Weird week

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Well, I guess it’s only Tuesday, but last week was weird too. 

I’ve been really busy with my main contract. Like really busy. It’s not my normal stuff, it’s a lot of ‘what if’s’ and online learning. I have been outside of my comfort zone many times in the last few weeks and this is going to continue indefinitely. Perhaps always. 

William’s been on a weird work schedule – it’s government contract so they call the shots. All kinds of split shifts, working thru the night and overtime. Aside from the extra money and him banking a lot of his hours for overtime, another ‘benefit’ is that I’ve been able to spend a few extra hours online in the evenings. Although my eyes are killing me right now. 

The weather is wacky. It should be about 45*F this time of year, but it’s been much colder – except the last two days have been warmer. The next two days are going to be highs in the teens again with about 6 or so inches of snow expected tonight and tomorrrow. Ugh. 

The landscape is icy with dirty snow, flooded frozen fields and tiny patches of brown grass. It’s seriously depressing. It’s been the worst winter ever – without exaggeration. This winter has broken local records for low temps, snowfall totals and percentage of the Great Lakes frozen over. This was prettier than the muddy mess out there now: 


Here’s a pic of Halia from a month ago walking on the Greenway. It’s kind of hard to tell in the pic, but the drifts are about 5 feet high and at times the rest of the snow pack we’re walking on is about 3 feet deep. Insane amounts of snow (yes, it’s Canada, I know). I’ve had enough. It’s been so bad, we’ve had to push back our annual golf tournament by a month! I can’t imagine the courses being ready in 4 weeks. 

It seemed like when we booked our vacation it was rather ‘last minute’ – ho no! It’s taking forever to get to mid April. Ugh, I’m really looking forward to it to say the least. 

I’m going to try to spend another hour online before calling it a day. 

Life’s good. 


2 thoughts on “Weird week

    GOM in Oklahoma said:
    March 13, 2014 at 6:18 pm

    Just thought I’d interject that it was 85 here Wednesday … and then a cold front blew in that dropped us all the way to a high yesterday of 57! BRRRR!

    Our long nasty winter is coming to an end … but it can still snow/ice/freeze/be awful here until mid-April.

    I saw a news report the other night about the Great Lakes and the Coast Guard having to send ice breakers as far south as Chicago on Lake Michigan, something that has hardly ever happened. My relatives in Michigan will be happy, since they’ve all bitched for years about the lakes being low.

      LG responded:
      March 14, 2014 at 7:57 pm

      85* That’s awesome! I’m so missing warm weather. It seems like forever ago since I didn’t have to layer up just to get the mail!

      The lakes are quite froze! Another benefit aside from the expected higher lake levels is that there may be fewer ticks this year. I hope the cold killed all them little bastards!

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