…), gas money to get anywhere, not to mention money for fun stuff, a gym membership, clothes or the like. I was lucky to have my mom’s pantry to ‘shop’ at… occasionally loading up on canned soup, (I recall one time having a can of beets for dinner, yum!), and friends and a sister who would sometimes bring me Pepsi and a Subway sub. My grocery budget was $16 a week. $16 can actually buy a lot of Chef Boy-R-D.

I had a boyfriend who did pay for my bowling league ($11 a week) – my one consistently ‘fun’ night out – with the pre-requisite that I pick him up and drive him home after, so he could have a few drinks (I couldn’t afford a few drinks, and sometimes I didn’t have the gas to get around). I also had a great friend who let me live in his attic in the winter, and in exchange I worked for him on and off and occasionally he’d pay me, so I didn’t have the personal shame of moving back home.

I was still starting off in a new career, one that is most successful when backed by a large network or friends and family – which I had, but not particularly within the demographic necessary to any significant or consistent income… especially when one realizes that my father was dying at the time, and me living close to him, and not having a typical 9-5 job – some more responsibility feel on me, taking time away from my career ambitions and ultimately income.

Tough times.

Would I change a thing? Not really, not a whole lot. If I could go back, I’d spend even more time with my father of course. I might have sucked it up and moved back home to not burden my generous friends. I might not have created additional financial strain for myself by purchasing a house I could never live in. Hmm… I guess I would have changed my ‘actions’, and not so much my ‘things’ or lifestyle. Interesting.

1909878_51286865597_1140_nThe bottom line is that it was (and still is) my life and I made the best choices (or so I thought) at that time. When you’re 25 (feel free to insert any age, really), you think you know everything… and in my opinion (hey, it’s my blog!), it’s difficult to understand that life will never be ‘fair’. Trust me, I wanted what some of my peers had back then… but life is all about the daily choices we make and indeed, sacrifices and perseverance.  Who knows? Maybe my friends admired my independence and ability to live without a lot.

Bottom line numero deux – I took responsibility for my life and choices.

Yep, within a few short years I met my husband, and yes, many of my financial problems disappeared, but I wouldn’t trade those lean years for anything. Maybe he wouldn’t have loved my personality if I hadn’t experienced what I did. Maybe I wouldn’t have seen something so special within him if I didn’t have those life events… who knows? But we are only our past experiences, what we’re doing today to better ourselves with a dash of hope for the future.

I learned so much about real life and true friendship during that time, and I’m glad I had those experiences.

Life is good. Yes, even blissful.

Back from PEI – mostly pics

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Wow – what a great trip!

Here’s the scoop… we drove about 10 hours (horrendous Toronto morning traffic) and arrived at our hotel just outside old Quebec City. I have always wanted to go there and I wasn’t disappointed! It really did feel like a European city. I could believe how busy it was on a Wednesday night.

Who couldn’t resist this alley beckoning a thirsty tourist? Certainly not us!



William protecting the city. IMG_2012

Chateau Frontenac.IMG_2068

Gorgeous night.IMG_2072

Beers and cheers.


Friends met us in Charlottetown PEI on Thursday night and I had one of the best dinners ever! Awesome night…


This was our resort – the Links of Crowbush – on the central north shore of PEI. We had a fabulous suite that overlooked the grounds, the course and the ocean… ours was on the second floor, the last room on the far right… awesome!


The view from our room.


Of course the golf and scenery was fabulous!




Drive in! (terrible pic of me)


I may have been slightly intoxicated…

I’m going to post more about our vacation later… life is good!




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Last week we came home from a fabulous golf trip to Mesquite, Nevada. It was awesome!

Everything was great – our room, the weather, the golf courses and spending time with William.

We’re so lucky that we like to do so many of the same things… not just golf, we sought out and played pinball for hours, hung out in the room (he watched Sports Centre and I read), we caught a great country band a little casino, played some slots, ate at a couple of fabulous restaurants and chilled at a sports bar.

Although I ended up working online just about everyday for an hour or two – it was relaxing and exactly what we wanted.

Mesquite was an awesome destination for golf. We liked it because most of the golf courses were very close and absolutely amazing (there were a couple in St. George, Utah – and the drive there was gorgeous), the town was small and after only one day William didn’t even need navigation to find our way around. There were a couple small casinos which were fun ways to people watch and hang out.

It was a great time and although I want time to move slowly (so much good stuff going on and coming up) I’m already looking forward to our next adventure.

I hope to post pics, but I can’t jam up this computer with pics and am too lazy to transfer twice…

Life’s good. 🙂

About this week-end

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Sometimes I wonder if I’m doubling up on titles – surprised this one wasn’t taken…

We saw Draft Day on Friday – we both really liked it. We learned it was originally supposed to be about the Bills, but apparently it’s cheaper to film in Ohio than New York… hence. So there’s no warm fuzzy between Hollywood and the Browns. It’s all about the dollars. Thas cool.

William and I some apps at the Kilt and Fiddle and Lonestar. At the Kilt we were among a few dozen Windsor Express fans. Of course I knew that Windsor has a professional basketball team, I even knew that the Express are in the play-offs (the level of which I do not know) – but I did not realize that the Express has die hard fans and they gather on away games at the Kilt and Fiddle. Even at a Detroit Pistons game I have never been surrounded by so many people actually interested in basketball as I was on Friday night.


Although I’m not a basketball fan in the least (did like playing it in highschool – I was terrible), I can relate to sports fans – mostly their pain, not so much their joys.

Yesterday William did some power washing with our super duper new and amazing power washer, and emptied the hot tub. We might fill it before our Masters golf tourney, depending on weather. I worked online for about 6 hours – all in preparation for our upcoming vacation. It will be worth it. It will be worth it.

We had a nice date night in last night. We played Monster Bash pinball on PS4 – greatest game ever! I couldn’t make it through Thor – yes, great movie, totally in my wheelhouse of enjoyment, but I was tired.

And today?

Prolly watch some Masters golf and have dinner at MomG’s, William is getting the lawn mower going. I’m going to hit GolfTown for spikes for my golf sandals and Best Buy as my mom needs a new computer or laptop and I’m her tech support. I’ve already worked for 3.5 hours today online – nearly done.

Oh and a nap, did I mention I hope to take a nap today?

Life’s good.

March 2

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Today is our 12th wedding anniversary (silk, if you must know). Yay us!

Kind of interesting to note… I was looking for an appropriate card. Now, I don’t expect one to say everything or express my feelings perfectly, that’s what the big blank spot is for… but as I sifted through cards, there were many that simply were missing the mark. As example:

‘You’ve been there with me through all the tough times.’ While true, we’ve had some tough times (his father’s death, the loss of a great pooch), but let’s focus on the positive here. Those lines and ones similar make it seem like ‘we’ve came from the brink of divorce and back and we’re still together’ Ugh… not even close.

‘We’ve made this wonderful family together.’ Ugh… we’ve adopted dogs. We had no part in their making.

‘Through all the laughter and tears.’ Honestly the most tears in our marriage have been a direct result of cutting onions, or when I’ve touched my eyes after handling hot peppers. Honest.

Anywho… suffice to say the last 12 years of our marriage (we’ve been together just under 13 years total) have flown by like a perfect summer day. He’s not only the best husband I could imagine, he’s a genuinely generous, funny and truly good all round person. I’m lucky and I acknowledge that.

Life is good. Cheers to us.

Bonus day

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Hey! It’s a holiday – Family Day. I think I’ve mentioned this before… oh yeah here in 2008 and 2012, so I won’t get in to it again, except to say this holiday should be in June, Billy is working today and taking Friday off.

So with this bonus day I’m planning on catching up on a few things I’ve been neglecting (AppSumo stuff, reading social media advice articles, and at least one chapter in a business book – guh, and a bit of golf tourney stuff), and maybe getting a jump on some client to do’s, as I have a feeling I might be getting slammed with work come the Monday Morning Mandatory Meeting which due to Family Day is Tuesday Morning Mandatory Meeting Which Will Make the Whole Week Feel Weird Which is Great Come Friday ‘Cause It’ll Feel Like a Thursday and I’ll be Like Woo Hoo. Plus I’m playing hookey on Friday, so it’ll be good to get ahead of the curve.

That is all, life is good.



Big day tomorrow!

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Yep, February 14th – big day tomorrow!

Ah… Valentine’s Day… a day to celebrate love with jewelry, flowers, chocolates and most importantly romance!

Ohhh… ahhhh.

So obviously when my husband said to me, ‘Howabout on Friday when I’m done work, you meet me in the city for a few beers and watch the Canadian men’s Olympic team play Austria, and maybe grab a pizza on the way home?’

I was like, ‘Woo hoo!’

Perfect! Of course he’ll be dirty from work and I imagine a few of his friends will be there too – sounds good to me.

Although I’m not a huge hockey fan, I love Olympic hockey. It means so much to us Canadians!

Molson Canadian (yep, the beer) is doing an awesome job of expressing our spirit:

And beer is too

Yep, us Canadians love our hockey and beer. In case you haven’t heard, we’re good people too… 

So those are our plans – looking forward to it (and of course quality time with my husband – I could totally use some chocolates too though…).