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Well, I’m logged in as I have one of my clients in my WordPress account… so I thought I’d write something quick. Speaking of quick… life is quick! And good. I can’t believe May is over – In May I traveled down to Florida, stopping in Tennessee and I was back in Tennessee a couple of weeks ago golfing with girlfriends and a quick trip to Nashville – fun! Our annual golf tournament went well – good times. What else… lots of fun stuff coming up… girls trip to Port Stanley, William and I to Port Stanley for the holiday week-end and PEI to golf in mid-July. Toss in golf, friends, chilling with the dogs and hanging by the pool… life is pretty darned good. Busy at work – I dare not say I’m over the ‘work hump’ – I tried that before and it was a fail. Life is good. I’ll be back – promise.


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    GOM in Oklahoma said:
    June 4, 2014 at 8:05 pm

    whoa! a post!

    Are you near Hamilton? I know someone (ex VOX, current WP peep) from England who is temporarily working there.

    BTW, I expected a gigantic “Johnny Football” post from you awhile ago … I hope he’s good enough to scramble and avoid all 11 defenders, since there’s no blocking in Cleveland, apparently.

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