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What a week.

That little project I was working on for the organization I volunteer for turned out to be fairly huge – I’ve probably spent 15 hours on various details.

We’re having a problem accessing our work YouTube account, as we’ve recently dumped our server in favour of Google Apps. I have videos to edit and post, and not enough space on my computer to store the edited and original/working copy video – not even sure if my flash drive has enough space.

I’ve been more than ‘poking at’ another project, it’s about 20% done – which translates into having about 40 more hours of stuff to do on it. I’m so glad it’s not golf season!

I have not a) done my HST b) watered the plants in more than a week c) prepared for our SuperBowl party in any way d) compiled our house and TN house bills e) walked the dogs this week (rain!).

I have kept up on my normal work, but it’s coming to the end of the month (or beginning of a new month really), which means 2 email blasts to be created and sent, and 2 analytics reports to do on Friday or Saturday.

In my normal world, life is pretty good. I’ve been sleeping great, hitting the gym, eating a bit better, and enjoying my time with William and the dogs.

I’m looking forward to getting things crossed off my ever growing list of things to do… I have to have some things cleared up before I take off for a few days at the end of February, as then I have a bunch of things to do for our golf tourney in April. Yikes!

Life’s good, just busy.


One thought on “Arg

    GOM in Oklahoma said:
    January 30, 2013 at 3:31 pm

    OMG! 10 posts in January! That’s more than you did in the last quarter of 2012!


    You can walk the dogs in sub-zero windchills, but not rain? Yeah … mud I guess.

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