Not a Normal Friday

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Certainly not a normal Friday.

I usually work my schedule to be able to clean the house on Friday mornings after I take the pooches to Mom G’s… but as it worked out I have an oil change in the city, need to pop into an upholstery place, then I need to hit the passport office.

I think the passport office is the Canadian equivalent to the US’s Department of Motor Vehicles, (as seen on TV!) except everyone needs to be able to fluently speak English and French.

You stand in one line and wait, then once they’ve determined you’re not an idiot (or perhaps you are), they direct you to take a number, sit down, get comfortable and wait. You wait among the most ethnically diverse group of people you can image. That might be a consistent problem with the whole process is that so many needing help parce que ils ne sont pas parler anglais. Oh, and screaming babies, arguing adults… weird smells…

Then when your lucky number is called, you get to deal with an impatient, harried civil servant who must absolutely hate their life. (Of course there must be lovely people who work there, who love their jobs and lives, but I’ve never met one.)

The entire ordeal could take 30 minutes or it could take 4 hours… don’t make any immediate plans. Pay the maximum for parking an hope that all works out.

So why do I have to go to the passport office? Good question! It’s because I need a certified copy of my passport to be able to apply for an American Tax Payer Identification Number in order to be able to submit a US 2015 tax return for the 10% Uncle Sam withheld from the sale of our TN house. (Really super annoying as I asked repeatedly if me being a Canadian would have any tax implication with the sale… I easily could have given PF – the other owner and an American – a ‘quit claim’ deed to avoid this whole mess!) Quite the enjoyable process, I say! (Luckily PF was an accountant… and he’s helping me out!)

So… then…

I’m invited to a ‘shop party’ of one of my friends/clients, so I might head back into the city around 4pm to take advantage of this work perk! Yay!

So the house is not going to be cleaned today, which means I’ll either do it tomorrow (William is on call) or it won’t get done at all – in which case I’ll be annoyed until next Friday.

That’s all – life is good.


2 thoughts on “Not a Normal Friday

    GOM in Oklahoma said:
    January 15, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    What would happen if you didn’t file … wait, nevermind. I was going to say they wouldn’t come after you, but you’d get arrested at the border next time you went to Detroit or Cleveland.

    It is annoying that you asked and were given faulty info.

    And, btw, depending on what is meant by DMV, the stereotype can be painfully true. In my tiny town it’s no problem. A few years ago when there was an issue with my license renewal and I had to go to the bigger city nearby, it was an all damned day affair (the wait) for something that took maybe 2 minutes to clear up. If that happens again, I’ll just give up driving.

      LG responded:
      January 17, 2016 at 8:41 am

      Trust me, I’d rather not go through the whole filing a US income tax process – and technically, we don’t have to – except – the US government decided to proactively withhold those funds! So if we want it back…. we gotta do it.
      I can’t believe that the stereotype is true – all day? The longest I’ve had to wait at our Ministry of Transportation (sounds rather communist, doesn’t it?) is maybe 30 minutes.

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