Just a little update

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December already – sheesh!

American Thanksgiving was great and due to a last minute push on my end, the house was actually cleaned and ready to be seen. The party was kind of a bit of a drunk fest compared to other years – our friends really let loose and I think most had a great time.

Whew!Thanksgiving 2012

Some girl peeps and me – my hair really looks brassy, and my thumb looks weird… hmmm.

William’s cousin and girlfriend were here last week-end for an overnight visit – fun! We played cornhole (it was like 55* outside), shuffleboard, darts, and went in the hot tub. Nice, but much mellower than our Thanksgiving party!

Lots of socializing fun coming up – 4 nights out this week, including Kiki’s 50th birthday party. Woot woot! The week after we only have 1 thing going on, then Kiks and I are for a week-end shopping in the states and hanging out with our Browns Backers in Troy MI on Sunday. Should be funs! Busy, busy.

Work is pretty good right now. Not a lot of extras going on – just the usual. Kind of nice! I actually have a work Christmas party – that hasn’t happened for me since like 2007 – it’ll only be 5 of us, but still!

Hm… so what else…

– Last week was chocked full of work related ups and downs. I did an awesome thing, surrounded by 2 very bad things (I hate dealing with domains!) Luckily, no one really knows exactly what I do, and it ended up only costing $5 to fix my fudge. Whew.

– I just picked up the behemoth ‘Winter of the World’ by Ken Follett. I’ve got 2 weeks to read that monster, so I’m starting in a few minutes.

– There must be a rogue onion in the house (I suspect it’s a remnant from last night’s delicious Szechuan chicken) and it’s completely stinking the place up! I can’t find it (no, it’s not in the garbage, because I compost it, and it’s already outside). Annoying!

– I’m back at the gym, after a short 6 year break. I’ve got to do something, I’m feeling gooey. Luckily I can put the membership on hold during the summer when I’m certain to be spending time golfing if I’m not using it, or finding the time to use it. The dogs don’t like me going to the gym, as it means fewer walks for them.

– I have GOT to get started on Christmas! Shopping, cards, decorating – you name it – it still has yet to be started! Ack!

So in summation – life is good, the house stinks, ACK = Christmas, fun fun fun, a little work, and some reading.


2 thoughts on “Just a little update

    stevebetz said:
    December 4, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    Wait — I never thought about the fact that you get BOTH Thanksgivings! Now I’m super-jealous. 🙂

      LG responded:
      December 5, 2012 at 3:48 pm

      We’re lucky because William’s mom makes the Canadian dinner, and we host a party with friends for the American one. A lot of my friends in this area (so close to the States) often take the Thursday and Friday off for football and debauchery.

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