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Sometimes I’m tempted to post something on Facebook like…

‘Today I’m doing something so cool and exclusive with people who are richer, smarter and significantly better looking than any of you.’

Here are some ways I’m continually entertained on Facebook.

The ‘ambiguous’ posters are always entertaining – ‘I hate people‘ – always followed by a barrage of comments, ‘oh… what happened?’ or some inspirational quote crap.

Woe is me or my family – ‘Prayers needed‘. Shut up. Facebook prayers are probably just as relevant as the Facebook ‘friends’ who give them.

The ‘my family is awesome‘ posters are also good to have – ‘I’m so proud of Joshy’s 4th place in his 100 metre heat at track today. WTG Joshy!

The ‘living vicariously through their kids‘ people’ – ‘Looking forward to ball tonight‘! Guess what… they don’t play ball, their kids do.

HahaThe ‘ridiculously obviou’s people – ‘Going grocery shopping!’ – Wow, that’s fascinating. Along with them are the people obsessed with weather… ‘Looks like rain!‘ Might be interesting if they lived in the Arctic.

No ‘original thoughts’ peeps – These people only share inspirational quotes, cat videos and memes. I like them because they are predictable. It gives me comfort.

The people that believe ‘everyone is jealous’ of them – ‘Haters can hate, I’ll always have my amazing husband and twin hamsters!‘ Replies are always something you can nod along like a country song, ‘Stay strong… you go girl… they’re just jealous!

The people I can’t believe graduated highschool with English as their first language – ‘I’m greatful too all those who donated there time today.’ I’m often tempted to leave a correct version in the comment section… but then I’d be the bitchy grammar Nazi on Facebook.

Who am I on Facebook? Pretty much a touch of all the above I guess – except the ‘prayers’, plus a little article sharing on behalf of my clients.

So that’s that.

Life’s good.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes…

    GOM in Oklahoma said:
    July 10, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    I had a facebook account for a few months. I only opened it because my cousin in Michigan told me it was an easier way for her to relay information on my dad and his health. But, she rarely posted a damned thing!

    Instead I got –

    …. 5000000000 notifications on what my oldest sister did on Farmville even though I kept opting out of receiving any of that crap!

    …. daily “I’m going to work” … “I got home from work” posts from some of my distant cousins who I still have no idea who the fuck they are. (always followed by about 300 comments on them … REALLY?)

    …. almost hourly (it seemed) religious or “inspirational” posts from my youngest sister … most of them repost of stuff I’d seen years ago.

    And on the rare occasion I posted something? NOT ONE DAMNED COMMENT OR LIKE!

    So I deleted the damned thing … and it took three months for my cousin to realize that. I only know because she asked me why we weren’t ‘friends’ anymore.

      LG responded:
      July 11, 2014 at 6:03 am

      Bahaha! I can totally relate!

      If I was your friend on FB, I would comment on your status… with inspirational quotes! Hahaha!

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