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Slightly odd Monday.

I actually talked to people today! From home! Usually I can go days on end without having a conversation with anyone except my husband, my mom (as we have coffee together Mon-Fri for 1/2 an hour), and rather one sided conversations with the dogs, but today I talked to Person 1 – had to call them to make a suggestion and didn’t feel like waiting for an email response, and Person 2) had some questions for me. Well, well, well.

Aside from a bit of work, and getting side tracked on other work stuff for a good 3 hours, I was still able to accomplished my self imposed (always, being pretty much self employed it’s up to me to set my routine) goals, as well as laundry, a little house cleaning, and well, a nap.

No dog walking today. It’s absolutely miserable outside. I’m fairly certain I golfed March 19th last year – no chance this year! Brr! The wind chill has to be in the low 20’s and it’s freezing rain and there is still a bit of snow on the ground. Boo.

Did go indoor golfing this week-end for William’s birthday (he bought himself a sweet new golf bag with birthday gift certificates) and it was quite fun. It makes me yearn for golf even more than I was previously. I don’t know if area courses can even be ready in a couple of weeks if the weather turns around fast (and it’s not supposed to). Boo.

Hmm… what else… I should really starting doing ‘A Thing A Day’ to properly prepare to completely abandon major house cleaning efforts until the end of golf season. Maybe I’ll start tomorrow by writing out a list. Yeah, that sounds good.

Tonight I’m looking forward to being cozy on the couch, watching a few DVR’d TV shows, reading a little (WAY behind on my 50 in 365 goal) and making William give me a shoulder massage (right shoulder is still way out of whack from spending way too much time right clicking – ha, sounds funny I know, and driving a bazillion hours to Florida).

Yep, life’s good.


2 thoughts on “Thought I would post

    GOM in Oklahoma said:
    March 19, 2013 at 9:44 pm

    Did he take his new golf bag to the miniature golf course? Or is this one of those indoor driving ranges?

      LG responded:
      March 25, 2013 at 1:35 pm

      It’s actually indoors, with more than a dozen golf simulators. You choose your course, then hit into a screen which reads your ball speed, flight, etc – so you need all your clubs and it’s the closest thing to golf you’ll see around here for 5 months a year!

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