Oh Monday, you beast.

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So after being completely sloth like yesterday, surprisingly I wasn’t ‘raring’ to go this morning. (Normally after a day filled with sloth-like activities, I feel the need to be hyper productive.)

I got a late start to my work day (like 8:15am. Egads!), had a meeting a 9, then I took care of some daily business basics.

When I checked my schedule for the day, I wanted to cry…


Advance Blog SEO



Post – Tourney & March Break

Website clean-up

HearSay Social

X Google Plus Images




X Twitter


eNewsletter  & Update Contacts

Bah! Before I got started I needed to run a few errands in town and I decided to also walk Shank before picking up Halia… well I didn’t get home until 11:30 and I forgot to do one thing which I’ll have to go into town later today or maybe tomorrow. Arg! Rats!

I started working my way through the list of to-do’s – but I’m really tired… I didn’t sleep well last night after being so slothful yesterday. Boo! Now it’s 3:30 and I still have one big item on my list to accomplish before I can feel my work day is done.

That’s all… back at it. Thanks for listening. Life is good.


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