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It’s nearly the week-end… which generally doesn’t mean much to me as I always squeeze in some work, but… less work.

I recently (which does have something to do with this week-end) sent out 1 long slightly awkward email. It went… okay. I think everything will be fine.

I sent one short email, followed by a brief conversation, which went super well.

I had a meeting yesterday afternoon which (related to the 2 emails, but not the same person) which went exceedingly well.

I’m feeling better.

Here’s the thing… I need a break. I’ve been really busy with my one contract since about January and ‘doing the usual’ for my 4 others. I am social media-ed out. I’m becoming resentful of having to work 7 days a week (although Sundays is usually only a couple of hours… but occasionally 4 – 7 hours, and only 2 other days a week would be considered a ‘full day’). I’m ‘taking a break’ with 3 of my contracts for a month – one being my ‘big’ main contract.

The timing is good all around for all parties involved, and I’m looking forward to…

The Summer of Liz (well a month anyways). I have plans! Goals! And I hope to reach decisions on a few things that I’ve been ‘thinking’ about.

July 15th is the first day of the Summer of Liz, until then, there’s a lot to be done!


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