A bit of a rant…

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I’m starting to feel a little… overwhelmed? Frustrated? I’m starting to prepare to be gone for this week-end and for our big trip – leaving September 22nd.

Here’s the thing – I’m often limited by what I can do based on what the companies I’m contracted by give me (like, pics, blog posts, fodder for email blasts etc.). If I don’t get the stuff, I can’t do my job. So…

  •  Do I look bad in the eyes of these companies when things don’t get done?
  •  Do they realize I couldn’t do my job because I didn’t get the info (from them!)?
  •  Do they not care at all – ’cause it’s only social media?

I’m kinda leaning towards C. I get it, social media is not the most important part of any business that I work with. But it’s super frustrating when I’m ready, able and willing to do what I’ve promised and have been contracted to do – especially with me being gone quite a bit soon – but they don’t fulfill their side.

When I start working with a company, I outline exactly what is required of them to do my job and when it’s required. Trust me – I make it easy on them. I also now know to deal with one person so there’s no miscommunication or blame. Still, it doesn’t always work.

Oh, also it’s plain old LAZY on their end at times. Simple as that. Lay to the Z. (The info is not coming from an owner or manager, rather an employee – if their employer knew how much they don’t do to support me, it may cause problems for them, but it’s not my place to rat them out – but then – I end up looking like I’m not doing my job!)

I’m pretty good at reminding myself, ‘if they don’t care, neither do I’ – or ‘why should I care more than them?’ But I was raised to always do my best. Always give 100% all the time. It’s just the way I am. So it’s difficult for me to do this particular job because my 100% depends on their efforts.

ACK and onward.


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