This week’s to do list

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Ah, another exciting post by LG. Actually, I thought I would blog it instead of writing it down elsewhere. It’s Sunday evening and I feel I have a lot of odd little things to do this week, so opposed to being in bed thinking about these things, I’d thought it wise write them down and get them out of my head (hopefully). This is in addition to normal stuff (walk the dogs, clean the house, make dinner, laundry, etc. etc. etc.)

– Domain stuff and report.

– Contact dude about transferred domain.

– Meeting with PDF and creation of Power Point slideshow on Monday.

– Meeting with JBF about some computer training (nothing hardcore, just some Gmail and Pinterest stuff).

– Create boards and pins for 2 accounts.

– Consider creating a website (wordpress based of course) for 2 clients – send them an email to see if it could save them some dollars and make me some dollars.

– Speaking of dollars, go to the bank, buy new earbuds that don’t hurt to wear, buy dog food.

– Return chairs to BMW, see how her week up north was.

– Send an email out about Googley websmaster tools.

– Conference call about TBT website changes.

– Are you still reading this – boring!

– TRY to actually be under calorie goals this week! Work a little harder on cardio at the gym.

– Do 2012 taxes (simple really, I’m super organized), do last quarter’s HST, submit and pay the piper.

– Compile 2012 house bills – usually I have done this by now!

– Compile 2012 Tennessee house bills. Crap, I just realized I deleted emails that I needed – hope I can still retrieve them, oh, forget it, I can look it up on the online bank we use there, nevermind, no biggie.

– Add some stuff to an analytics report. No big deal.

– Make an invite for SuperBowl party. Nail down menu – lasagna or turkey? I’m leaning towards turkey.

РHootsuite scheduling, I do this for 2 clients every week. Remember to check out Twitter for missed mentions, and add back followers, etc.

– Post 2 blogs for 2 different clients. Whoopie.

– Be awesome, enjoy life, be creative, have fun, laugh, do something positive and spontaneous, relax, read a book or two, plan for date night, Be Sure to Drink Your Ovalteen.

It should be a pretty good week. There are lots of little odd jobs this week. If I don’t get to HST or my taxes, I’m not worried, not a priority. Life’s good. Let’s have a picture.

Picked at random – creepy window from a creepy building in a creepy abandoned amusement park. You can almost hear Scooby Doo…



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