Canadianisms (part 2)

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Okay, here we go!

Correct! 1) Hodge, wedge, or monge means to pig out

Correct! 2) Eavestroughs are rain gutters – I never knew this was a more Canadian thing. No wonder the guy in Tennessee was looking at me weird when we were discussing them!

Correct again! 3) Garborator is a garbage disposal

Correct! 4) Homo milk is whole milk that has been ‘homogenized’. I went to high school with some guys who were also homogenized, and I fully support them in their pursuit of happiness.

You’re on a roll! 5) Hydro is electricity – short for hydro-electric power!

6) Pogey is unemployment insurance. A local landscaper might say,  “I’m looking forward to getting pogey this winter!”

Correct! 7) ‘On the dole’ is collecting welfare.

Pretty close, so I’ll give it to you! 8) Double double is a coffee order with two cream and two sugar.

9) Tim’s refers to the restaurant, but more specifically the coffee. Again close, but I’m not giving you that one.

10) Twenty sixer refers to a bottle containing 26 us fl oz of alcohol

Correct, sort of! 11) A forty refers to a bottle with 40 us fl oz of alcohol, be only the hard stuff. Who drinks malt liquor?

Correct! 12) A Newfie is someone from Newfoundland – the butt of many jokes.

13) A two four is a case of beer, or as BMW mentioned, can refer to our May holiday which always falls around the 24th of May – Victoria Day

14) Back bacon is what y’all refer to as Canadian bacon. We call it back bacon.

Correct! 15) Gasbar is a self serve gas station that doesn’t have a service centre

16) Haha! A deke is a fake out in sports. “The forward player deked the goalie” – and no, it doesn’t just refer to hockey.

17) A concession is a rural road, as when our roads were divided up here, the land between was called a concession, and for complete lack of creativity, they brilliant minds of the day named the roads after the land in between. Until just recently in this area there were still (as example) 5/6 Concession – as it was between the concessioned land of 5 and 6. Most only have one number. “My cousin lives over on the 4th Concession.”

Correct! 18) Pickerel is what y’all might call a Walleye

Correct! 19) Pissed is drunk, but occasionally really mad – depends on the context.

Close enough! 20) F**k the dog means to do nothing. “Whatcha do today?” “I pretty much just f**ked the dog” Screw the pooch sounds cute in comparison.

Correct! 21) Frog is a derogatory term for a French person or French Canadian

22) To hose is to rip someone off. “I brought in my car to the mechanic and was completed hosed.”

23) The Peg refers to the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. It’s also called Winterpeg (it’s damned cold there) and sometimes Winnipego. But mostly, it’s not referred to at all, except now that they have a hockey team again.

24) Rippers are strippers. Fully nude here in Ontario and one can order all the hard alcohol a person wants.

Correct! If I’m reading your mind right… 25) A hummer is a…. BJ.

26) A squatch is big, unintelligent, possibly hairy guy. “We were really happy when TOL dumped her boyfriend, he was a total squatch.”

Close enough! 27) A gunt is a when one can’t discern between a woman’s ‘gut’ and bad c-word! Also, just FYI, a beer gut can also be referred to as a ‘Molson Muscle’.

Correct with bonus points! 28) There were 2 27’s and thongs are flip flops. Also undies. Not sure why.

29) After a little research I now understand that there is no way you could have gotten ‘KD’ correct… and I’ll show you why…


I had no idea that the boxes were labelled differently! So I guess it was a bit of a trick question… Also, Canadians eat more Kraft Dinner per capita than any other country in the world! I just bought a case of 12 yesterday (my husband likes it, sans milk) for $6! Americans were probably perplexed by the song ‘If I had a Million Dollars’ by the Bare Naked Ladies when they sing…

If I had a million dollars
We wouldn’t have to eat Kraft Dinner
But we would eat Kraft Dinner
Of course we would, we’d just eat more
And buy really expensive ketchups with it
That’s right, all the fanciest dijon ketchups!

I also realized that they used the word ‘chesterfield’ in that song… which is a couch… might be a British thing, not a word ya hear a lot these days.

So congrats GOM! You did great! You could totally survive in the Great White North. I might do a part two one day! Thanks again!


5 thoughts on “Canadianisms (part 2)

    GOM in Oklahoma said:
    September 7, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    And you laughed at me when I mentioned having to get a translator if I went to Vancouver for the Olympics …

    Yes, you read my mind correctly on Hummer.
    Malt liquor is normally more popular in “African-American” neighborhoods (when they used to allow ads for it on TV, Billy D. Williams was in them all – Colt45)

      LG responded:
      September 8, 2012 at 11:55 am

      I remember those Billy D Williams adds. Wasn’t there a gunshot sounds when he popped the top? Or that might have been a Saturday Night Live spoof… I can’t check it because Hulu won’t allow Canadians access! Boo!

    Beth said:
    September 8, 2012 at 1:00 am

    GOM, I totally remember those Colt 45 adds with Billy D. We live WAAAY to close to the border here not to remember them. We really might as well have dual citizenship in this part of Canada.

    LG: Great list, I enjoy a good word challenge. I probably have a couple more words for the list next time from when I lived in Alberta. For example “The Gap” and “Gonch & Ginch” and of course “Skatch”.

      LG responded:
      September 8, 2012 at 11:56 am


      I really don’t know any Alberta words! And wasn’t there a weird taco place you liked that was only found out west?

        Beth said:
        September 10, 2012 at 6:41 am

        Yes there was, Taco Time. They pack a serious amount of REAL meat in their items. Was quite good.

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