Just because I’m up early

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Speaking with a friend yesterday, I was able to clarify some goals… funny how that helped me. Just saying them aloud really made them seem more real – and not just real – more attainable.

I’m working towards a better work – life balance. I have great works and a great life – and am certainly not overworked nor underpaid (well, for the most part…). What I’m seeking is to be more organized, more willing to establish boundaries (say no more often) and turn off the ‘work brain’ when the work day is done.

I know that’s tough for a lot of people to do… work is an important part of life – but I think it’s particularly tough when you (or in this case, I) work from home. It’s entirely too easy to ‘check in on something’ or ‘fill in the blank’ say for instance when Billy is taking a shower, cutting grass (etc. ie: not in the room with me).

So I’m trying to put work into a new perspective and I’m thinking it will result in a happier, more fulfilling more leisurely life (and it’s pretty darned good right now as it is…).

Thanks for listening.

Life’s good.


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