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Last week we came home from a fabulous golf trip to Mesquite, Nevada. It was awesome!

Everything was great – our room, the weather, the golf courses and spending time with William.

We’re so lucky that we like to do so many of the same things… not just golf, we sought out and played pinball for hours, hung out in the room (he watched Sports Centre and I read), we caught a great country band a little casino, played some slots, ate at a couple of fabulous restaurants and chilled at a sports bar.

Although I ended up working online just about everyday for an hour or two – it was relaxing and exactly what we wanted.

Mesquite was an awesome destination for golf. We liked it because most of the golf courses were very close and absolutely amazing (there were a couple in St. George, Utah – and the drive there was gorgeous), the town was small and after only one day William didn’t even need navigation to find our way around. There were a couple small casinos which were fun ways to people watch and hang out.

It was a great time and although I want time to move slowly (so much good stuff going on and coming up) I’m already looking forward to our next adventure.

I hope to post pics, but I can’t jam up this computer with pics and am too lazy to transfer twice…

Life’s good. 🙂


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