Just another day in paradise

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Oh, it’s just lovely outside. Blowing snow and a wind chill of 26*F. It’s significantly below average. Boo. Brr.

Dear March,

You Suck!



This time last year, it was significantly above average – I think I had golfed twice already by now (outside, on a real course) and had several days of yard work done. Boo. No walk for the dogs today. Boo.

April 2012 006


Pic from golfing last March. The sign on the far side of the pond says ‘no swimming’ then there’s a life preserver on this side of the pond in case you felt like a dip, but can’t swim and didn’t see the sign I guess….

I do have a mountain of laundry to do, and some computer work. I find myself again preparing to head south for a few days. Some work to do as there are always extra things I do only at the end/beginning of each month. I’m flying into Fort Myers Florida on Sunday, and making my home by car beginning Monday. I’m going to take a detour to our house in TN for a few days to do some yard work, maybe meet up with a friend, and possibly golf a round (with not my clubs, but that’s okay).

I’m not super busy at work as I mentioned recently, but I might be in a week or two. We’ll see.

We had a great week-end. Prime rib on Friday night, had a friend over and watched a movie. Saturday night we had a date night – out! Woo hoo! We went and saw a movie, (Olympus Has Fallen – so bad it was funny), a few drinks at Moxie’s (we know some of the wait staff there from our golf course), had a great dinner at The Keg, and back home for some hot tub time. Yesterday we just lounged about, I read a bit, and watched another movie. Nice!

That’s about it!

Life’s good.


Another post, what?

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Wow, 2 days in a row, some type of record.

It’s 7am, and I already spent an hour and a half at the gym, fed and let out the dogs, and did some house cleaning. Dinner is out and thawing for tonight, emails have been checked, etc. etc. etc.

I guess the fact is that I’m pretty much set up to go on cruise control for work. I have somethings I do every week, and a few things I do every once in a while, but unless 3 things come down the pike (I’m actually sort of really almost expecting 1 or 2 to happen), which will result in tons of time spent on the computer, then I’m in a pretty good place. The beginning/end of every month is a bit busier than any other time, but still no big deal.

It’s another super miserable day today, 28*, really windy and an inch of snow expected. Arg. I really should take the dogs for a walk, as they haven’t been out in days, but this weather is really starting to get me down.

I really have no idea what to do today. I might poke at some annoying domain issues, and a few other small things. I should make a list, or else I’ll just end up surfing about, not accomplishing anything.

I kinda like not having a ton to day… ahh… if only the weather was better!

Thought I would post

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Slightly odd Monday.

I actually talked to people today! From home! Usually I can go days on end without having a conversation with anyone except my husband, my mom (as we have coffee together Mon-Fri for 1/2 an hour), and rather one sided conversations with the dogs, but today I talked to Person 1 – had to call them to make a suggestion and didn’t feel like waiting for an email response, and Person 2) had some questions for me. Well, well, well.

Aside from a bit of work, and getting side tracked on other work stuff for a good 3 hours, I was still able to accomplished my self imposed (always, being pretty much self employed it’s up to me to set my routine) goals, as well as laundry, a little house cleaning, and well, a nap.

No dog walking today. It’s absolutely miserable outside. I’m fairly certain I golfed March 19th last year – no chance this year! Brr! The wind chill has to be in the low 20’s and it’s freezing rain and there is still a bit of snow on the ground. Boo.

Did go indoor golfing this week-end for William’s birthday (he bought himself a sweet new golf bag with birthday gift certificates) and it was quite fun. It makes me yearn for golf even more than I was previously. I don’t know if area courses can even be ready in a couple of weeks if the weather turns around fast (and it’s not supposed to). Boo.

Hmm… what else… I should really starting doing ‘A Thing A Day’ to properly prepare to completely abandon major house cleaning efforts until the end of golf season. Maybe I’ll start tomorrow by writing out a list. Yeah, that sounds good.

Tonight I’m looking forward to being cozy on the couch, watching a few DVR’d TV shows, reading a little (WAY behind on my 50 in 365 goal) and making William give me a shoulder massage (right shoulder is still way out of whack from spending way too much time right clicking – ha, sounds funny I know, and driving a bazillion hours to Florida).

Yep, life’s good.


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Stuck for a title.

I figure my ‘thinking about posting’ and actual posting ratio is approximately 20:1. Oh well.

I’m over the hump work wise and have met and exceeded my goal of increasing my monthly income. Woo hoo to both! I picked up another social media contract, so now I have 4. I could probably handle one more while maintaining my leisurely lifestyle.

I was super busy a couple of weeks ago, getting ready to drive to Florida, and I’m glad that’s over. I wasn’t sure about having internet access, but it all worked out. I was able to spend an entire day and one night St. Augustine Florida – a place I’ve wanted to visit for years (I went there when I was like 12). I will say that it was… okay. I guess I had super high expectations of awesomeness after visiting Savannah Georgia last year. Well, Savannah was better by leaps and bounds. I found St. Augustine to be too touristy (a lot of inappropriately dressed slow moving senior citizens eating frozen yogurt). Yes there was good history, yes some interesting architecture, but the Spanish style doesn’t do it for me. The history was not as intriguing as Savannah’s (just a personal thing), and I felt slightly unsafe walking in certain areas. Still, glad I saw it.





This was part of an old foundation – cool!



IMG_0801My favourite pic that I took. Slightly off the beaten path in ‘old town’.

I was in a bit of a funk in the last couple of weeks. Feeling slightly overwhelmed by work stuff, discouraged by my health goals, and in general sick of the routine of my life. I was waking up everyday thinking, ‘I don’t want to go to the gym, make coffee, do work, fold laundry, walk the dogs, make dinner, etc. etc. etc.’ Usually I do these everyday things without thinking about it too much, but maybe this was a little wink of depression. I’m feeling much better now. Whew.  I think it might be because I got so much done. The stuff for our little golf tournament is done (now just the smaller planning stuff, no biggie), having my new contract all set up and now just on ‘maintenance’ is  a good thing, not thinking about driving to Florida, slightly warmer weather etc. etc. etc. has me back in the swing.

I feel like cleaning and organizing. I think it’s a like an instinctual thing for me. Golf season is coming, our golf tournament is coming, and I clean the crazy out the house (and for American Thanksgiving) so I can cruise through the summer and golf season without guilt. It’s not warm enough to start working outside, so it’s a great time to get stuff done in here.

Today? Taxes – boo! A little cleaning and organizing, and a little work. This week – 3 meetings, a little work, more cleaning/organizing, plus normal stuff.

Life’s good.


This morning

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So lucky me was up at 3:30. That’s only 4.5 hours sleep – ugh.

Here’s my thoughts…

3:30 – ahh, good, I still have an hour and a half left to sleep.

4:00 – I can still get an hour’s sleep, not bad.

4:15 – ugh, stop thinking about all the crap I have to do today, I can still get some sleep!

4:45 – this sucks! Maybe I should skip the gym and sleep to 7.

4:55 – if I would like to eat today (a couple of my girlfriends are coming over tonight to apps, cocktails and hot tub), I better go to the gym.

4:49 – get to the alarm and reset it for William before it goes off.


Not so super awesome things today –

– Eye doctor appointment. I REALLY need glasses. I lost my 3 year old pair in Cleveland, and Shank recently ate my 5 year old pair. I’m spending a lot of time on the computer lately, and my eyes are bugging me. Also, I’m driving to Florida in a couple of weeks, and will certainly need glasses.

– A bunch of work and emailing to do.

– Can’t walk the dogs, as Shank’s foot is still healing (did I blog about that? I don’t think so… another time).

– MomG is in London and my mom is busy all day today, so that means I’m going to have two ornery dogs to deal with.

– I have a headache.

Good things today –

– Girlfriends are coming over tonight

– It’s one day closer to Shank being good to walk (Either Saturday or Tuesday – due to ‘Family Day’ on Monday, the vet is closed – have to make an appointment)

What I would like –

To take a nap, eat something, not have a headache, walk the dogs, skip to about 6pm tonight.

Ah well, if that’s all I have to complain about, I’m not doing so bad.

No excuses!

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Of course I have excuses!

Life is clicking right along, and we’re now more than a solid week into the ‘yawn’. Bah. No football on TV, no golf (watching golf on TV is not as satisfying as playing golf – and I’m getting itchy!). So what to do….



I’ve prioritized (still not having completed a lot on my January to do list – like bills, taxes, etc) and have very nearly completely setting up a friend online and with social media. I’ll tell you, it was a lot of work (it’ll be worth it though!). Creating logos is not my thing – either are websites (although I used WordPress – still, I’m not an advanced user, we use a WordPress.org website for my ‘main’ job, and some of the updates are like, huh?) but I’m pretty much done. I’ve created a blog for him to simply get out some key words to help searchability, (which I write myself, with some guidance from him) so that’s fun as it allows my some creativity.

Here’s the site if you want to know what I’ve been doing – someone told me the page isn’t displaying right on all computers – let me know if you see a problem with the ‘black overlapping with the white’…


I’m feeling a little less overwhelmed, nearly ready to tackle my looming and ever expanding to do list, already looking forward to the week-end, ready to adjust my eating plan, and refocus on upping my exercise program. There! I said it! Now I just have to do it!

Life is good.


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What a week.

That little project I was working on for the organization I volunteer for turned out to be fairly huge – I’ve probably spent 15 hours on various details.

We’re having a problem accessing our work YouTube account, as we’ve recently dumped our server in favour of Google Apps. I have videos to edit and post, and not enough space on my computer to store the edited and original/working copy video – not even sure if my flash drive has enough space.

I’ve been more than ‘poking at’ another project, it’s about 20% done – which translates into having about 40 more hours of stuff to do on it. I’m so glad it’s not golf season!

I have not a) done my HST b) watered the plants in more than a week c) prepared for our SuperBowl party in any way d) compiled our house and TN house bills e) walked the dogs this week (rain!).

I have kept up on my normal work, but it’s coming to the end of the month (or beginning of a new month really), which means 2 email blasts to be created and sent, and 2 analytics reports to do on Friday or Saturday.

In my normal world, life is pretty good. I’ve been sleeping great, hitting the gym, eating a bit better, and enjoying my time with William and the dogs.

I’m looking forward to getting things crossed off my ever growing list of things to do… I have to have some things cleared up before I take off for a few days at the end of February, as then I have a bunch of things to do for our golf tourney in April. Yikes!

Life’s good, just busy.